Saturday, January 26, 2019

It's Time for the MORE Caucus to Go Away

I have been a delegate to the UFT Delegate Assembly since October. To tell you the truth, it's pretty boring. One good thing is getting to go to Zabar's once a month. I park my car on West End Ave and take the train down from 79th St.

So during the resolution part of this past DA, the MORE Caucus, yet again, shows how completely out of touch they are with reality and the rank and file.

There was the typical stuff, all good mind you, supporting LA teachers, museum workers, and of course the federal workers. But then Dermott Myrie of the MORE Caucus had to open his mouth with his reso for, yep you guessed it, support of Black Lives Matter.

From Arthur's blog...
"UFT should support as part of action for cultural institutions. We should implement restorative justice, have ethnic studies. Week of action February 4-8. We have to rebuild union from bottom up. Resolved UFT will make demands on DOE to undo systemic racism"
OK. There are problems in the NYCDOE. There are problems across this country with people of color being targeted by the police. I support what BLM is trying to do. I do have a problem with BLM concerning it's stance towards Israel. But someone must speak out against how people of color are continually harassed by law enforcement and yes, BLM does give a voice to those who need it most.

BUT, the UFT Delegate Assembly is not the place for it.

Again, the MORE Caucus, as it is presently configured, must be there first and foremost for the rank and file of the UFT. This is no gray area. This is an absolute. Yet, the MORE Caucus repeatedly doesn't get it, or worse, doesn't give a shit. I tend to lean towards the latter.

Time and time again the MORE Caucus, particularly the de facto leaders of the MORE Caucus (Dermott Myrie is one), seem to just seek the approval and acceptance of the International Socialist Organization. Don't think for a moment that the ISO is not the puppet master when it comes the MORE Caucus. Orders are given, acquiescence is shown.

Is the MORE Caucus running a full slate? Doubtful. Yes, there are officers running but two are of these are fully controlled and aligned with the ISO, most are no names, and then you have Oswald Cobblepot. One officer though, does have their shit together.

Exec boards? Who? Last The Crack Team has heard the MORE Caucus is just planning to seek seats on the at-large exec board. That's a lot of seats to fill for a caucus that is shrinking faster than George Costanza after he left the cold pool.

Though, the MORE Caucus does have a selling point. Desperate for people to run on their ticket it has been reported back to the The Crack Team that the main selling point the MORE Caucus uses on people sitting on the fence is basically, "The troublemakers are no longer part of the MORE Caucus."

I guess the MORE Caucus considers anyone who speaks their mind, doesn't toe the official party line, and speak out against ex post facto "executions of character" a trouble maker. As one of those trouble makers who stood up against those who characters were being assassinated and for speaking out against rules made up on the fly I am proud.

A pee wee football team as a better chance of beating the Patriots in next week's Super Bowl than does the MORE Caucus have in beating Unity in the upcoming UFT election.

It is time for those who are running the MORE Caucus and those who are culpable in it's desecration to slither away and not be heard from again. It's time for the grown ups to clean up the mess.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Unity Picks Three Good People to Run in Election

As was previously speculated  on these pages, and confirmed all within the last week (here, here, here,and here) Arthur Goldstein and Mike Schirtzer are running with the Unity slate for HS executive board. But that's not all. There's more exciting news!

The intrepid Crack Team has also found out that Mindy Rosier is also running on the Unity slate for the elementary executive board. What you may ask does all three have in common? Yes, they were all members of what remains of the MORE Caucus, with Arthur and Mike currently on the exec board as part of the MORE/New Action Slate.

Know what this reminds me of?  Way back in the 70's when Charlie Finley, the owner of the Oakland A's, was too cheap and stupid to keep Reggie Jackson, Joe Rudi, and Gene Tenance and thought that replacing them with Mitchell Paige, Wayne Gross, and Jim Tyrone would suffice.

I have no qualms nor apprehensions about the kind of job or impact that Arthur, Mike, and Mindy can and will do. Ethically they are above reproach. Do not think for one minute they are selling out. All three have said (And I know this to be true) that they will retain their independence. I am grateful that Arthur will still be there to record and share what happens during each executive board meeting, that Mike will hold Unity's feet to the proverbial fire, and that Mindy will work her ass off like no one for the rank and file morning, noon, and night.

I was planning on boycotting this year's UFT elections. I am unable to vote for Arthur and Mike, but able to for Mindy. Mindy has my vote. And seeing who New Action runs, thus far Mindy has my only vote.

The Crack Team and myself wholeheartedly endorse Arthur, Mike, and Mindy.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Hard and Brutal F**king of a Teacher

The DOE is still at it.

Whimsically destroying lives and careers.

It doesn't matter if you are about to become a parent for the first time ever. "Fuck that shit!," the DOE thinks. You are about to experience the birth of a person you have partaken in giving life to. So what if you have to worry how you are going  to take care of that baby.

You are the sole person with the health coverage, and a child is being born? Again the DOE says "Fuck that shit!," as you ponder if you and the baby will be covered for the birth and for the pediatrician visits in the future.

You gave up your career, rolled up your sleeves and not only earned a bachelor's degree but a masters as well. What do we hear from the DOE? "Fuck that shit!"

Walked into some "Kafkaseque" that in all your time of student teaching you couldn't even imagine? Well to the DOE that is "tough shit!"

As the wheels of the bus trample over you once, twice, three times and more? That DOE driver behind the wheel of the bus says, "Deal with the fucking tire tracks."

That new car you wanted? Yeah, it was supposed to be an SUV, but you went for practicality and that suburban look as you recently dropped bucks on a minivan. "Fuck you," will say  the DOE buyer when you sell it at a loss.

The white house with the white picket fence that is a dead ringer for the house that Wally and Beaver lived in that you planned on?  "Ain't going to fucking happen," says the DOE realtor.

"Hey, where is my mentor?" you ask. "Mentor? You don't need no fucking mentors," the DOE blabbers. "We're the DOE and we own your ass. We have the power to ruin your life at the snap of a finger."

This is where you have to tell them to fuck themselves and plant your feet firmly in the ground. It seems dark. It seems hopeless. But stay strong.

Remember, "fuck them!"