SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Hard and Brutal F**king of a Teacher

Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Hard and Brutal F**king of a Teacher

The DOE is still at it.

Whimsically destroying lives and careers.

It doesn't matter if you are about to become a parent for the first time ever. "Fuck that shit!," the DOE thinks. You are about to experience the birth of a person you have partaken in giving life to. So what if you have to worry how you are going  to take care of that baby.

You are the sole person with the health coverage, and a child is being born? Again the DOE says "Fuck that shit!," as you ponder if you and the baby will be covered for the birth and for the pediatrician visits in the future.

You gave up your career, rolled up your sleeves and not only earned a bachelor's degree but a masters as well. What do we hear from the DOE? "Fuck that shit!"

Walked into some "Kafkaseque" that in all your time of student teaching you couldn't even imagine? Well to the DOE that is "tough shit!"

As the wheels of the bus trample over you once, twice, three times and more? That DOE driver behind the wheel of the bus says, "Deal with the fucking tire tracks."

That new car you wanted? Yeah, it was supposed to be an SUV, but you went for practicality and that suburban look as you recently dropped bucks on a minivan. "Fuck you," will say  the DOE buyer when you sell it at a loss.

The white house with the white picket fence that is a dead ringer for the house that Wally and Beaver lived in that you planned on?  "Ain't going to fucking happen," says the DOE realtor.

"Hey, where is my mentor?" you ask. "Mentor? You don't need no fucking mentors," the DOE blabbers. "We're the DOE and we own your ass. We have the power to ruin your life at the snap of a finger."

This is where you have to tell them to fuck themselves and plant your feet firmly in the ground. It seems dark. It seems hopeless. But stay strong.

Remember, "fuck them!"


Anonymous said...

I know of 4 actual teachers who's lives were ruined by the DOE. 3 of them were probationary teachers who were discontinued and one was a tenured teacher was placed in the rubber room/became an ATR and ended up quitting. The DOE can literally ruin the lives of teachers and it can happen to ANY OF US!!!

Unknown said...

i know ten teachers who were ruined by the doe. This needs to be exposed!

Nicole M said...

They could have ruined me if I let them. I left and found another career. Could not be happier!

Anonymous said...

Don't know whether u are referring to a particular case or not ,that might make a difference. Life is tough sometimes my friend. Is it any different in the "business world"? Sometimes you are bought off just because the company did poorly, no fault of your own.