SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: It Is Apparent That Eva Moskowitz Only Cares For Eva

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It Is Apparent That Eva Moskowitz Only Cares For Eva

As you recall, this past Monday it was reported that Sith Lord Eva Moskowitz was having a hiring party, shin ding, or soiree in her honor this past Thursday night. Not to feel left out, several members of the crack team here at SBSB infiltrated the festivities and found out quite a bit of information. Unfortunately, the crack team needed to take Silwood showers when they came back to the SBSB offices.

The event was at Harlem Success Academy headquarters on Lenox Ave. In fact the affair was catered. Hors d'oeveres were served as well as an open bar with a bartender. We here at SBSB wonder if alcohol is allowed to be served in any NYC Public schools or in fact in any borough offices. More to the point, how can any public school compete with hot hors d'oeveres and booze, when all we can have to recruit teachers are Triscuits, Cheez Whiz, and Hawaiian Punch?

But let's not harp on the wine being served, Bogle, are the food. Let's look at what Eva really believes, and thinks.

Eva wishes to expand her reach into nursery schools on the Upper West Side. Does this mean to open new ones, or to take over existing nursery schools we don't know.

Eva also talked about how the K and 1 students in her school have a 50 minute block time of playing with blocks, facilitated by a block coach. If this does not make you scared, does not freak you out, then I am sorry. Block play for the little ones should be what it is about for them. This is creativity that Eva is taking away, and worse, controlling.

Eva said her network provides some services but not enough for many severe concerns. She said that there are times when there are students in her schools who are so emotionally disturbed because they do not belong there and they do not have psychologists, social workers to help support these children. They have to eventually throw in the towel and say, there is nothing we can do anymore and need to go. The parent will say, 'how come my child is not learning?" Eva's people would say or think, "Have you tried teaching this child with all of these severe concerns."

So Eva gets to throw in the towel? Why does Eva get to throw in the towel? Seems like public school just can't do that, but Eva gets to? How many kids with IEP's are in HSA or any of Eva's schools if there is no psychologist or social workers? But as always Eva's drones have good responses to the parents of these students. Would I be able to get away with asking parents if they tried to teach their children?

Then Eva explain where most of the money comes from but the DOE. Joel Klein who is one of Eva's dear friends gave them as much money as they wanted. Now that Cathie Black is chancellor, she is finding it difficult to receive money from the DOE because when one person doesn't exactly know what they are doing, you have to go asking around what do, who is this and that too many people are advising Cathie. Eva alluded to Cathie Black as an idiot. I guess that Eva can't do any special "jobs" for Cathie Black as she did for Joel Klein. Perhaps Uncle Mike should have made Geoffrey Canada chancellor, at least Eva would have been able to do what Eva does best. Except that Eric has never experienced this talent.

Eva is also pissed that she doesn't get the same equitable funding for her students that the DOE gives to their students. Eva gets $13,500 and NYC public school students are $22,000. Its sick how children are numbers, objects and money now. Too bad no one else asked why she thinks its okay to take public school funding away from the children in New York City for her schools. Why can't she go somewhere else for the money? Why can't Eva use her special talent to get more money? In fact, why should Eva get as much as NYC public schools? She is a private school, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

The worse thing to come out of Eva's mouth is how she refers to special needs children as "SPEDS." Not only is this demeaning, but patronizing as well. This shows Eva's contempt for children and that she only sees children as an opportunity to increase herself in the limelight, to look like she cares, and worse to show that the rich, white woman from the Upper East Side knows what is best for little boys and girls of color.

Eva cares about one person. Herself. If you are a parent stay as far away from Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy schools as you can. These schools only serve one person. Eva herself. She is a controlling, patronizing, condescending, human being that is two levels below pond scum. Do not think for a moment that Eva has the best interest of your child, yourself, or your community at heart.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell if you have anything legit to say with so much nastiness.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a sad person you must be. The success of charter schools is irrefutable yet you attack Ms. Moskowitz as if she were an enemy of the children, when really the enemy is and has been the liberal left and their sugar daddy-the teachers unions.