Sunday, April 29, 2012

Once Upon a Time The UFT Manipulated a School Based Organization Vote

Yesterday, I touched on a flyer that will be distributed on May 1 in teacher's mailboxes throughout the city touting the "accomplishments" of UFT El Presidente and Unity Politburo Chief Michael Mulgrew. Tonight, I shall relate a story of voting shenanigans that only Unity and The UFT could have pulled off.

Back in September of 2003 I had just arrived at PS 156 in The Bronx after working out of the District 7 office for 3 years. Sometime that fall we were having some type of SBO vote. I forgot what we were voting for, but I do recall that it was something that the principal at the time wanted, and since she wanted this and our chapter chair was in her pocket, it was to be.

The day of the vote I arrived at the school to notice an cardboard ballot box with a hole in it and a stack of ballots next to it. No big deal you say? Actually yes, it was a big deal. For this box and these ballots were on the counter in the office unattended there for the world not only to see, but for the world to vote in our private little election if it so desired.

I decided to monitor this election on my own. I came down during my prep and the box and the ballots were there, unattended still however the box was slowly being filled. I came down during my lunch and it was the same as it had been all day. Same at the end of the day. At no time throughout the day did anyone supervise the vote, nor was there anyone with a list of eligible voters.

Being that I had already seen how the clique was in true effect at PS 156 and not liking what I had seen I contacted the District 7 DL and informed her of this irregularity. I was asked if I am challenging the vote and when I answered in the affirmative was told to write a letter challenging the vote and why I was challenging it.

I did so promptly and was proud that I was taking a stand for what was right. It was not that I disputed what was voted on, but rather the way the vote was conducted. After all, we are professionals and as professionals we must set an example of honesty and transparency for our students and ourselves.

It was a couple of weeks or so before I heard back from The Bronx UFT. My petition to have the vote nullified and done again was denied. There was no finding of any irregularities and that the vote was conducted in an above board method.

I was incredulous. How can this be? Anyone, a parent, the UPS guy, the letter carrier, a cop, a student could have voted for the SBO and no one could have nor would have known. No one cared at The Bronx UFT and I should have know better. Even if no one voted that was not supposed to the perception was there that the vote was not done properly and therefore we should have voted again.

How can a union not look out for its members? How can a union when presented with such blatant disregard for a clean vote turn its back and look the other way as if nothing ever had happened?

The UFT likes to claim that it is a "union of professionals." Wrong. It is a "union for keeping those in power in power."

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Lies, The Deceit, The Chutzpah of UFT President Mike Mulgrew

Leave it to Norm over at Ednotes to get that good juicy inside information on the manipulative machinations of The UFT and The Grand Exalted Mystic Ruler, and sometime Collaborator, Michael Mulgrew and his Unity hacks.

UFT President Mulgrew Seen Here With Vichy President Philippe Pétain
A secret memo has gone out to all Unity (I believe just Unity) chapter chairs from LeRoy Barr along the lines that Mulgrew is really neat, and that Mulgrew is LeRoy's BFF, and Mulgrew and LeRoy have slumber parties in which they talk about who is the coolest and that the both gag together over Bloomberg, blah, blah, blah. Oh yeah, something in their about solidarity and stuff and that The UFT is one big happy family and we all need one another.

But along with this memo is a campaign flyer that the CL's are to put in everyone's mailboxes on May 1. Coincidentally, International Worker's Day, or May Day. Gee whilickers, what a coincidence that May 1 was chosen. But, before we deride LeRoy, El Presidente Mulgrew, and Unity with snarkiness and sarcasm, perhaps we shall together examine the flyer we all will be getting this Tuesday.

I never noticed so many accomplishments. OK, please stop laughing. I know, I fell down and withered in laughter when I first read this. But thanks to the crack team at SBSB we have run the flyer through the SXS-3000 Bullshit Detector and were able to find the real truth behind these ridiculous statements.

1. Fighting For A Fair Evaluation System

So it is fair in when only 13 percent of teachers can appeal their ineffective ratings, and this is based on harassment issues. How are the 13 percent chosen? Will some teachers be more equal than other teachers? 

How is the evaluation system fair in which we all know that not only are the tests flawed, the algorithm's that decide the Value Added Measurement wrong, but that children inherently have too many variables to successfully monitor in some skewed test, scored in some skewed manner?

2. Preserving The Rights And The Dignity Of The ATR's

OK, sure. Of course. Come on get real. Does Mulgrew read the NYC ATR Blog? How come every ATR that has shown up in my school has been over the age of 40 and inexplicably a person of color? These people are just so gosh diddly darn proud and happy to be ATR's. In fact, a female ATR that is over  40 years of age who was in the system 25 years and was a reading specialist, would you believe that her services were not needed anywhere at all? How is this explained?

3. Averting Layoffs Of Members

Yeah, yeah. Of course anyone who ever wished for a sabbatical can kiss that dream good-bye. Thank you so much Mulgrew.

4. Preserving Our Tenure Rights

Yeah, haven't screwed this one up yet. That is unless you don't count the teachers who are on the 5th year of probation now because of some flawed TDR, from a flawed testing system, which was seen by a flawed superintendent, that passed judgement on a teacher that never saw teach and never met. Thanks Mulgrew.

5. Defending Our Defined Benefit Pension Plan

Yes, thank you for giving me Tier I rights. Now what about the new Tier V's? Tier XI's? Hey Mulgrew, we did not screw up the pension system, Wall St did. There is no crisis. It was created to destroy public pensions and to destroy public employment. 

6. Protecting Our Health and Welfare Fund Benefits

Thanks Mulgrew for the mail order for maintenance medications. Now instead of dealing with the pharmacist of your choice, you get no pharmacist. Hey, it might be cheaper this way, but some people like to deal with the warmth of someone that knows them. Someone who knows their entire medication history and someone who will be there to warn of any stranger drug interactions. Have you ever thought that your members might have been open and accepted to a surcharge if they went to a REAL pharmacy? Perhaps $10? Why were we just told of this instead of getting our input? I guess life from the gilded fortified perch has left you a little lacking of the rank and file, right Mulgrew?

Mulgrew and Unity must be stopped. Not soon, not a year from now, but right now. There must be some type of revolution from the rank and file to topple, overthrow, and be rid of this person that claims he is the leader of the UFT. Mulgrew does not care about being a leader, does not care in looking out of the teachers. Mulgrew just cares about the perks of office, the perks of what he can get, when he wants it, and only if it benefits him and no one else.

Monday, April 23, 2012

BREAKING NEWS!!! First Look at the New Standardized Testing for College Students

Did ya read David Brooks' column last week in The New York Times? In the immortal words of Carl Spackler, I had to laugh. It just shows how out of touch the people who think they are on the cutting edge of this so called "reform movement" really are. Guess what got me the biggest laugh? Yep you are right.

Brooks, showing is just how smart he thinks he is side suggested,
"One part of the solution is found in three little words: value-added assessments. Colleges have to test more to find out how they’re doing."
Not only is this impractical, (think of how many tests for each class, discipline must be created. Oh, wait, that will bring in boffo bucks to Prentice), but college is the one place where true synthesizing of independent thought is encouraged.

But perhaps I am being too harsh in mocking Mr Brooks. Maybe he is on to something here. He went so far as providing a solution to his suggestion.
 then-Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, recommended a serious accountability regime. Specifically, the commission recommended using a standardized test called the Collegiate Learning Assessment.
But as my 10 1/2 year old son always says, "Dad, the devil is in the details," I decided to give another assignment to the Crack Team here at SBSB to track down this so called "Collegiate Learning Assessment," and report back post haste with not only a report, but a copy of it so I can share with the loyal readers of this blog.

I want to personally thank the Crack Team for pulling this assignment off. In particular, a big shout out is directed at Crack Team member Hank for the new low in deviancy that he perpetrated in obtaining the copy of the CLA. Thank you Hank!

As you will see below, the questions truly do assess the college student in a proper format. Here are just some of those questions.

1. You wish to buy a 1/2 ounce for $250 of high quality reefer from the dorm stoner. There are very few stems and seeds in the weed. However, the local dealer in town is selling an ounce of weed for $250. He claims it is California Sensemilia, but you are not sure, and you see too many seeds and stems. Do you?

A. Buy from the dorm stoner.
B. Buy from the local town dealer.
C. Buy from both, smoke a little, combine and sell for a profit.
D. Buy from the dorm stoner because you think the local dealer is SUNY Public Safety undercover.

2. You plan on having a Blue Whale party in your dorm room. What are the ingredients that are needed for a proper Blue Whale?

A. Vodka and Labatt's Blue
B. Vodka and Blue Mountain Dew
C. Vodka and Blue Curacao
D. Vodka and Blueberry Schnapps

3. You wish to smoke some recently purchased marijuana. Unfortunately, you have no rolling paper, bong, or a pipe. It is too late and too cold to go out to buy either so you must find something amongst your dorm room. The only possibilities are Coke can, a cucumber, a day old egg roll, and a piece of tin foil. Describe in your own words how you will use make and use each item listed above into a marijuana delivery system.

4. You were out all night partying and drinking until closing time. You realized just before last call that you had a 9 AM class. You don't crash until 4 30 AM and awake at 8 30 AM. Do you...

A. Sleep in.
B. Roll out of bed, put some cool sunglasses on and hope people notice you.
C. Drink some more and then head to class
D. Go to class, sit in the back and fall asleep.

5. You have just spent the early evening with your lady friend. You soon realize that you are bored of this situation and do not wish to spend the night. You need to exit graciously. Do you...?

A. Wait until she is asleep, leave and never call her again.
B. Text a friend covertly asking him to call. You scream into the phone that your roommate has been beaten up and that you must get back to help him out.
C. Have a true heart to heart talk with her.
D. Offer her a blue whale.

6. The Resident Director and his evil henchman, the Resident Assistant come into your dorm room and see that there are 20 people and 200 empty cans of Stroh's strewn about. You....

A. Tell the RD that you are collecting cans.
B. That you are collecting the cans to recycle.
C. You have no idea how they got there.
D. Blame someone else.

7. The New York State Troopers come on to your dorm floor to investigate a stolen Christmas tree. Unfortunately, there are many opened bottles of alcohol being drunk openly by underage drinkers. What do you do?

A. Hide the alcohol.
B. Call  trooper a name in the hope of a diversion.
C. Hide the dorm mate and the alcohol.
D. Deny, deny, deny.

This is just a sample of what the College Learning Assessment will be. We here at SBSB feel that ex Secretary Margaret Spellings and her client The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Godspeed in implementing this college assessment.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Son's Scores Are Available Already From The 2012 New York State ELA!

Whew! First day of the NYS ELA test is over! Only 180 minutes to go. Luckily, some good news came my way. Not as a teacher, but as a parent.

Somehow my 5th grade son's exam was scored. Just today's part, and the scores came into me from a phone call from his teacher. I am very excited at how well he did, and proud as all heck. My chest is bursting with pride.

But the scoring method used was different than the traditional scoring method that we all know and loathe. This method was a true indication of how well he did on the tests. The score was not for the entire test taken, but rather the scores were broken down by specificity of parts of the test. Being the proud father that I am, I took him to a celebratory dinner to IHOP, where kids eat free and I had one of the 7 for 7 meals. But I wish to brag and share how well my son did.

Bubble In The Answer: 3 Wow, I was so proud of him. Yes, I wish he had gotten a 4, but I am just as happy that he had gotten a 3. Some of the "bubbling in" was outside the circles. I believe that is the reason he got the 3, but now I know that he understand this test taking skill. I am now confident that when he plays Lotto or Mega Millions he will be able to "bubble in" those numbers with pride.

Re-reading: 4 Excellent. He now knows to go back and reread when he is not sure of what he has read. I had this skill honed down pretty well. It assisted me in October 1986 when under the influence of Mary Jane I kept on rereading the Penthouse interview with Dr Henry Kissinger. I am sure this skill will stay with him at least until college when it is most appropriate.

Underling: 4 Yes, nothing says straight line rather like underling pertinent facts in a passage. His lines were amongst the straightest in the whole class.

Eliminating Straw Answers in Multiple Choice: 4 I am so proud that he knew how to eliminate those answers in a multiple choice test that are just to insane and inane to be correct. This skill will certainly help him eliminate the rambling musings of politicians when he is older and be able to weed out their bullshit.

Ability to Sit Still: 3 Yeah, he could have done better in this category, but what would one expect from a 10 1/2 year old on a sunny spring day? But with this ability to sit for so long at something as wasteful and dull as this exam I can now feel confident to take him to see Chariots of Fire for the first time ever.

Daydreaming: 4 Yes, daydreaming was scored for the first time ever on the 2012 NYS ELA exams. He was caught looking out the windows many a time today and having a look of want on his face as he daydreamed of of getting an education in which true learning took place and a true assessment of his knowledge was available. Alas, it was all for naught and he had to come back to reality and the stupid, imbecilic test. Perhaps next year will be better.

I am proud today that my son did so well on his test taking skills. I mean he should have, he;s been practicing it since the September 9.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Right Now In New York State

Right now as I am typing this it is Monday, April 16, 2012 at approximately 9:24 PM. My 5th grade son is watching the Yankees and the Twins as his normal 10 PM bedtime approaches. He had a long day today. School, then a baseball game tonight. We are treating things as normal this evening, as well as the upcoming evenings, even though this coming week will not be normal for thousands of students across New York State as they prepare for the "new and improved" New York State ELA exams.

Right now there is a child in New York State in bed not being able to sleep because she is terrified of the upcoming 270 minutes of testing this week.

Right now somewhere in the United States executives from a testing company are popping the corks on the champagne as they celebrate the profits from the tests they have sold.

Right now a child in New York State has heard constantly from his parents that if he fails the test he will be held over.

Right now very rich people in New York State are celebrating that their children in private schools are not subject to the New York State standardized testing.

Right now in New York State a teacher is looking over all the bills that her family owes and is concerned that these tests might lead her to be terminated in two years.

Right now in New York State a child is attempting to get a good night sleep he hears daddy beating up mommy again.

Right now in New York State a governor is being lauded by his rich benefactors as being their stooge.

Right now in New York State that same teacher in with the bills is contemplating something unethical to save her job.

Right now in New York State a principal has a plan in effect to change the answers on the tests in his school to keep his job and prestige.

Right now in New York State Harold McGraw III has no shame.

Right now in New York State a child is home alone watching WWE as he prepares for the exam.

Right now in New York State a well known hedge fund manager is walking out of the rest room at the Walkill rest area on the southbound Thruway.

Right now in New York State a 5th grade child does not now that Albany is the capital of New York because she spent so much time being test prepped this year.

Right now in New York State Uncle Mike and Sock Puppet Dennis Walcott feel no shame.

Right now in New York State millions of kids have not learned anything this year for they have been in test prep since September.

Right now in New York State we need the parents to fight back, to come together, to have their voices heard that they will not accept this type of education anymore for their children.

Not sometime soon, not later on, not tomorrow, but RIGHT NOW!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The New Students First Drinking Game

Sheila Kaplan, @EducationNY, had tweeted earlier this evening, that Micah Lasher, new Lord and Overseer of StudentsFirstNY had been interviewed on Inside City Hall tonight. I tweeted back that it was probably softball questions being tossed at him by Errol Louis and not worth watching. She had informed me that Louis was tough on him and I had just gotten done watching the video. Yes, Louis was tough on him, but Lasher just spewed forth the party line if cliches and whatnot and it got me to thinking.

Remember The Bob Newhart Show? The one in which is was a psychologist. Anyway, there used to be a drinking game associated with the show. Every time that someone on the show said "Hi, Bob," you were to take a shot (I preferred Jack Daniels) of whatever alcohol was available. At the end of the show everyone would be quite zoinked from all the shots consumed in the half hour. I once counted the amount of times "Hi, Bob" was said on a show. It came to about 45 mentions.

So why do I bring this up? In watching the 6:33 interview, Lasher used the term "Students First" or some other type of derivative 6 times, and this is not even counting the amount of mentions by Errol Louis.

But is is not only Lasher who wears out this phrase to know end. It is all the deformers. "Students first, students first, students first, blah, blah, yadda, yadda yadda...." The more it is said by these people the less and less meaning it has. Not that it ever had any meaning to these types in the past. It's an empty, hollow phrase that means nothing. Like a dorm director once shared with me after getting nailed for the umpteenth time getting nailed with a keg in my room, "Your sorrys mean nothing.

So how do we deal with these deformers and their overuse of "students first?" Simple. I propose a new drinking game. Every time you see a deformer on TV, get some friends, some shot glasses, and your favorite distilled spirits and sit around and have a shot every time you hear "students first."

Watching the deformers will become so much more tolerable.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Hypocrisy of Sock Puppet Dennis Walcott and the Daily News

The Daily News with seemingly nothing better to do, has taken a course over the last several days to do Uncle Mike's bidding and besmirch teachers who have been accused of inappropriate contact with students. The News whines that these teachers, when afforded their rights under the United States Constitution were either found not guilty, had statements and evidence thrown out, or given penalties other than being terminated by a impartial arbitrator.

Which brings me to the defense of my pal, Chaz the Blogger, henceforth known as Eric Chasanoff. Eric, has been raked over the coals by the Daily News. Not only for coming out as he has on his blog, but for The Daily News misrepresenting the truth. Thankfully, The New York Times at least gave Eric the chance to share his side of of the truth, and Eric gave his side as well.

Which brings me to wonder. Why would The Daily News editorialize this past Friday that "Pervy Teachers Must get the boot, whilst pervy administrators, or administrators that beat up children don't get the boot? Sock Puppet Walcott gave this information, not just regarding Eric, but 15 other teachers. The editorial says; 
"Chancellor Dennis Walcott had identified the 16 as having been worthy of dismissal when he reviewed disciplinary cases in the wake of the arrests of several school staff members"
The sock puppet decided to share this on his own, on did it come from someone much higher, like a deity in the form of Uncle Mike?

One can only read about Bronxdale High School's principal John Chase Jr and the proclivities he wishes upon his penis. Or even Dr Mychael Willon, formerly a LIS/Network Leader and had a plum position at Tweed recruiting principals. Did not the NYC DOE due its due diligence and was either aware or unaware of Dr Willon being caught masturbating or some other deviant sex act in a Wichita KS adult bookstore in 1990. Or did the NYC DOE ever investigate the diploma mill in which "Dr" Willon received his Phd, in which several other school districts saw through the charade and did not hire him? But, and this is a big but, perhaps the NYC DOE did come to its senses and decided to gently allow Willon to leave and land on his feet at Alternative Unlimited, a student tutoring and educational company, as chief academic officer in Houston TX?

Oh but there is more. As I mentioned when I "came out," we had an assistant principal at my school, affectionately known in these pages as "Numb Nuts," that had a hankering for beating the shit out of children. Numb Nuts is better known as Derrick Townsend. Derrick has landed nicely on his feet at Community for Special Education 2 in The Bronx.

What did Derrick Towsend do? Well we need to go back to January 2007 in which I notified by immediate superior at the time, principal Cynthia Ballard of Townsend's misdeeds. Read on;
On Monday, January 22nd, 2007 during the extended day program, I heard a commotion outside my office, Room 219, in the hallway. I stepped to the doorway of my office and saw that XXXXX was struggling with Mr Townsend. Mr Townsend appeared to be attempting to get XXXXX inside his office. Mr Townsend then took XXXXX’s right arm, and pulled it behind and up XXXXXX’s back as he was doing this; he slammed XXXXX into his closed office door with XXXXX’s face and chest bearing the brunt of the impact.

On Thursday, January 25, 2007 at approximately 12:20 PM the 3rd grade was in the auditorium to watch a movie before they ate lunch. XXXXXX had come down with his class, and was not cooperating. XXXXXX had decided to sit in the 2nd or 3rd row of the far right (if facing the stage) set of seats. I was standing at the back of the auditorium, and saw Mr Townsend approach XXXXXX. I do not know what was said at first, but Mr Townsend was soon getting very animated. Mr Townsend then grabbed XXXXXX by his upper left arm, and pulled him out of his seat violently. He dragged XXXXXX up the aisle to the last row of seats, and threw XXXXXX into the aisle seat.

   On Tuesday, January 30, 2007, at apprixomately 12:20 the 3rd grade was in the aditorium to watch a movie before they ate lunch. XXXXXXX was talking to XXXXXX in the last row
   Of seats on the right side of the auditorium. Mr Townsend asked XXXXXX several times come sit with his class. XXXXXX refused, and Mr Townsend walked up to the last row. Mr Townsend walked down the row, grabbed XXXXXX, by his upper arm, yanked him up, and dragged XXXXX into the aisle.
WOW! So did anything happen? Before you answer, think for a moment. What would have happened if pretend Townsend was a a teacher not an AP. Yep, you are right. This was reported to OSI. OSI kicked it back to the principal, the same principal that had just hired him one month earlier, to lead the investigation. The investigation was unfounded. Why? Because in Cynthia Ballard's reports to OSI she blamed the students. Described them as troublemakers and discredited them. There was no recourse.

Flash forward to February 13, 2009. Townsend in a fit of pique because a 3rd grade girl would not follow his directions after sharing with Townsend that she was touched inappropriately by a boy, yanks her out of her seat by the arm, drags her through the classroom, down the hall, all in front of 50 students and at least several adults and leaves bruises on her arm. 

To make a long story short, he is finally removed and sent to the Rubber Room and languished there until the Rubber Rooms are closed. At no time, and this is to the best of my knowledge, were any witnesses called to testify at his hearing. I believe that the case was settled and he went his way.

The funny thing is Townsend had about 6 open corporal punishment allegations against him that year. One for dragging a 3rd grade boy a good fifty yards from the playground into the school whilst tearing the boys shirt in the meantime, dragging a 1st grader down the hall, punishing another boy who misbehaved at lunch by having the boy clean the cafeteria.

Where is the outrage from Uncle Mike and Sock Puppet Dennis Walcott? Where is the outrage from The Daily News? It is time to stop the hypocrisy! It is time to stop the open season on teachers! As long as hypocrisy shines at the NYC DOE I, and others, will be there to expose and fight against the hypocrites.

Oh, and the above three administrators I had mentioned, I would never allow any of them within 100 miles of my son. Not only would I have no problem having Eric Chasanoff as my son's teacher, but I can only hope and pray that once my son enters high school he would have a science teachers as knowledgeable and caring as Eric. Eric is a mensch.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Michelle Rhee Comes To New York Uninvited

Did you hear that? You hear nothing correct? Don't be too sure, for that is the sound of the groundswell of support inviting Michelle Rhee and her minions with Students First as they bogart their way here into NY.

It is true, sad, but it is true. In today's New York Times, MichelleRheeFirst, that grassroots organization heard the imagined pleas of parents all through this great city and state of ours and like Mighty Mouse came to save the day. Funny, I am a parent and I do not recall asking for the Rhee Signal to be turned on.

But seriously, according to the NY Times, The group, called MichelleRheeFirstNY, is an arm of a national advocacy organization that Ms. Rhee founded in 2010. Like the national group, the state branch will promote the expansion of charter schools and the firing of ineffective schoolteachers, while opposing tenure. 

So I guess advocating for proper class size is not a concern to MRFNY? Ok, if not that then advocating that each student has textbooks, access to supplies is a priority. Nope, didn't see that anywhere. OK, I know. MRFNY does not feel that it is important that each child have access to art, music, science, social studies, etc...?

Why advocate for charter schools? Why not be at the forefront of getting not just money, but resources into the traditional public school? Don't the student in traditional public schools come first as well? I guess not in Michelle Rhee's America.

Another question, why does MRFNY have as one of its goals to fire ineffective teachers. Shouldn't it's primary goal to be to support, nurture, and have the proper resources for teachers? I am curious as to why MRFNY won't take this stand. 

Oh this explains a lot; Led by Micah Lasher, who is leaving his job next week as the director of state legislative affairs for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, the campaign is beginning while advocates of reform have an ally in the mayor.

So that is the grassroots movement. Uncle Mike is the grassroots. And his lackey, Micah Lasher, is running it all for him. What is Lasher's qualifications to advocate anything about education?

But what is truly driving this? Why is it that MRFNY wants form a beachhead so badly here in NY? Surely, with Uncle Mike looking after the interests of the students of NYC we have all we can handle. I wonder (as I scratch my chin, mmmm). Wait I got it! MRFNY had their, as well as Uncle Mike, Auntie Em moment; But their eyes are focused on 2014, when a new mayor — most likely one who is more sympathetic to the teachers’ union than Mr. Bloomberg has been — enters office.

And who else is in on this? The usual cavalcade of stooges, sycophants, lackies, senile old Jewish former mayors, charter school operators who kick kids out and the usual, and as always anonymous hedgefund manager billionaires who think it is hip to help and keep down the boys and girls of color; On the board are some of the most well-known and polarizing figures in public education, including Ms. Rhee; Mr. Klein, now a News Corporation executive; and Eva S. Moskowitz, the former councilwoman who now runs a chain of charter schools. Also on the board are former Mayor Edward I. Koch; Geoffrey Canada, the founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone organization, a network of charter schools; and a number of venture capitalists and hedge fund managers, who have served as the movement’s financial backers. It's a veritable rouge's gallery!

The Times goes on;  The new group is not supporting a particular candidate, nor will it necessarily endorse one, Mr. Lasher said.

Yeah, I say the first one to fold is Christine Quinn like a suit from Moe Ginsburg's. We, the good people, need to do all we can to keep John Liu, Scott Stringer, and Bill de Bliaso from falling into the evil clutches of Michelle Rhee. You know, come to think of it, wouldn't Michelle Rhee have made a great super-criminal on Batman. That does it! We must have Liu and de Blasio watch video of how Batman kept the wily ways of Catwoman away. Run, Forest, run!!!!

Establishing where the next mayor stands on education is crucial for advocates, because a number of unresolved issues will fall to Mr. Bloomberg’s successor.

Obviously, the next mayor must be dealt with properly. Any sign of independent thought must be squashed.

In 2015, mayoral control of schools will come up for renewal in Albany....

Of course, this is all what it is about. Well, one of the things.  But, in 2015 this failure of an experiment must have done what happens to horses. Put it out of our misery.

...reviving questions about checks and balances and parents’ ability to influence school policy. 

Checks and balances? Now there is an idea that we have not heard for some time. Gosh, I harken back to Mr Galanka's 8th grade social studies class in which we learned what a wonderful and necessary thing checks and balances are. Parent involvement? I heard about that, was there really such a thing? 

But the most vile portion of this article came from Harlem Children's Zone leader Geoffrey Canada; "Folks are genuinely looking for opportunities to make peace and not war, and I think that’s terrific. But someone has to make war.” 

Yes Geoffrey, someone does, and someone needs to be there to counter the invaders, to push back the invaders, to expose the invaders for what they truly are.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yes, today being the first day of April that can only mean that testing season is just around the corner. The crack team has been hard at work through intermediaries to get a preview of the upcoming standardized tests for grades 3-8 and just several hours ago all Math and ELA tests have fallen in the crack team's laps. We here at SBSB feel that we have a fiduciary responsibility to not only breach test security, but to share some of the more interesting problems on both tests. However, we do have journalistic integrity as well as a strong sense of ethics and while the problems will be published we feel, and at the advice of counsel, that the answers will not be published.

Diane Ravitch wrote a great piece in today's Daily News about the words that will not be allowed in the state exams. We here at SBSB found out the reason why. The tests will be Michael Bloomberg centric. There won't be enough room for the words being banned. The test, as is everything, is about Michael Bloomberg.

So sit back and enjoy, and do share with that special student in your life, a brief preview of the upcoming 2012 Math and ELA New York State Exams.

8th Grade Math; Probability.

Principal Jones at PS 897 has exposed his private parts to his staff during staff meetings. He in the past has also shared how he would like to have relations with a fish and has shown fish porn to several female staffers. Principal Jones has also appeared naked on his Facebook page and has been caught once in the office in an intimate act with a donut on more than one occasion. Many staffers have reported him to SCI, OSI, 311, and the media. All charges have been confirmed by SCI. Michael Bloomberg will hold a press conference and insist that he:

A. Immediate termination
B. Be removed as principal and promoted with requisite pay raise.
C. Findings passed along to the local district attorney's office.
D. Be shamed by New York Post and all News Corporation holdings.

Grade 4 ELA

In the passage, "Michael Bloomberg, America's New God," several important facts about Michael Bloomberg were shared. Please, in your own words create a graphic organizer and several strands how you praise Michael Bloomberg and why. Please be sure to use correct grammar, punctuation, and most importantly, when referring to Michael Bloomberg with the pronoun "he" be sure to use an uppercase H.

Grade 8 Math.

Please explain in your own words how Michael Bloomberg uses quantum physics to change reality to how he sees it.

Grade 3 Math

Cathie Black, the former NYC DOE chancellor enjoyed a good gin and tonic. She likes to have 3 gin and tonics an hour. If Cathie Black started drinking gin and tonics at 8 PM the night Michael Bloomberg offered her the chancellor's job, and was on her 8th one when she was asked that question, at what time approximately was she asked to be chancellor?

A. 8:15 PM
B. 10:40 PM
C. Midnight
D: None of the above

8th grade ELA

God is to Jesus as Michael Bloomberg is to_________________
Moses is to the Jews as Michael Bloomberg is to____________
Reality is to Michael Bloomberg as Reality is to ______________

5th grade Math

Using the following proven formula for using value added measurements; 3√∗∛45≤45∂∏-456+46.90∠90±√234=
Use this formula to come up with a proper VAM of Michael Bloomberg's role as the education mayor. No need to worry. Just make shit up. They did with teachers.

8th grade ELA

In the listening passage, "Mike ❤'s Eva" what was Eva's big mistake?

A. Eva didn't get enough money from Mike
B. Eva only wanted to co-locate in 25 schools in the upcoming school year
C. Eva agreed to a 5% vig off the top to Michael Bloomberg in all Title I monies
D. Both Michael Bloomberg and Eva came to the conclusion that there are more ways to screw the parents and children of NYC.

That's all for now. Remember, no teaching or learning between now and the end of April. Everything is for the test.