Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Next Mind of a Bronx Teacher Radio Show

A very special show at a very special time on Wednesday night, August 31, 2011 at 6 PM EDT!!!

The Mind of a Bronx Teacher Internet Radio Show hits the road to interview parents on the street. We will set up out show at a yet undisclosed, secret location, but somewhere where Tweed, Uncle Mike, and Sock Puppet Dennis Walcott are sure not to like.

Remember, 6PM EDT!!!! Call in # 917 932 8721

Sunday, August 28, 2011

How Low Will New York State Senator Jeff Klein Go For $5,000?

Last night during the storm I emailed the person who handles my booking for my radio show. I basically sent him a wish list of who I would like to appear. One of those people I wish to have as a guest is my local New York State senator and current deputy minority leader, Jeffrey Klein (D).

I came across Sen. Klein about a year ago at a local street fair. He was quite courteous to me, and I asked him several questions about education and mayoral control and he answered as weirdly as he could. I subsequently wrote about my brush with greatness and had been in contact with his office about appearing.

Alas, his appearance never materialized. Not that I didn't try. In fact, before the vote on LIFO back the end of February, there was another attempt to have him appear, but again the stars weren't aligned.

So in emailing my booker, I sent him links to all the wonderful people I wish to have. Yes, one of those links was to Sen. Klein's website. I clicked on it to make sure it was the right one and much to my surprise I came across this photo of Sen. Klein supporting striking Verizon workers. What was even more strange, or at least a coincidence is where that photo was taken. The Verizon store on East Fordham Rd in the Bronx, in the former Alexander's building, the same place as I had been at supporting the strikers and a friend.

What I nice senator I thought to myself. Klein went out and bought these guys pizza and water and showed how he supports the labor movement. This is someone who should be on the teachers, the UFT's side. Should be, but won't be, will never be.

You see, Senator Klein was one of two Democrats in the State Senate to vote for changing the LIFO, or, seniority laws in NYC. But, is he not a friend of labor? Why would he put the screws to the UFT and teachers, yet he is out there on Fordham Rd getting all buddy buddy with Verizon workers? More on that in a bit.

Verizon adheres to seniority rights for its unionized employees. Is this not something that Sen. Klein derides? Also, with Sen. Klein's attempts at repealing seniority rights for teachers, this would have the affect of the most senior and valued teachers losing their jobs to low paid newbie teachers. But isn't that part of why the Verizon workers went on strike? To forestall Verizon to continue hiring more low paid new workers? Sen. Klein, you are confusing me!!!

So it got me to thinking. Really thinking. Perhaps Sen Klein truly, in his heart of hearts, believes in the repeal of seniority rights? Nah, too simplistic for a politician. Perhaps Sen. Klein hates teachers and loves Verizon workers? Perhaps, but not quite. Perhaps Sen. Klein gets a lot of money from organizations that wish to deprive teachers of their seniority rights? BINGO!!!!!!

According to DFER Watch, Senator Jeffrey Klein, or New Yorkers for Klein, Democrat from The Bronx, NY received $2,000 from Democrats for Education Reform between 2006 and 2010. But wait. There is more!!!

Yes, DFER Watch was correct. But DFER Watch missed that on July 1, 2006, Sen. Klein and Friends of Klein received $4,000. All donations, were from DFER's Washington DC PAC offices, except a May 7, 2010 payout which came from its New York City Offices.

But it does not stop there!! For the following piece of information I suggest that you sit down.

Just two weeks after Sen. Klein cast his vote to repeal seniority rights for NYC teachers, on March 15, 2011, Education Reform Now, which has the same address as DFER in NYC and both which Whitney Tilson is a shill for, gives Sen. Klein $5,000. Coincidence? I think not.

What is, or was, behind the donation? What promises were made? Will Sen. Klein, Joe Williams and Whitney Tilson come clean? Why would Sen. Klein support Verizon workers, but not the teachers of NYC?

Apparently, since 2005 Sen. Klein has received only $500 from Verizon and that was on June 8, 2005. Obviously Sen. Klein owes no allegiance to Verizon. But, since 2005 Sen. Klein has received $6,500 from AT&T. Hmmm, so that is it. You give Sen. Klein money and he supports you, don't give him money and he doesn't care.

The crack team calls on Sen. Klein to answer his gift from both DFER and ERN immediately! There are many questions to be answered, especially the $5,000 that was given to him so soon after the seniority vote.

Senator Klein, teachers like pizza and water. It really does not take much with us.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not More of this Value Added Assessment ****!!!

Sad news today. In an unanimous edict, the state appeals court ruled that the city can turn over Teacher Data Reports of teachers in grades 4-8 to the media. Rupert Murdoch and the New York Post are said to be quite overwhelmed with joy right now.

So it is not enough that teachers as a whole, as a group are being disparaged continuously by the press further sinking the degree in which this once proud profession was held, not they must go after individual teachers. Worse, teachers will be targeted, outed, and shamed using an unreliable method of assessment.

If and when Uncle Mike runs for a 4th term or decides to throw his hat in the ring for God, just what would he say when polls show him trailing and the margin of error is 35%? Would he not dismiss the polling data? Would he not tell us pay no attention to the poll, for polls are notoriously skewed and incorrect? Yes, this person and his sock puppet Dennis Walcott are having the New York media do its dirty work and file FOILs on the city's behalf for no other reason to chip away another brick, another layer in one of the most endearing professions there are. Teaching children.

Imagine, you are a teacher. Not only have you had an exemplary career, but in addition to never receiving an unsatisfactory rating, you have had former students return year after year to visit you, to thank you for being their teacher, to tell you that you have made a difference in their life. That they would not be what they are today but for you. Then some peon of a reporter for the New York Post, a reporter unable of critical thinking skills, a reporter that does as his editors command him to, labels you a ineffective teacher due some algorithm that the reporter doesn't and will never understand.

What is this teacher to do? What course of action does this teacher, or any teacher take? Can you measure the time a teacher has spent on their own working and preparing? Can you measure the kindness, the caring, the love this teacher this teacher has exhibited all throughout their career?

How do you measure a smile a teacher gives to a student, a smile that the teacher will not remember, but years later that student will remember when faced against adversity? How do you measure something as simple as a pat on the back when a student is sad or needs some encouragement and that student remembers and uses as a model when they are a parent?

Teachers and education are more than numbers, more than some hack with a bunch of numbers or worse, some business person trying to tie education to a business model. You can't! Education is not a business, never will be a business. You can't fit the peg of education into the hole of business.

But maybe it is time we fight back. Maybe it is time to turn the tables? Should we, and I mean our union, or even ourselves as teachers, file FOILs to obtain the arrest records, fitness records, and discipline records of NYPD officers? What about the records of the effectiveness of FDNY firefighters and paramedics? New York City runs many hospitals. Let's find out how many patients have died on each doctor. How many doctors have successfully cured a disease?

I mentioned this in an email to a friend. The reply was, and I partly agree, is that we should not go after others. But, just filing a FOIL, just getting the process going will not only show we are serious, but will unlayer the hypocrisy of media, Uncle Mike, and Sock Puppet Dennis.

The UFT really needs to come through on this. I would hate to see what happened in Los Angeles, we all would hate to see it. However, sadly I think it will happen.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whitney Tilson Sticks His Finger In The Wind

Whitney Tilson. That name just rolls of my fingers as I type. Say it again. Whitney Tilson. What thoughts come to mind as you say it? One thought I have is why did his mommy and daddy give him a girl's name? Yet, one thought keeps on delving around inside my ADD mind. Whitney Tilson has no true believes other than being some type of attention slut and wanting everyone to truly look towards him as the leader, or at the very least, the mouthpiece of the deform movement.

Whitney in his mass mailing of a few days ago at opined on Michael Winerip's latest unveiling of the sheath covering Michelle Rhee and the continuing investigation as well as her avoidance of the erasure scandal in DC.

But Whitney, always wanting to be on the correct side of the fence when the dust settles, goes into a long winded soliloquy not only contradicting his and his minions past words, but setting himself up to land on his feet and to be our buddy when, not if, the really big cheating (because the surface has yet to be scratched) scandal occurs.

I actually agree with Whitney when he blabbers so forthrightly about cheating; ...It’s an extremely important issue, worthy of real thought and discussion.  First, it’s blindingly obvious that if one introduces rewards for good performance and penalties (including loss of job) for poor performance, and the way performance is evaluated is, in part, via tests, then there is strong incentive to cheat on these tests and, given the opportunity, many people will do so. 

Yes, the attention slut is right. As we continue to introduce rewards and punishments for teachers connected to the unworthiness of VAA and other measures connected to standardized tests, the temptation for cheating will grow. A teacher, or even an administrator, that has their pay, their job security ties to the whims of test manufacturers, the whims of superintendents, or even the whims of Whitney Tilson will soon have to decided upon feeding, clothing, and sheltering their families or having a job.

Yes Whitney, we know, I know that you are not behind this. That it is not a diabolical plot on your part. Yet, you, but not alone, but you have not only fostered, but you have enabled it yourself, this system of reward and punishment for educators based upon standardized tests.

Besides, aren't you the one who threw a hissy fit, held his breath, and had a tantrum that Linda Darling-Hammond was originally going to be Secretary of Education and foisted Arne Duncan upon the clueless country. You reap what you sow Whitney.

(Do you think the College Board understands this when administering SATs, achievement tests, AP exams, etc.???) 

Dingus, think about what you just wrote. I am going to defer comment on AP exams for I never took one, nor heard how they are administered. But are SAT's, achievement tests, tied to teacher pay, tenure, etc...? No. But for these tests which sector of the public has it always been that has been at the center of cheating scandals? Yes, the students themselves. Look it up.

Therefore, we reformers, as we introduce accountability systems into school systems that previously had none (shocking, isn’t it?), need to be VERY conscious of this issue and take strong steps to deter cheating, ideally before it happens (by having rigorous monitoring)...

Yes, please screw things up more. We want all you deformers to assist us. Oh, and for what it is worth, I used to be a monitor for a school back in the day before before Uncle Mike and his henchman Joel Klein. As a district staff developer I would go to a school sit with the test coordinator before, during, and after the tests. If there was any malfeasance I would report it to a superior. Curiously, this does not seem to be done anywhere, anyhow, anymore.

...and also afterward, by examining erasures, statistical anomalies, etc., thoroughly investigating suspicious activity, and really punishing those who cheat.

I am going to use a baseball analogy. Yes, it is unfair to do that, for Whitney will not understand. There is cheating in baseball as far as PED's are concerned. That of course is cheating. But as soon as they testers get a handle on how to test for one steroid, the players find another steroid or masking agent that has yet to be tested for. The cheaters are always one step ahead, isn't that correct Whitney? ;)

As far as punishment goes, we see the horrible punishment that Janet Saraceno of Lehman High School in the Bronx had to endure.

...deniers like Ravitch are ironically using the Atlanta scandal as a weapon against reform: “You see, this is what happens when you introduce accountability, in part by using tests.  The poor teachers, under so much pressure, have no choice but to cheat.”

Yeah, what is wrong with that? So shall we amp up the pressure and have the cheating continue?

Could you imagine anyone saying, “We’re not going to publish money managers’ performance figures because if we did so, they’d have incentive to engage in insider trading.”???

Wait, you mean there is cheating going on in the financial market? NO WAY! Oh, I am being facetious. Seriously Whitney, how many people did you screw because you shorted Netflix? How many people across this country are out of work, lost homes because of what you and your ilk have done to the economy? I have heard enough about Whitney to know that he is basically a parrot of Warren Buffet and has no original ideas.

But, it gets better. A father of a son on my son's baseball team is a big shot for Morgan Stanley. Other than saying to me all hedge fund managers are pond scum he has assured me that he will look into Whitney Tilson and report back to me anything and everything he can. Let's see what we find. In fact, anyone reading this, now is the time to report back to this blog whatever you find factual about Whitney Tilson. Leave no stone unturned. We want facts about Whitney.

No, instead, the SEC carefully monitors insider trading, investigates suspicious activity (including wiretaps, subpoenas, etc.), and puts bad people in jail.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, oh my God!!!! I have not laughed this hard since the naked wrestling scene in Borat. Oh Whitney, thanks for the good laugh! Wait, you are a bad person and not in jail. What gives?

Whitney, too late. You are the problem, not part of the solution. Please go away. The bus has left and there is no room on board for you. Yes, we all know that you go where you think the flow is going, but it is going, it has left, and you are stranded all by yourself.

Be gone you little gnat of a person.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast: Guest Anthony Krinsky

We return to Tuesday nights this week, August 23, 2011 at 9 PMEDT, 6 PMPDT as we welcome another resident of California and Harvard Graduate Anthony Krinsky.

Anthony, an education deformer from Los Angeles is a solutions architect (whatever that is) and is active in the deform movement along with Ben Austin and Bill Grundfest with the controversy filled Green Dot charter schools in Los Angeles.

Anthony, who looks towards deformer Whitney Tilson as a source of inspiration writes his own blog, Anthony Krinsky's Education Blog and StopUTLA covering what he feels are his passions involving education.

Anthony is passionate about what he feels is damaging to education today. Teacher's unions, teachers, and school choice.

Topics discussed tonight will include; school choice, unions, teach evals. charters.

A fun filled evening to be had by all, and surely many buttons will be pushed. The call in # is 917 932 8721

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr Spock Opines On Princess Sydney Morris

Tonight's blog welcomes a special guest blogger. We would like to welcome Mr Spock, science officer and first officer aboard the USS Enterprise, representing the United Federation of Planets. Mr Spock is actually not present, but rather on patrol along the Neutral Zone. We have been able to communicate through a temporal rift in the space time continuum. Mr Spock was gracious enough to put aside playing three dimensional chess and share is opinion on the upcoming symposium, "On Education," later next week. We turn the blog over to Mr Spock.

Thank you. Live long and prosper Bronx Teacher and the crack team at SBSB.

I must say that the exclusion of Julie Cavanagh from the symposium is quite illogical. If we were to use logic, logic would dictate that Julie Cavanagh should be on the panel and not Sydney Morris. One only needs to look at Ms Cavanagh's accomplishments;
a special education teacher for more than ten years in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  Julie currently serves children with intellectual disabilities in grades first through third and previously served children with learning differences in grades four and five. Julie received her BS in special education from Indiana University, her MS in curriculum and teaching from Fordham University, where she was an Ennis Cosby Scholar, and her advanced degree in administration and supervision from Brooklyn College. She is a member of Grassroots Education Movement; advocating for equity and real reform in our public education system. Julie is also the co-producer of the documentary The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman.
Now, we shall look at Sydney Morris accomplishments as an educator;
Graduated Tulane University and joined TFA.
When we compare both Ms Cavanagh's and Sydney's accomplishments we see that Sydney has not been a factor in education. At Star Fleet Academy, Sydney would be known as "Captain Dunzel."

Before I go, I must warn all that are reading this. I, and the crew of the Enterprise have faced the Romulans and the Klingons countless times. I must warn the people of NYC that Educators4Excellence is a much more conniving, insidious adversary than the Klingons or Romulans ever were. Remember this about E4E, "Without followers, evil cannot spread." I said that after our encounter on planet Triacus.

Live long and prosper readers of SBSB, and all NYC teachers.

There you have it. We would like to thank Dennis of the crack team in locating the temporal rift and initiating first contact (pardon the pun) with Mr Spock.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jackson Pollock Comes To The NYC DOE

Years ago, I think around 1996, my wife and I were passing through Austerlitz NY on Labor Day weekend and came upon a yard sale. At this yard sale my wife, who happens to be an artist, noticed this watercolor of a beach scene. She wanted it really bad, and easily shelled out the $2 to purchase it.

A friend of mine that just proudly decorated his living room with an oil painting bought at the Galleria Mall in White Plains derided us for buying art at a yard sale. He said, "you need to be careful who you buy art from. You should know the name of the person to make sure it will have value."

Whenever my wife and I go to MoMA or to the Met, I am like a little kid when I see anything of Jackson Pollock's. It must be the neurons in my ADD mind that go off or something like that. I just stared and study and wonder how Pollock was able to create what he did. My wife on the other hand, well, she does not care for Pollock. But never at any time has she said Pollock is not a good artist.

So why am I sharing these two stories? I think it is a great correlation between art and how we evaluate teachers. Can we truly evaluate something that more and more people are saying, and have always said, is a craft?

Yes, there are true hard factual methods we can judge a teacher. But, those are very minute. But, the act of teaching, if we compare it to how we judge an artist, how can there be any sure fire method?

My friend, the art collector, he sees art as something to collect that increases in value. That those little finds along the roadway are, and will continue to be, worthless. The art he bought at the hotel/motel art store in the Galleria, he truly believed it to be art. It was a seascape that matched is living room furniture. I, and my wife, both did not see it as art.

This is no different than looking at a teacher. This is especially so in having parents evaluating a teacher. One parent will love the teacher, another won't. Same as a student.

How can we evaluate teachers properly when so much of what we do is nuanced? When so much of what we do, and why we do it, is different than a teacher in the same hall as us?

Each teacher, with each class, with each student, with each parent has a skill set, a method, a knowledge base that comes from years of doing their job. That what might work with one student, does not necessarily mean that method will work with another.

Teaching from a script, from an earpiece connected to a control room (as Bill Gates wishes) removes the craft, the art, the nuance from education.

What is wonderful about teaching, about being with children is that each day is going to be different, each minute will be different. There is no way to predict what will happen inside a classroom, let alone a school.

Gunny Sgt Highway said it best, "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome." That is what teachers do each and every day.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

The Mind of a Bronx Teacher will not be on this Tuesday night.
Rather, we are going to air Wednesday night, August 17 at 9 PM EDT so we can have a special guest.

The one, the only, the indisputable, the indispensable Robert D. Skeels of California will be live!!!

Robert writes the solidaridad blog which can be found at; http://rdsathene.blogspot.​com/ . You can also find him on Twitter @rdsathene

We will discuss why the billionaires find education so attractive, Bill Gates, Whitney Tilson, and more importantly how we as teachers can fight back!

Robert is a social justice writer, public education advocate, and immigrant rights activist. He lives, works, writes, and organizes in Los Angeles with his wife and cats.

Robert is a U.S. Navy Veteran, and a proud member of Veterans for Peace.

He attended Glendale Community College and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), majoring in Classical Civilization.

Robert is a committed member of both Coalition for Educational Justice and the International Socialist Organization. In addition to advancing working class struggles, Robert is an adherent of Liberation Theology.

He devotes much time towards volunteer work for 12 step, church, and homeless advocacy. Robert’s articles and essays have appeared in publications including Schools Matter, CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, Daily Censored, Echo Park Patch, The Los Angeles Daily News, and Socialist Worker.

Robert not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. He is a fighter, a true fighter for those that need a hand, for those without hope.We teachers are lucky to have Robert on our side.

The call in # is 917 932 8721

Who Is More Qualified Than Ruben Brosbe?

With the horror of E4E Blog Monkey™ being admitted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, speculation has arisen as to just how he was admitted into such a prestigious program and institution.

Speculation turns to Elizabeth Green of Gotham Schools, Ruben's champion over there. Apparently, Elizabeth is a 2006 graduate of Harvard. Could this be how Ruben entered Harvard? Yes, that can be one reason.

The other reason, and it has been speculated upon here on these pages, is that there is some type of weird, demented relationship between Ruben and Elizabeth Green. How else can one not only explain Ruben's entry into HGSE and his continued writing on Gotham Schools. Heck, even GS sugar daddy Ken Hirsch has brought into question the abilities of Ruben's writing (4th comment from the bottom).

But seriously, the crack team assembled this morning to see if we could find more qualified candidates for the HGSE. The plan was to get these names and their qualifications and submit our work to the admissions office at HGSE and hope and pray that these obviously qualified candidates receive the same consideration and courtesy, along with being admitted, that Ruben got.

Here now is an abridged list of every candidate more qualified than Ruben that we submitted to HGSE:

Every Gorilla in the Congo exhibit at the Bronx Zoo.

Charlie the Wino from White Plains NY.

Clooney the Wino also from White Plains NY.

Pearl the Bag Lady also from White Plains NY.

Anton a Pre-K student in my son's school.

Anton's baby brother who was just born two weeks ago.

The bagger at Stop and Shop in White Plains NY, lane 12.

The guy who collects the shopping carts at Stew Leonard's in Yonkers, NY.

The guy who cleans out the barns at Yonkers Raceway.

The horses in the barns at Yonkers Raceway.

Mr Ed.


Warren, from the movie, "There's Something About Mary."

Lenny, from "Of Mice and Men."

The puppy from "Of Mice and Men."

Yogi Berra.

Ralph Kiner.

Willie Mays.

John Sterling.

Suzyn Waldman.

Reggie Jackson.

William Shatner.

Rin Tin Tin.


The day laborers standing outside of any Home Depot.

The wives and children of these aforementioned day laborers.

So there is a partial list that the crack team assembled. Hopefully, Harvard will heed to our list ans we will soon see the above prospering at Harvard.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Those Who Can Teach, Those Who Can't Become Ruben Brosbe

It was announced to no one's surprise last week that E4E Blog Monkey™ Ruben Brosbe is leaving the NYC DOE effective immediately. What came to everyone's surprise and mostly chagrin is that somehow Ruben has been accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education in which Zippy will pursue a degree in education policy and management. I guess Harvard is truly lowering its standards if Ruben is being admitted.

I can go in and point out the fallacies, lies, and deceit that Ruben propagated in his Gotham piece, but I shant for now. Perhaps later on in the week I shall. But there are several things that are on my mind.

Last week on Twitter I tweeted how wonderful it must be to have mummsy and dada pay the $61K tuition for Harvard. Soon after that I notice that Ruben is soon following me on Twitter. I also was curious as to why Ruben blocks his tweets, account info, and why he must approve all followers.

I am intrigued, perplexed, yet mildly curious. Why would this creature, this abomination of education wish to follow moi? My left eyebrow was raised just like Mr Spock.

I soon found out on Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 11:11AM EDT. Checking my email I saw to my great surprise an email from none other that the Blog Monkey™. It thus read;
from    Ruben Brosbe
to    South Bronx School
date    Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 11:11 AM
    Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.
hide details Aug 11 (5 days ago)
Tried to DM you this, but I couldn't:
I followed you just so I could tweet you the info about the Urban
Scholars scholarship that's allowing me go to Harvard, rather than the
exorbitant wealth of my parents that you imagine. I keep my tweets
protected because I use twitter mainly as an extension of my social
network (ie friends) rather than for my blogging, so I don't want
parents/kids following me, although I may go public soon. Haven't
decided. Anyway, best of luck to you! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Ruben Brosbe
(917) 123-4567
 Apparently, I was incorrect. Mummsy and dada did not pay for his Harvard education, but rather Ruben was awarded a Urban Scholar's Scholarship. I say bravo!! And I also say, "What you talkin' about Willis?" An Urban Scholar's Scholarship? How do I get one of those? And just hat are the qualifications? I have already read the qualifications and application for HGSE, and I must opine that for Ruben to have been admitted, someone was paid off. Much the way C. Montgomery Burns paid off Yale for his son, Larry to attend.

So what are the qualifications for an Urban Scholar's Scholarship, other than Ruben's father donating a new airport for Harvard?
Urban Scholars enroll in one of the 13 Ed.M. concentrations at HGSE. They receive an award package covering full HGSE tuition and health insurance fees during the fellowship year. In addition to completing the standard master's curriculum, Urban Scholars also participate in a dynamic interdisciplinary program designed to facilitate the development of a life-long network of professional colleagues who share a common passion for improving urban schools. Candidates are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and a demonstrated commitment to a career working in urban school systems. In particular, they are chosen from the top 10% of the applicant pool and they will have three years or more of direct work experience in urban schools (or significant volunteer work in a comparable setting). The application deadline is January 3, 2011 and is part of the 2011-2012 HGSE Admissions Application.

Amazing. Simply amazing and appalling.

I mean something is wrong with this picture. Here we have a failed teacher who was denied tenure twice! A person, that has had life handed to him on a silver platter. A person that went to an elite college, led an elite life, went into an elite program to teach, thought that he was the great white savior for boys and girls of color. Couldn't for the life of him understand the culture, of both his community her taught in and of education and according to him planned to teach for only two years. And he gets rewarded?

Meanwhile, a teacher of brown skin works attends a CUNY school, works full time on the side, gets married, has several children, gets a job as a teacher because that teacher loves education and children, gets not one, but two masters at CUNY, whilst working and raising kids, and is a master teacher in their school. This teacher is looked upon by families, students, faculty as someone they wish to emulate and does this teacher get a Urban Scholarship to Harvard? NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Something is terribly wrong in a system in which Ruben Brosbe can thrive from failure and teachers can't thrive because they are successful.

Remember the old saying? Those who can teach, and those who can't teach PE? They new saying is, "those who can teach, those who can't set policy."

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whitney Tilson Savagely Attacks Diane Ravitch

Hey, we can all have wishes??
I have never been this confused in my entire life. What to do? Do I write in regards to E4E Blog Monkey™ Ruben Brosbe's baffling free ride to the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Do I write about Steve Brill's rudeness towards Diane Ravitch? Do I write about Whitney Tilson's continued rudeness towards Diane Ravitch? Or do I write about my son's baseball tournament this weekend? Mmmmm. I pick Whitney, with a sprinkling of Steve Brill.

When last we visited Steve Brill, his lips were puckered up to Uncle Mike's tush in a New York Magazine article he wrote concerning teachers in the Rubber Room and how difficult it is to terminate them. Of course, it was pure fiction. Now, Brill has typed words forming a book, "Class Warfare: Inside the Fight to Fix America's School." We here at SBSB would like nothing more to chastising the book, commenting on the book, and refuting the book. Fortunately, we have ethics here and feel that it would not only be unethical, but immoral to comment on something we do not have all the facts yet. Please take note hedge fund managers, politicians, etc....

What we can comment on here ethically, morally, and of course sarcastically(yet honestly) is everyone's favorite hedge fund manager and attention whore, Whitney Tilson at his almost gleeful, yet his troubling and seemingly sadistic joy in seeing Diane Ravitch attacked. A guess one only feels big for going after a 72 year old Jewish grandma.

Whitney, in his hyper emails blabbers; (Full disclosure: I’m one of the people featured prominently in the book,

God, Whitney, that must have been more exciting than your wedding night. But of course that is the first thing you would say, it is all about you.

Diane Ravitch has been getting paid A LOT of money by the unions in the form of speaker fees – Brill estimates $10,000 per appearance and $200,000 over the past year...

Key word in the above sentence, ESTIMATES. Whitney, do you know what the definition of estimate is? Where is Brill's proof? Has he seen her tax receipts? Oh yeah, the only quote Brill can attribute to Ravitch is; 
"I live very comfortably. This is not about the money. I'm 72 and don't need money. If I want to speak to a group I'll do it for free or for a few thousand dollars if that's all they can pay.*
Whitney, and I am not getting into whether or not or how much Diane was paid, or why she was paid, but isn't it obvious? If you are having a speaker that will speak to your group, you want someone who your group agrees to, and vice versa. Would the Boy Scouts have Miley Cyrus come speak to them? of course not! But I am digressing.

Whitney starts to allow his knickers to be shown when he lays down his hypocrisy; a) she’s never disclosed these large payments, which anyone listening to her should know about

I am sure she declared it to whom she needs to. That is really all that matters. But while we are at it, when was the last time you whined that E4E been forthcoming in how and by whom it receives money? MichelleRheeFirst? DFER? ERN? Hell, my pal and all around mensch, TFT has asked Students For Education Reform how they receive funding and I bet he gets no answer! Hey Whitney, what about you listing all you have donated to. Nah, you will never, ever do it.

b) she’s a total hypocrite for criticizing reformers

¡Uno momento, por favor! Hypocrite? Take two steps to the mirror and look into it. Allow me to do the introductions. Pot, meet kettle. 

reformers like me for supposedly making a lot of money from our activities

Has she said that? Do you have irrefutable proof? And just what "activities" are we talking about Whitney? ;)

(when in truth I’ve never taken a SINGLE PENNY and have instead given countless thousands of dollars and hours)

Prove it. Show documented proof.

I will from now on ALWAYS refer to Ravitch as “paid union spokesperson Diane Ravitch” – and I urge you to do the same.

And I will always refer to you "A Richard." Figure it out.

but these large payments are a massive conflict of interest that need to be disclosed every time she appears anywhere. 

So if Diane walks into Yankee Stadium, she must announce this to the entire crowd? When kids come trick or treating, be fore she doles out the treats she must announce this? Whitney, please clarify.

Imagine, for example, if I appeared on television commenting on charter schools, KIPP, TFA or DFER and not disclosing my tight affiliations with these organizations

Just what do you mean by "tight affiliation?" OK, will you disclose the source of DFER's funding? KIPP's? TFA? By they way, TFA has repudiated your claim of helping found TFA. Just thought you would like to know that.

But, Whitney, you leave the lowest blow, the most vile blow for last; PS--You gotta love Ravitch’s response, once she realizes that her secret has been exposed and Brill is going to write about it – here’s Brill’s footnote:
In an e-mail following this conversation, 
"Ravitch told Brill that she was donating her speaking fees to a pediatric oncology program, dedicated in May 2011, in memory of her son, who had died of leukemia at age two."
This is classic Ravitch: knowing how bad this looks, she cleverly scrambles to come up with a solution that’s designed to tug at the heartstrings and mute any possible criticism

You are sick. You are vile. You are the lowest form of life on earth. Lower than a used car, or in your parlance, "pre-owned" salesman. You bring someone's family into this? You need to mention this? You did this with Michael Winerip of the New York Times discussing his family, and this shows what kind of person you are. Nothing but a bully. Worse, an entitled bully,

Whitney, there is no redemption in your life, no spirituality in your life. You are but an empty shell. You will sink as low as you can just to show how smart and how wonderful that you think you are.

Want to know what I think? It is time for not only me, but all bloggers to publish your person information. How would you like that?

But, it would be wrong and I would never do it, nor would I condone any other blogger who would do it. Besides, it wouldn't be any fun.

Fun would be to continuously point out your foibles, your lies, and your hypocrisy. And the more you open your mouth, the more material there will be.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

This Tuesday night, August 9 at 9 PM EDT is sure to be a barn burner.

Joining us again is Queens Science teacher, blogger, Chaz of Chaz's School Daze;  

Chaz has written extensively and quite astutely of the fallacy of the NYC DOE, school choice, and education deform. Chaz, a former denizen of the Rubber Rooms under trumped up charges, fights for the rights of educators and students.

Joining Chaz, is Tea Bagger, self proclaimed candidate for Congress, VA-5 in 2009, and fork lift operator, Bradley S Rees.

Brad who was home schooled after 5th grade is staunchly anti-Public Union, believes in school choice, vouchers, but is curiously silent on the federal government's involvement in local education matters. Brad has also been heavily influenced by Ayn Rand.

You can find Brad at his Son Of Liberty blog; http://sonofliberty2k10.wo​ and catch him on Blogtalkradio, Fri and Sat nites at 10PM-Midnight EDT on the CB Radio Network;​BMedia-Network

CALL IN # 917 932 8721

Monday, August 8, 2011

Michelle Rhee Answers Your Reform Questions

Bless you Michelle Rhee for the video on your all about you, Michelle website. Thank you very much for taking the time to sift through the all the questions and have a true spontaneous conversation with America's teachers.

One thing that struck us here at SBSB as breaking news was the MichelleRheeFirst moved its headquarters from Washington DC to Sacramento CA. One would assume this was done to keep better tabs on husband and known chaser of 16 year old girls, Kevin Johnson.

We here at SBSB were appalled by the softball questions and the seemingly faux well thought out responses.

Earlier this afternoon the crack team here at SBSB clandestinely gained access to the MichelleRheeFirst mainframe computer and downloaded all the questions and responses to these questions in its original ACS II form. After hours of encrypting, deciphering, and transcribing we present to the readers of SBSB what we consider the best of the best.

Michelle, thank you for your reform initiatives. However, what would you do to reform Judasim?
Shlomo Levine, Williamsburg, NY

Thank you Shlomo for taking the time with that very thought out question. Like Moses Mendelssohn, I too am a reformer, and believe that there have been rabbis that come to shul and don't really work. Many rabbis have been at their shuls for too long, and tend to get lazy. Too many rabbis just come to shul, are seen doing nothing but reading the Torah, leave right after services and don't stay for the sponge cake and grape juice and refuse to mingle with the congregation.

Michelle, you are so wonderful. I am having problems with my 1st grade class. They talk too much when online. I wish to duct tape their mouths, but I am unsure what kind of duct tape I should use. Can you recommend a good duct tape?
Rose Tortelli, Boston MA

Great question Rose! Thank you so much for asking! What you want to do is by 3M brand duct tape. I prefer the 1110-A Morris Costumes Duct Tape. This is absolutely the best and will keep their little mouths from moving. It comes in silver and they kids just love the way it glitters in the light. Remember, leave room for the students to breath through their nose. We don't want any unnecessary deaths!

I just gave a 4th standardized test to my 4th grade students. I am not sure how they will do, but since I live in Florida and up to 50% of my pay is tied to the exams and I have a family to support, I want to go back and erase wrong answers and wish to not leave any obvious erasure marks. What do you suggest?
Maude Findley, Tuckahoe NY

Thank you Maude for a very thoughtful and lucid question. Be sure that when you erase, you erase in a horizontal fashion, but not too hard for you wish not to tear the paper. Remember, then to match the fill in pattern of the answer you replace it with the same as the other questions.

My boyfriend is a former NBA basketball player and currently a mayor of a city. What I want to know is which nights for the next two weeks will you be out of town?
Anonymous 16 year old, Sacramento, CA

Oh let's see. I will be out of town from August 10-15. Good luck to you and your boyfriend!

Michelle, I have been teaching for 5 years. On the side I am a stand up comedian. I wish to imitate the voices and dialects stereotypically of inner city African-Americans as you did. How do you suggest I go about it and be as successful as you were?
Rich Little, Las Vegas, NV

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Thank you for wanting to imitate me as well as your students. I suggest you look at some old Saturday Night Lives with Eddie Murphy. Not only is it funny, but once you get it down, you'll have people laughing just as I did. Let me know when you perform, would love to see it.

Michelle, I have been teaching for 23 years, I am 49 years old, I was wondering.....
Gabe Kotter, Brooklyn NY

Please, stop there. How dare you be in teaching for 23 years? What do you think? Teaching is a lifelong profession? Please, I do not have time for a teacher with the amount of years you have in. Good-day!

And there you have it. Question and responses that Michelle Rhee does not want us to see.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Matt Damon Beefcakes Michelle Malkin

I think I am developing some sort of man crush on Matt Damon. In fact, I feel almost chivalrous, as if I am defending his honor.

I was warned last night by noted rabble rouser, and defender of the righteous, Rita Solnet that arch-conservative Michelle Malkin was to have a column in today's bastion of the English language, The New York Post, concerning Matt Damon.

So this morning after I had my morning coffee, I bent down and grabbed today's Post from under my cat's litter box. I sat down and read Michelle Malkin's convoluted, stupidity, stereotyped, Roger Ailes talking point column of hers.

Of course there are no facts, just opinions and hatred written by Malkin masquerading as what she conjures up in her mind as facts. Malkin blabbered; Government workers and Hollywood entertainers are impervious to economic incentives.

Honestly, has anyone gone into working for the government done it to be rich? I think there as always been a give and take. We will take less money, in return all we ask for his good benefits, a well funded and managed pension, and worse of all....due process. Not much to ask for. Oh, and maybe a pat on the back once in a while.

...the liberal box-office star addressed a “Save Our Schools” march in Washington at the behest of his mother, a professor of early-childhood education.

Wow, seems that Malkin must be hacking Matt and Mom Damon's voice mail. But seriously, how do you know that Michelle?

He attacked standardized tests.

As well he should.
He praised all the public-school teachers who “empowered” him and unlocked his creative potential by rejecting “silly drill- and-kill nonsense.” Damon decried the demoralization of teachers by ruthless, results-oriented free marketeers whom he mocked as “simple-minded.”

The bastard! How dare he say such things!!!

What Damon’s superficial tirade lacked, however, was any real-world understanding of the deterioration of core-curricular learning in America.

Michelle, you went to Oberlin, what do you know about real world? When was the last time you went to a Sox game, had a Fenway Frank, and chugged a beer? His mom is a teacher, you kind of figure that at least once they had a conversation about teaching.

Besides, what the hell do you know about core curricular learning?

Students can’t master simple division or fractions because today’s teachers -- churned out through lowest-common-denominator grad schools and shielded from competition -- have barely mastered those skills themselves.

So it has nothing to do with really, really bad curriculum forced upon teachers, where if teachers even deviate one iota from the "script" they can be brought up on charges?
Un-educators have abandoned “drill-and-kill” computation for multicultural claptrap and fuzzy math, traded in grammar fundamentals for “creative spelling” and dropped standard civics for save-the-earth propaganda.

No, not from real teachers. Seems like you just described "save the world" TFA's.

Consequence: bottom-basement US student scores on global assessments over the last two decades. Blaming the tests is blaming the messenger.

No. Please do not compare the US to other countries. Other countries do not have the poverty we do. Your country of origin, as are most others, are very homogenous. We are not.

The liberal education establishment’s response to its abject academic failures? Run away. This is why the Save Our Schools agenda championed by Damon calls for less curricular emphasis on math and reading -- and more focus on social justice, funding and “equity” issues.

Good God, where does Malkin think of this stuff? Never once have I ever heard this crap. Where did SOS or Damon say this? Prove it!

....Damon lashed out at a young reporter who had the audacity to ask him about the negative impact of lifetime teacher tenure. “In acting, there isn’t job security, right,”'s Michelle Fields asked Damon. “There is an incentive to work hard and be a better actor because you want to have a job. So why isn't it like that for teachers?”

So explain all the years that Marlon Brando acted like a dick on the sets of movies and got whatever he wanted. Fields asked dumb, talking point questions with no basis in fact.

It's elementary that people will work longer and harder if they know they will be rewarded.

Want to know how teachers wish to be rewarded? Better working conditions, smaller classes, support from administration, non-moronic curriculum, etc... I do not know one teacher that went into education for the money.

But Damon's hinges came undone when confronted with the mild question.

“You think job insecurity makes me work hard?” he retorted. “That's like saying a teacher is going to get lazy when she has tenure.” Damon unleashed crude profanities on Fields. “A teacher wants to teach,” Damon fumed with his mother next to him. “Why else would you take a sh- -ty” salary and really long hours and do that job unless you really loved to do it?"

Of course his hinges came undone! It was a false question, loaded with false pretenses, that wasn't thought out by a false reporter.

Never mind that most out-of-work Americans would find nothing “sh- -ty” about earning an average $53,000 annual salary plus health and retirement benefits for a 180-day work year.

Where does Malkin get this $53K figure? Average pay in Mississippi is $40K! besides, we are now being denied or having altered health and retirement benefits. But, the 180 days is more because teachers take work home. How many cops take work home? Pizza makers? Custodians? Deli clerks? UPS drivers? Nurses?

And when the young reporter's cameraman pointed out that there are bad apples in the teaching profession as in any profession, Damon called him “sh- -ty,” too.

No, he inquired as to whether or not he was a shitty cameraman, and said he does not know.
Go on Malkin, go ahead and just quote the LA Times, which allowed it's reporter, Jason Felch, to write biasly, and falsely about a teacher, and didn't blink an eye  when that teacher killed himself. Go ahead and quote the Goebbels propaganda film, Waiting for Superman, and all that nice stuff about lawyers and doctors and learn that it is false.

Of course Malkin should continue to make false and misleading assumptions about education and teachers. Everyone is the same, all are interconnected, and all are guilty by association.

But, since Malkin takes a pay check by News Corp, which is technically Murdoch, should we link her and associate her with all of Rupert's transgressions? Survey says, YES!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whitney Tilson Attempts To Defile Matt Damon

Looking back, I had noticed that the name Whitney Tilson has only graced the pages of this blog only twice in the last 4 months. For those of SBSB's readers who come here looking for a good laugh, we here at SBSB do apologize profusely. We have been attempting to live by the words of my mothers, "always wear clean underwear in case you are hit by a car, and never argue with egotistical, attention seeking hedge fund managers." But sometimes mom's are wrong.

This past weekend, there was a thing called the SOS March in Washington DC. Whitney, in one of his latest ADD written emails decided to take time before a flight to Nashville for a some KIPP or Amway convention, decided to spend the time at the airport bashing Matt Damon instead of doing what Whitney usually does in airports. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean? Just an aside here, I am happy that Whitney is always traveling somewhere. It makes me think optimistically what former Yankee pitcher Dock Ellis said about George Steinbrenner in 1977.

So Whitney, like the lonely bully we all knew as children blabbered; The Rally to Continue the Insanity (formally known as the Save Our Schools March) took place last Saturday in DC and was the farce and joke I knew it would be.  They called for 1 million people – and got 8,000 – LOL! 

LOL! You called Netflix short and lost people money. Anyway, yeah it billed itself as the million dollar march, and only 8,000 showed up. Hey, to get 8,000 teachers to show up and agree on something is in itself quite an accomplishment. But, this is a true grass roots effort and people on the organizing committee having something known as lifes so I can imagine how difficult it could have been. But, I have a feeling this is not the only march, and lessons will be learned and word will seep out and then you'll see.

So Whitney decided to blabber on, but not use his words, but the words of some entity known as the Education Action Group, which is some front group for billionaire hedge fund managers and dolts that live on 5th Ave. No real educators run the darn thing.

So anyway, since Whitney has decided to parrot the Education Action Revolutionary Group, we here decided that their words therefore are Whitney's words. Quid pro Whitney.

So Whitney blabbered on;  Some wondered if Damon would draw more people to this rally than he did to his recently flopped film “Green Zone.” The answer was a definite no. And he got a little temperamental when pressed by a reporter from ReasonTV.

He completely p3wned the bubble head. The bubble head, asked a question that was meant to provoke, not meant to be thoughtful. Why is what she asked OK, but assuming that all Jews are good business people not OK? We as teachers are being sterotyped and Matt threw back her assumptions in her face.

So Whitney's sycophantic, clueless assistant, Leila Jerusalem, bloviated for her boss, Like Damon, I had a public education in a high school that in retrospect was quite subpar. It was a high school someone else chose for me, with a reputation of being “good enough.” Although I was lucky enough to skip a grade and be tracked into the gifted and talented program, I still had a few teachers who were duds.

So if the high school was so bad, why do you think you did so well? You claim that your high school education was subpar, yet according to your Facebook page, you graduated from Edison High School which is a California Distinguished and Digital High School. In fact, the median income for a household in the city of Huntington Beach is $76,527 and has been ranked one of the top places to live in the United States.  Yeah, I had a few dud teachers as well. But, they were just boring. But Princess Leila, describe dud teachers.

But Whitney gives credence to the idiocy of the Daily News in which he parroted; "I moved to Cambridge, Mass., when I was 10 years old because of the alternative schools there that my mother ... really wanted me to go to, and I got in."

See here is the thing Whitney, and I can't truly comment because I do not have all the facts, and unlike you I do not make opinions or assumptions facts.

Alternative schools are public schools. Charter schools aren't. Now I am assuming, and I could be wrong, but perhaps Matt Damon went to The High School Extension Program in Cambridge. But even if he didn't there is a huge difference between this school and charters.

One, the alternative high school, and I am assuming all the alternative schools in Cambridge, MA take a student whether or not that student will do well in standardize tests, there is no creaming. Second there is small class size, the students are thought of as individuals, and it appears that actual learning, not rote memorization is the norm and what is expected. Also, and most important, the district is not losing funding nor is funding going to pay for the private education of a student. Oh yeah, forgot a biggie. There is accountability!

I think I know why Whitney Tilson has decided to defile the good name and work of Matt Damon. Both went to Harvard, but both have had different experiences both at Harvard and after they left.

Matt probably had many friends, was a swell guy to be around, and was just a regular guy. Whitney, had no friends, had his nose up in the air, and was a snot.

Matt helps out the downtrodden out of the goodness of his heart, is not an attention whore and is generally well liked and respected. Whitney, helps out those to gain validation and to show only a rich white man knows what is best for boys and girls of color, and is generally despised by many, and respected by none.

Keep on going Whitney, you are a wonderful source of material.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Racist Principal Frank Borzellieri Should Have Worked For The NYC DOE

Last week, the Daily News reported that Frank Borzellieri, principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel elementary school in the Bronx espoused some rather racist views. That was July 30, only 5 days ago. Yesterday, August 2, the Daily news reported that Borzellieri was terminated as principal. We here at SBSB, though we still support Borzellieri's right to due process, are pleased at the swift end to Borzellieri's tenure as principal and applaud Rev. Eric Rapaglia and the Archdiocese of New York for doing the right thing even though Rev. Rapaglia was warned about Borzellieri two years ago.

But being a racist principal was not Borzellieri's biggest mistake. His biggest mistake was not being employed as a principal by the NYC DOE.

Wait just a minute you ask. Isn't being a racist principal bad enough? Yes, but he was a racist principal for the Archdiocese of New York but once, Borzellieri appeared on the front page of the Daily News, he was going to be toast.

Now, if he worked for the DOE, what would have happened? Of course the investigative body, OSI, or SCI, would have dragged its feet for months if not years. All during this time Borzellieri would have still been spewing is racist views on the world.

But, let's make believe for a minute that SCI, or OSI did its job, and even let's make believe that the Daily News, or even the New York Post were to put Borzellieri on their front page (yes, I know its a stretch) as a racist principal in the NYC DOE. What would happen?

Probably the same that happened to serial masturbator and former LIS DR Mychael Willon. To be fair, DR Mychael Willon not only had issues pleasuring himself, but falsified documents that he received a PhD.

What became of DR Mychael Willon? It seems that in reward for his service as a LIS, once word leaked out (pardon the pun) of his indiscretions, he was moved into a job at Tweed.

So, what would have become of Frank Borzellieri? Yeah, he would have probably been removed as a principal, but he would have had a soft landing. A nice cushy job as a network leader, or in charge of something at a Children's First network, or a plumb job at Tweed. Good thing he isn't a racist teacher. Then he would have been in big trouble.

So good bye and good riddance to a racist, and probably anti-Semitic dirtbag. Don't let the door hit you on the butt as you slink away. But let's all keep in mind what is now transpiring at A. Philip Randolph High School. What will happen to Principal Henry Rubio??

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chalk Duster On Next Mind of a Bronx Teacher

Before I go on and give information about tonight's radio show, I want to put a blog in for a new blogger, a new Tweeter, and one hell of a smart person, and someone we should be happy that is on the side of goodness, and not badness.

Chalk Duster is somewhat new to the blogosphere. She is just now getting her bearings in this crazy world of blogging and implore all who read this to not only check her blog out, but link to it, and share it with anyone and everyone.

The blog, America's Future: The Inside Story is hard hitting and honest. Chalk Duster really has a penchant for exposing the BS behind standardized testing and the hypocrisy of administrators. While you are at it, follow her on Twitter, @LilyDuster.

Now onto tonight's show....
This Tuesday night, August 2, 2011 at 9PM EDT we welcome back Chalk Duster, author of America's Future: The Inside Story

Coming of her resounding thumping of Neil Haley last week, Chalk Duster will face off against Education Deformer Jolyn Brand.

Joyln is a graduate of University of Houston where she received a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).  She then went on to earn a Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) from University of Houston-Clear Lake. She taught Reading and English in public middle and high schools in Houston, TX for more than seven years. She was also a public school administrator and college adjunct instructor for several years.
Jolyn launched and directs Brand College Consulting, which identifies and provides resources for high school students to attain their higher education goals.
Listen and learn as Chalk Duster takes on and triumphs over another education deformer. www.brandcollegeconsulting​.com

Subject matter to be covered, standardized testing, teacher evaluation, and literacy.
The call in # is 917 932 8721

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Princess of the Rocky Mountains

One thing I like about cops is that they look out for one another. They are not rats. I can't quite say that about teachers. Not all will look out for you, and there are one too many that will stab you in the back the second they get a chance.

I believe that any issues between teachers should be handled by teachers themselves. If the problem is too much, have an intermediary, preferably a union rep, mediate any and all disputes. I will never, ever rat out a teacher. That is, and this is big, I am thrown under the bus. I believe in the old saying, "don't ever come between me and my direct deposit."

In this blog, yes I admit, I have written about some colleagues, but that was several years ago and their names were changed. I even let off steam about a colleague this year, but except for one teacher, I felt all plunged a knife in my back.

Of course there are other exceptions to the above rule. The Ruben Brosbes, the Evan Stones, E4E's etc... all fall under that rule as far as I am concerned. They, in their own way are all trying to separate us from our direct deposit and deserve no quarter.

But what is sad is when a teacher that is supposedly on your own side, part of the team take the time and effort to throw you under the bus. Particularly, when this teacher has never met you.

The Princess of the Rocky Mountains is such a teacher. All prim and proper, akin Dana Carvey's Church Lady the The Princess of the Rocky Mountains has several, or many problems and issues, all somehow emanating, in my opinion from control and anger.

Now, I am not saying my hands are clean. I did make an off-color joke on Twitter once, and The Princess of the Rocky Mountains got her knickers all in a snit, and even after profusely apologizing backed out on her word. OK.

But a few weeks later, we did kiss and make up, and the The Princess of the Rocky Mountains decided that she needed more control, that she was the purveyor of decency on Twitter and decided that she would comment on a inside joke I made to someone other that The Princess of the Rocky Mountains.

Well, we went back and forth. Forth and back. I made the mistake of reaching out to a mutual friend, this person being from where they brew Genesee Beer and other fine Genesee alcoholic beverages. This person at one time seemed to have no problem calling me every day, several times a day (including emails), to report issues in a school district in the land of Genesee beer.  It seemed to me that The Princess of the Rocky Mountains had some type of mental condition. I asked in a rather innocently way. There were no known mental problems.

Well, this got the The Princess of the Rocky Mountains in a bigger knicker snit than ever. Boy, did she have a cow man! She accused me of continuing the tweeting even when she was the aggressor, she even asked why I would contact the person from Genesee beer country. But one thing has always bothered me. Why did the The Princess of the Rocky Mountains tweet me to begin with, in a conversation that did not even mention her nor had anything to do with her? Worse, not only did she have nothing better to do than to tweet her piety, but the tweet she was referencing was two days, 48 hours, old!!!!!

But as far as I was concerned it was over. That is until I found out something interesting several weeks ago. It seems that The Princess of the Rocky Mountains couldn't let sleeping dogs lie. The Princess of the Rocky Mountains needed for some perverse reason to bad mouth me, my blog to all on a certain committee that was organizing a big, big teachers event in some capital of a country.

We here at SBSB find it ironic that the The Princess of the Rocky Mountains would contradict her own edict about manners....
I am not sure why you believe it is acceptable to belittle and demean other people. 
But I am sure that the The Princess of the Rocky Mountains has no such issues doing it to others. Which brings me to my other point. What is this obsession that The Princess of the Rocky Mountains has with moi, and my tweets? I am quite flattered, but if I were to be with another woman other than my wife, I would want someone less manly.

According to sources close with a big, big teachers event in some capital of a country, The Princess of the Rocky Mountains did what she could to bogart the committee of a big, big teachers event in some capital of a country. That her prissy and controlling attitude was anathema to those and some felt her dangerous. In fact, Fletcher Christian ain't got nothing on The Princess of the Rocky Mountains.

But this is what one would expect from a prissy, control freak, angry Princess of the Rocky Mountains. The Princess of the Rocky Mountains leads a live of entitlement, what else can you expect from someone who was Main Lined?

What else makes you think why the The Princess of the Rocky Mountains is no longer in education, and has saw the dreams of becoming a principal squashed.

Is The Princess of the Rocky Mountains someone we want in our foxhole fighting against the deformers? At what point will the The Princess of the Rocky Mountains decide unilaterally that someone is expendable and throw that person under the bus?

The Princess of the Rocky Mountains is in it only for The Princess of the Rocky Mountains. The Princess of the Rocky Mountains has no substance, no real beliefs, no reality other than what The Princess of the Rocky Mountains creates.