SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Racist Principal Frank Borzellieri Should Have Worked For The NYC DOE

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Racist Principal Frank Borzellieri Should Have Worked For The NYC DOE

Last week, the Daily News reported that Frank Borzellieri, principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel elementary school in the Bronx espoused some rather racist views. That was July 30, only 5 days ago. Yesterday, August 2, the Daily news reported that Borzellieri was terminated as principal. We here at SBSB, though we still support Borzellieri's right to due process, are pleased at the swift end to Borzellieri's tenure as principal and applaud Rev. Eric Rapaglia and the Archdiocese of New York for doing the right thing even though Rev. Rapaglia was warned about Borzellieri two years ago.

But being a racist principal was not Borzellieri's biggest mistake. His biggest mistake was not being employed as a principal by the NYC DOE.

Wait just a minute you ask. Isn't being a racist principal bad enough? Yes, but he was a racist principal for the Archdiocese of New York but once, Borzellieri appeared on the front page of the Daily News, he was going to be toast.

Now, if he worked for the DOE, what would have happened? Of course the investigative body, OSI, or SCI, would have dragged its feet for months if not years. All during this time Borzellieri would have still been spewing is racist views on the world.

But, let's make believe for a minute that SCI, or OSI did its job, and even let's make believe that the Daily News, or even the New York Post were to put Borzellieri on their front page (yes, I know its a stretch) as a racist principal in the NYC DOE. What would happen?

Probably the same that happened to serial masturbator and former LIS DR Mychael Willon. To be fair, DR Mychael Willon not only had issues pleasuring himself, but falsified documents that he received a PhD.

What became of DR Mychael Willon? It seems that in reward for his service as a LIS, once word leaked out (pardon the pun) of his indiscretions, he was moved into a job at Tweed.

So, what would have become of Frank Borzellieri? Yeah, he would have probably been removed as a principal, but he would have had a soft landing. A nice cushy job as a network leader, or in charge of something at a Children's First network, or a plumb job at Tweed. Good thing he isn't a racist teacher. Then he would have been in big trouble.

So good bye and good riddance to a racist, and probably anti-Semitic dirtbag. Don't let the door hit you on the butt as you slink away. But let's all keep in mind what is now transpiring at A. Philip Randolph High School. What will happen to Principal Henry Rubio??

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YooHoo Mrs. Goldberg said...

SoBro, you are so right about Borzellieri. He used to sit on the Queens District 24 school board, along with a priest and a nun or two. This district and a principal whose name escapes me at the moment drummed several Jewish teachers out of IS 61, and a few years later attacked and made an issue out of the "rainbow curriculum". Borzellieri was at the forefront of that controversy. I remember his name only too well, like a curse. He was all over the Queens news reports with his hatred and his homophobia. He is a bottom-feeding POS and the education world is infinitely better off without him