Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Office Furniture For Students Is Job One

I am surprised not one blog, most of all Gotham Schools has yet to mention this. The fact that the Post did I find shocking. In fact I didn't know about this until I spoke to a colleague just a few minutes ago. But I do have a big s**t eating grin now. I wonder if RtTT poster boys Whitney (I-684 Rest Area) Tilson and Thomas W. Carroll will even bother mentioning it.

But it seems that the Children First mentality is alive and well still amongst the EDiots. It seems that in their whoring, er, I meant application to the feds for $$$, someone, somehow slipped that $200k will be spent on office furniture. Yes!!! Read on:
The bizarre equipment wish list was so outrageous that three of the five judges who reviewed New York's "Race to the Top" application blasted it in written comments -- focusing on 24 "executive chairs" that cost $550 each, or more than $13,000 total.
WTF is an executive chair? And why does it cost $550? The crack office supply team here at SBSB did some research and found the Boss Lumbar Support Executive Chair at for only $84.99. Plus tax and shipping. Still a great bargain. Unfortunately children don't need this.

What Mayor Bloomberg Needs

I read in astonishment yesterday on the Huffington Post about His Holiness Bloomberg wrote President Obama in his best school marm, I know better than you prose blaming Obama for lack of action on gun control. I also read with great relish Accountable Talk's reaction as well.

I am so getting sick of this smarmy little man's attitude that he is just so above it all. But we need to start to considering why he is like this. What is it in his life that is lacking, or something he needs to change this attitude of his.

It hit me last night. For some reason I started thinking about the Robin William's movie, Good Morning, Vietnam. Now before I share the discovery I know it might offend some people to read my revelation, but keeping up with the tone of my blog it fits right in. But when you think about it, it is so true.

So to paraphrase Adrian Cronauer, Mayor Bloomberg is;
in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history.
Sorry, a fact is a fact Jack. From Nome to Rome.

Mort Zuckerman, you have plans tonight?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Open Letter To Roxan Marks And PS 30 Community

The time has come PS 30 community. The invasion of the Eva Snatch(ers) is going to begin. Yes, the Eva Snatch(ers) are insidious, they don't stop. To paraphrase President Whitmore from the film Independence Day:
"I saw... its thoughts. I saw what the Eva Snatch(ers) are planning to do. The Eva Snatch(ers) are like locusts. The Eva Snatch(ers) moving from school to school... The Eva Snatch(ers) Success Academy. After the Eva Snatch(ers) consumed every school resource the Eva Snatch(ers) moves on... and PS 30 is next."
Think about it. That what the Eva Snatch(ers) do. She is a parasite, a locust, she swoops in with two thing on her mind. How to destroy a school community, and herself, and her $350k salary as the ruler of her Success Academy.

So what to do? Hate to say this, but go to the UFT rally at PS 30 on April 8. But don't rely on the UFT. You must rely on yourselves. Get on the mountaintop, and make yourself known. The more people that know, that you get involved the better. Show that you will not be pushed around. The squeaky wheel gets oiled. Start squeaking. Get an attorney and go to court if you must. You can succeed, you must. The Eva Snatch(ers)must be stopped.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whitney Tilson Is Such A Schmuck

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney. I need to start paying you! Yes! You provide me with such fantastic material I feel like a thief. I mean it is amazing how often you open your mouth, or write, without thinking. Your latest email had me rolling, and laughing so hard I had to put on the Depends for I was so worried I might have an accident.

First the dedication you show to your cause. You are on a family vacation to Hong Kong and Cambodia and yet you find that time, even though you wrote, and I quote, "We're off to Hong Kong tomorrow for spring break, so you can look forward to some relief from my nonstop emails." Your family must feel as if they must be a burden to you on the Tilson Family Vacation.

In your latest email you lamented the DOE losing in court closing 19 schools. Whitney, this is what you emailed, whilst in Cambodia, "it’s clear that the DOE didn’t cross some t’s and dot some i’s, but the judge shouldn’t have stopped the closure. Hopefully it will be quickly overturned" That's how you see it? Failure to dot the I's and cross the T's?

Whitney, 2590-h of New York Education law was violated. Plain and simple. No matter how sliced, it is still bologna. But I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Seriously, I am.

Let's play make believe. Let's pretend it is a Friday night and you are driving home southbound on Interstate 684 in Bedford. You are feeling a tad randy, and decide to pull into the local rest stop. You are looking for some anonymous companionship and walk into stall #3 in the men's room. Now, in your heart of hearts you are praying that the person in the next stall is either Doug Lemov or Thomas W Carroll, but you will settle for anyone. So you start doing the tapping and signaling, or whatever it is you do. You have things worked out and walk over to the next stall and what do you find? Trooper Friendly of the New York State Police! Trooper Friendly arrests you on the spot, but has the decency to pull your trousers up. You are taken to the nearest state police sub station, and probably released on your own recognizance.

So what do you do next Whitney? From your cell you telephone your attorney. Then you call your wife and tell her this fantastical story how you had stopped at the Red Rooster in Brewster and had 5 bowls of chilli, which gave you the poots and you had to go real bad. You were also delirious from the smelling your own flatulence and just by accident you stumbled upon Trooper Friendly. Oh, you explain your pants were down because you were in the "ready mode" to do your business. You happen to tell the same story to your attorney, but he knows better.

You go through the legal rigmarole , yada, yada, yada. But during the discovery phase your lawyer notices something. He notices that in the arrest complaint Trooper Friendly put down the incorrect time of the arrest. Seems Trooper Friendly had put in massive overtime that week because his daughter needs braces and his not as fortunate as you are. What does this mean Whitney? Trooper Friendly didn't dot is I's and cross his T's!

Your attorney pounces on this! And he should, being the good attorney he is. He shows this to the judge, he asks for dismissal and PRESTO! The case is thrown out.

Whitney, see where I am going? No you don't. You are too self absorbed. Does anyone else wish to have a crack at what my point is? My point is you are a hypocrite. The law is the law. However, you only care when it applies to you. Joel Klein, Mike Bloomberg and the rest of the dysfunction at Tweed broke the law. People fought back. And not just the UFT as you claim, but the NAACP as well. Whitney, if you were in the same shoes you would fight and fight for yourself. But you are just to wrapped up in the warpness of yourself to see what you do and are.

I have four emails you sent this week that have left me some great fodder. Tune in.

Calling Dr Bloomberg Dr Moskowitz Dr Klein

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Invasion Of The Eva Snatch(ers)

So guess what? Eva Moskowitz is coming to the Bronx. Yesiree Bob. Her Success In Her Her Mind Academy is moving into PS 30 in District 7. Don't know yet how much of the school she is bogarting, but the school open this coming September, er I forgot, Eva is special. I meant this coming August starting with grades K-1. So PS 30 will be short a couple of classes for students in those grades. I am sure some teachers will be excessed. But soon piece by piece Eva will whine and complain to Joel that she needs more space there, and it will get more and more crowded until Roxan Marks and the PS 30 community start to feel like Otis B Driftwood in his cabin.

So why PS 30? Roxan Marks received a 2007 Cahn fellowship, a 16-month program at Teachers College designed to recognize and develop outstanding principals. She is good enough for Teachers College, is she good enough for Joel? Does Eva have any training that is even one iota of Roxan Marks? PS 30 received an A last year, and in it's quality review was deemed proficient.

Maybe Eva will not have any 12 year old fifth graders like PS 30 does. Maybe Eva will weed out the undesirables as they did in Łódź, Warsaw, Kraków and Auschwitz. I don't think the keyword there is maybe, I think it will happen. What would be really cool is for Eva to come live in da 'hood. Come live in the Mott Haven houses Eva, earn some street cred. Drink Big Blue Soda, or Pineapple Fanta and have Kraft Mac and Cheese a few nights a week then you will earn respect.

So what to do? Don't know. The UFT is sponsoring a rally in front of PS 30 on April 8 at 6 PM. Go. But nothing will get changed unless the UFT grows balls by then, the politicians come out en masse, and the parents are vocal.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eva Moskowitz Blazes Saddles

News on the street that Eva Moskowitz and her ilk are invading the South Bronx. Maybe she'll move into the projects. She will be taking over an already excellently run neighborhood elementary school with strong ties in the community. Oh well, what Eva wants, Eva goes whining to Joel.

I wonder how Eva will go about bogarting this school. But the teachers won't leave. I wonder how my hero Mel Brooks write about Eva taking over the school. I'm rubbing my chin, the daydream music is playing and everything is getting wavy........

It's a Blazing Saddles motiff. Eva in the role of Lili Von Shtupp, now Eva Von Shtupp and Joel Klein as Heddy, no it's Hedley Lamarr, now Heddy, no Hedley Klein.

Eva meets Hedley Klein:

Hedley Klein: Eva, Eva, Eva Eva, legs, Eva, Eva... I cannot finds the words to truly express my joy of our association.
Eva Von Shtupp: Bullshit. What's the job?
Hedley Klein: I love it when you talk dirty.
Eva Von Shtupp: Come on, Klein, let's get down to brass tacks. What do you want me to do?
Hedley Klein: I want you to seduce and abandon the principal of PS 275 Bronx Ridge. Do you think you can do it?

The principal from PS 275 Bronx Ridge knocks on the door of Eva's office. The principal walks in. Suddenly the lights go out.

Eva Von Shtupp: Tell me, schwartzie, is it twue what they say about the way you people are gifted? (A zipper opens.) Oh, it's twue. It's twue. It's twue. It's twue...

Two hours later..........

Eva Von Shtupp: Would you care for another schnitzengruben?
The Principal: No, thank you. Fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben.
Eva Von Shtupp:Well then, uh, how about a little, uh ... (she whispers in his ear)
The Principal: Baby please. I am not from Havana. Excuse me honey. Besides, I'm late for work. I've got some heavy chores to do.
Eva Von Shtupp: Will I, will I see you later?
The Principal: Well, it all depends on how much Vitamin E I can get my hands on.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beating Off Doug Lemov

I know, I know I am beating a dead horse. But it is a Lemov horse so one last go around here. On Friday some anonymous comments were left deriding me, praising the heck out of Doug Lemov, and just being so sycophantal in tone I couldn't let them be. I should take my mothers advice. Wear clean underwear, don't argue with crazy people, and don't pay attention to Lemov's paid supporters.

But there are some things that need be cleared up. Some comments that need attention.

Sorry you disrespectful, hostile little man, not Doug, but thanks for the laugh. He wouldn't bother giving someone like you the time of day I'm sure. He's too busy running schools and training teachers.

OK. Maybe not Dougie, but close enough to Dougie that Dougie that a roof is shared. Remember, IP addresses do not lie. And I doubt Dougie or Dougie sycophant you have the knowledge or ability to spoof an IP. The proof is in the pudding (click to enlarge)

So, let's look at the time stamps from above and the time stamps the comments had been left and it is a match. What else is a match. The town. So Dougie what gives?

It's like you are jealous that you didn't write the book yourself.

Honestly, I don't care. Diane Ravitch wrote a book and I am not jealous, though I have yet to read it. There are other bloggers and I am not jealous. What I think it is Dougie is you feel you have a certain Freudian physical shortcoming that you feel you must make up for. Write all the books you want. Just be original is all we ask.

The crap you are spewing is just that, crap. I'd love to see your performance data and compare it to a Doug Lemov run school.

This goes back to the Freudian physical shortcoming you have Dougie. So freaking what about performance data. Not all teachers are in a position to have performance data. Know what makes me feel good? When a student is having a real crappy day and that student seeks me out to know that I can and will make him feel better. That is performance data that does not show up anywhere accept in the heart. As for a Doug Lemov run school, if teachers could only have 12 students in a class..........

Why anyone in the education field would disrespect someone who has dedicated his life to improving education (there is proof, try doing some research)is just a sorry excuse for an "educator".

Respect is earned, not given. Come work in the South Bronx for a year, and then we'll talk.

Have you tried prozac?

No, have you? I think we are projecting Dougie, don't you? Hey, I heard that men who Prozac have issues with, well you know. Oh I guess that goes hand in hand with that Freudian physical shortcoming you have.

And this piece from one of Dougie's supporters, not Dougie.

You seem to have a lot to say (all negative) and call out a lot of people. I don't see your name anywhere though

My name is known. Besides Jay, Hamilton and Madison wrote the Federalist Papers anonymously and Jefferson skewered John Adams anonymously during the 1800 election. So Pfftt.

Now just remember Dougie you are more than welcome to email me and leave comments here. Just please, stop denying who you are. IP's never lie.

Whitney Tilson Is Holding a Hitler Youth Rally

I was wrong, I told someone that Whitney Tilson was having his Hitler Youth Rally this Wednesday. Something about some movie he made for the Reich. It's not. It will be Wednesday April 7. Anyway here is the email in its original German followed by the translation the crack team here at SBSB did.

Liebe Freunde und Kollegen Schulreformer,Wenn Sie bereits über diese Einladung erhalten haben, können Sie ignorieren Sie diese E-Mail. Für diejenigen unter Ihnen, denen ich keine Chance gehabt, eine persönliche E-Mail zu senden, schreibe ich Ihnen zu einer besonderen Veranstaltung in New York am Mittwoch, 7. April: die Premiere einer verweigerten Recht auffordern, die kritische Notwendigkeit für Original Schulreform, ein Dokumentarfilm, in dem ich meine Forschung und Schlussfolgerungen über unsere öffentlichen Schulen, und was muss getan werden, um das Erreichen Lücken, die die Zukunft unseres Volkes bedrohen zu beseitigen. Die Zwei-Minuten-Trailer ist hier gepostet: Veranstaltung wird in der SVA Theatre, 333 West 23rd St. (zwischen 8th und 9th Avenue), und es werden zwei Anzeigen: eine am Nachmittag und eine am Abend. Der Abend Premiere ist bereits ausverkauft (fast 500 Personen!), Aber es gibt viel Platz am Nachmittag zeigen, die wir nur hinzugefügt, um die Nachfrage zu befriedigen. Ich hoffe, Sie können es am Nachmittag zu machen - wenn nicht, kann ich Ihnen auf die Warteliste für den Abend zeigt hinzuzufügen.Der Nachmittag wird Premiere mit alkoholfreien Getränken, Snacks und vermischen beginnen um 2:00 Uhr, dann den Film von 2.45-4.15, gefolgt von einer einstündigen Diskussion / Q & A mit einigen der führenden Bildungs-Reformer im Land bis 5 : 15, und schließlich mehr alkoholische Getränke, Lebensmittel und mischen, bis 6.00.Diejenigen, die für den Abend Premiere kann kommen und mischen sich ab 5.15 Uhr (Sie sind auch herzlich willkommen zu kommen und am Nachmittag um 4:15 Panel sehen, wenn Sie möchten), wird der Film von 6.15-7.45 laufen, gefolgt von der Q & A bis 8:45 und dann noch mehr Getränke, Essen und Mischung bis 11:00 Uhr.Wenn Sie möchten, auf den Nachmittag zeigt teilzunehmen oder sich am Abend Warteliste, bitte E-Mail-Allison Squires hinzugefügt werden (hier cc'd und allison.marie.squires @ und ließ sie wissen, welche zeigen Sie es vorziehen - und bitte Ihren Namen und die Organisation genau so, wie Sie es möchten, auf Ihrem Namensschild erscheinen. Sie können außerdem an Ihre Freunde und Kollegen Reformer auf den Nachmittag Premiere einladen.Jeder zeigt, wird von einer Stunde folgen lange Diskussionen / Q & A, daß ich mit einigen der führenden Bildungs-Reformer im Land moderate wird. Das Gremium nach dem Nachmittag zeigen wird:
And the translated English.......

Dear friends and fellow school reformers, If you’ve already received this invitation, you can ignore this email. For those of you to whom I haven’t had a chance to send a personal email, I’m writing to invite you to a special event in NYC on Wednesday, April 7th: the premiere of A Right Denied: The Critical Need for Genuine School Reform, a documentary in which I present my research and conclusions about our public schools and what must be done to eliminate the twin achievement gaps that threaten our nation’s future. The two-minute trailer is posted here: The event will be at the SVA Theatre, 333 West 23rd St. (between 8th and 9th Avenues), and there will be two showings: one in the afternoon and one in the evening. The evening premiere is already sold out (nearly 500 people!), but there’s plenty of room at the afternoon showing, which we just added to meet the demand. I hope you can make it in the afternoon – if not, I can add you to the waiting list for the evening showing. The afternoon premiere will begin with soft drinks, snacks and mingling at 2:00pm, then the film from 2:45-4:15, followed by an hour-long discussion/Q&A with some of the leading education reformers in the country until 5:15, and finally more drinks, food and mingling until 6:00. Those coming for the evening premiere can come and mingle starting at 5:15 (you’re also welcome to come and see the afternoon panel at 4:15 if you wish), the film will run from 6:15-7:45, followed by the Q&A until 8:45, and then more drinks, food and mingling until 11:00pm. If you would like to attend the afternoon showing or be added to the evening waiting list, please email Allison Squires (cc’d here and at and let her know which showing you prefer – and please include your name and organization exactly as you’d like it to appear on your nametag. Also, feel free to invite your friends and fellow reformers to the afternoon premiere. Each showing will be followed by an hour-long discussion/Q&A that I will moderate with some of the leading education reformers in the country. The panel after the afternoon showing will be:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kristine Mustillo Principal PS 97 District 21 Destroys A Career

A pre-k teacher is in the Rubber Room for two years. Her crime? Her class of 18 pre-Kindergarteners at PS 97, District 21 is in a trailer. She complains to the new Leadership Academy principal, Kristine “Olive Oyl” Mustillo that there is a moldy floor with holes. Seems reasonable. A teacher is thinking of the Children First doctrine created by Joel Klein and so indoctrinated into Leadership Academy drones, yet not adhered to. The class is moved inside the building and set up to resume at two lunch tables in an open area.

Not even a classroom, an area. Where can the children display their work? How safe is it? Are exits secured? Are center areas, which are so important to the pre-K experience, in the “area”? Are bathroom facilities readily available? Does this area have a lot of foot traffic by others?

Just a week later her para is out sick. The new principal, Kristine Mustillo never calls a sub, even though by NYS Education law a para must be in there. The teacher isn’t even informed that the para is out and calls the office.

If you don’t see the making of a set-up you must be blind. Or a principal. Or Joel Klein. Or Whitney Tilson. Or a fucktwit.

The teacher requests a sub several times and is told that the secretary didn’t call a sub because she was “following the direction of the prior principal who had just retired”. The principal insists, “Well I am the principal now and I believe that every Pre K should have a para” As a result, no para was called.

So Kristine Mustillio believes a para must be called, but since she is so incompetent, or desperate to set up the teacher she willfully breaks state education law. The class no better how you slice it is out of compliance with state education law. This is the principal’s responsibility.

The teacher is alone at dismissal. The kids and parents who are mostly Chinese and don’t speak fluent English are still getting used to the new routine. As are the children and we know how difficult change of routine can be on children at that age. That is except Krisitine Mustillo who has never been in education before. A boy in her class follows another boy out the door. The other boy’s mother picks up the boy three days a week and is on the blue emergency card as well. The child naturally gravitates toward this mother who is a family friend. The teacher does not realize the boy is gone until five minutes later when the other boys mother brings him to the office saying that she brought the boy around the building to look for his grandmother. She realized that it was daylight savings time and the grandmother probably wasn’t aware of the change in time.

The principal calls OSI immediately. WTF?? This could not have been handled in house? At worst a counseling memo. Why the need to cal OSI? I know. Mustillo is incompetent and she needs to show she is important. But I think there is more to it than meets the eye. Read on.

In the course of the investigation the parent's of the boy who, for lack of a better word, wandered, insist they are not upset, they love the teacher, and take full responsibility for not having been there for dismissal.

I am a tad confused here. If the parents are not upset, and insist they love the teacher can’t Kristine “Olive Oyl” Mustillo see this or does she have a bigger agenda?

The teacher files a grievance.

Oh no!!

At the hearing the principal admits that she was out of compliance. She says, "I'm new, I didn't know what the rules are."

Ignorance is no excuse. You know Kristine Mustillo a lot of the rules are just plain common sense.

It took two years from the hearing date for the teacher to be denied the grievance.

Denied by the incomparable, and always integrity filled Pedro Crespo.

The teacher, who turns 46 this year has been a teacher for almost 20 and has an impeccable record. Her class had been taken over by a 22 year old first year teacher.

There you have it. There is your answer. A teacher 44 years old making around $85K, and only a mind of her own, but has more knowledge in one eyelash than Kristine “Olive Oyl” Mustillo who has in her own anorexic body.

Why Kristine Mustillo do you feel threatened? Why Kristine “Olive Oyl” Mustillo could you not just let this go with a verbal or written admonishment? Please Kristine Mustillo share your qualifications to be principal. Yes, opposing viewpoints are always welcomed here.

Even more curious is what happened to Kristine Mustillo at her previous school? Seems that she came into a perfectly fine school, as an interim principal because the current principal is on leave. After one month Kristine Mustillo singlehandley ruins the school, and turns all the teachers against her. When the principal returns Kristine Mustillo is promptly shown the door.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mary Elizabeth Williams Doesn't Drink The Kool-Aid

Last week, or the week before an interesting view of the firing of teachers appeared in written by an actual, true to life NYC public school parent, Mary Elizabeth Williams.

In her article, "Fixing Schools By Firing Teachers," Williams asks a question that no one has dared to ask or consider, are we hurting the children? A few things stand out to me.

Monica Teixeira de Sousa of the Providence Journal wrote, ""It’s politically expedient and far less expensive to blame schools, blame teachers, and propose privately run charter schools as solutions."

That's because it is easier and cheaper, but not better. It also sounds good. Sounds like the know nothing politician is actually doing something. Keeps the politicians from actually getting to the root of the problem, the poverty, the dysfunctional homes.

Columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. blabbered, "The firings worked. Score one for accountability and common sense."

No they haven't. You did to find 93 new teachers, teachers that probably never taught before. How is that better. Of course it is better for the superintendent of Central Falls because she now will have 93 new teachers that will ask how high when told to jump and will earn a lot less money.

Williams writes, "But who's really responsible when kids can't meet achievement goals? And whose interests are best served when educators are shown the door? Even a cursory examination of the Rhode Island disaster neatly illuminates one of the real central issues: money. Teachers are expensive. Tenured teachers even more so. " Want to know Mary Elizabeth? See yesterday's blog posting with Bill Maher for who is ultimately responsible. As far as whose interests are best served, it is not the children. As we can see in NYC there is no such thing as "Children First." Just lackeys, cronies, and sycophants in line. But the real problem with tenured teachers is not just the money, but the experience. Why would a principal want am experienced teacher around when that teacher will take the spotlight away from the principal. Mediocrity and compliance are what is rewarded in NYC.

I mean this is a good, well written article. Williams has clearly thought this through, and is looking at the larger picture. Yes, there should be accountability, but what we have here in NYC are just teachers forced to be accountable. Principals, administrators and Tweed staff are not subject to such provisions. This is the problem we have. This is the problem that Mayor for Life Bloomberg created.

But Mary Elizabeth, don't look for the school leadership teams to come in and save the day. Remember has his Holiness said, that parents should have no role in making decisions in their child's school. That is because no one is as smart and wonderful as Bloomy.

The one issue I have with this entire article is this; "At my children's school, several teachers are currently under review for a variety of alleged infractions, almost all of which were brought against them by a newcomer principal working within a system whose imperative is to raise test scores and lower costs. Or, to put it another way, a newspaper reporter recently informed me that a fellow parent told him he doesn't understand why there isn't more support for administrative efforts to just "get rid of" our educators.

What is the key word, and/or words? Yep. Newcomer and principal. Put those two together and you have a Leadership Academy principal or someone that has only been in education for 7 months. Their job? To get rid of any teacher over 40 and making over $75K. This way you fill all the positions with inane drones. What are the infractions? Farting in a non DOE prescribed manner? Carrying a coffee cup? Being smarter than the principal?

Mary Elizabeth, want to do a real mitzvah? Dig into the belly of the beast that has become the DOE. Expose it. Write the truth about the Rubber Rooms. But not the DOE's perception of the truth, the real truth, the truth how the RR's have become gulags. Someone needs to, someone who can't be bought off my Tweed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Federal Government Must Stay Out Of Education

I was born and raised a Democrat. My grandfather was a precinct captain for Tweed (the political machine, not the DOE) back in the day. He did the grunt work. Registered voters in cemeteries, voted many times in many places on election day, and left turkeys on the doorsteps of the indigent just before election day. I believe in the principles of the Democratic Party even though I have a strong libertarian bent, and actually conservative on some issues.

I am not one of these Originialists when it comes to the Constitution and the role of the federal government in our lives. I do believe that the Constitution is a "living document" and its words adapt to the times. This I believe was intended by the writers of it.

I go back and forth with the health care debate. I see through the BS, know something must be done, but cringe at the thought of the federal government messing around and doing a good job. I think they should have just expanded Medicare, kept the bill simple. But, and this is a big but. I can see where health care comes into play under the Commerce Clause, and the Necessary and Proper clause. Both clauses I feel go hand in hand with one another. And I can see how others can and will disagree with me on this.

What I am having a tough time with is how the federal government can bogart its way into local education matters. No where, not one word in the Constitution gives the federal government authority to decide local education matters. In fact, Amendment 10 states clearly;
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

So when I read an email sent by an idiot like Whitney Tilson in which he states commenting on unions in the education debate;
they want to completely eviscerate the federal role in ensuring that a quality education is a right of all children.
I wonder about his mental state. But let's examine this statement more closely.

Whitney is using a big word here. But I doubt he means eviscerate as to disembowel, but rather to deprive by content or force. So the unions wish to deprive the federal government a role in education? Yeah, DUH! There is no role whatsoever for the federal government in local education matters. Whitney, you graduated from Harvard and you fail to realize this? Show us where it says the federal government has a role. Anyone show it.

Next, Whitney wants to ensure that a quality education is a right of children. Yeah, that is nice. I really agree with Whitney. I have no problem with this except one teeny tiny thing. It is not a right. Again, no where in the Constitution is there written that children are ensured a quality education. This therefore negates any role for the federal government to play in local education matters.

There is only one way to have the federal government involved in local education matters. The Constitution must be amended and then and only then can Washington have a say. The Constitution states in Article 5;
The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.

There you have it. Where are the tea baggers when we need them?

America's Dirtiest Nastiest Most Obscene Little Secret

Bill Maher hit the nail on the head in his "New Rules" segment on Real Time this past Friday night. He hit the nail on the head just with this line, "But isn't it convenient that once again it turns out that the problem isn't us, and the fix is something that doesn't require us to change our behavior or spend any money." But of course, the EDiots who think they know better will bash Maher as a pothead. He is. So what? He gets it. He all starts and ends in the home. But it is a secret that no one wants to acknowledge.

I never understood why people think Bill Maher is a liberal. I don't see that at all. Yes, he is a major pothead, and does advocate the legalizing of marijuana. But Maher is two things. A libertarian, and an anti-bullshitter. And Maher now sees through the bullshit rhetoric of the EDiots.

What to do? Maher needs to get Klein, Bloomberg, Eli Broad, Whitney Tilson, Thomas W Carroll and that crazy broad in DC together at his home in Los Angeles. Set the lights down low, play some Floyd, and have everyone encircle the communal bong and just get rip roaring stoned. And two things can be accomplished.Oh wait. I forgot they need some iced tea and munchies. And Visine for afterwards.

One, once stoned all the EDiots will obviously see things Maher's way, and two, find out why Whitney Tilson's parents gave him a girls name.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Eva Moskowitz And Joel Klein Movie News!

SBSB has gotten an exclusive publicity still from the remake of 9 1/2 weeks that is starring Eva Moskowitz and Joel Klein. Eva, some advice. Stay out of the kitchen.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Joel Klein And Eva Moskowitz To Star In Mel Brooks Remake!

SBSB has just learned that Joel Klein and Eva Moskowitz will star as Dr Charles Montague and Nurse Diesel in the remake of High Anxiety.

SBSB has obtained this exclusive photo in which Dr Thorndyke and his assistant Brophy are investigating strange noises coming from Nurse Diesel's apartment.

Klein Celebrates Bloomberg Leaving

Actually, was just a fantasy the Klein had one day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last Word On Doug Lemov

Not beating a dead horse here, but just some final thoughts on Doug Lemov.

Last night, Dougie, or one of his minions, commented; You're suffering from delusions of grandeur if you honestly believe Doug has the time or interest in commenting on your site,

No I have no delusions of grandeur. A facts a fact Jack, from Nome to Rome. Dougie has obsessively read this blog ten times today, and five times yesterday. You sir, or madam, have been to the blog a shitload of times. So nerts to you. Pfft.

I came across this blog, PageSlap last night. In it, the blogger writes regarding Dougie;
Here are some short video clips of teachers Lemov admires, in action. I showed these to a teacher friend, who argues that this kind of classroom management is too behaviour-focussed, and while getting kids to sit quietly and listen does help them learn facts, the kids aren’t challenged to construct knowledge from their own observations and experience when learning this way. Which I thought was also good food for thought. This whole thing is very complicated. I wish someone would just teach me how to think.

And then the Pièce de résistance. From the Democratic Underground, the real liberals can see what a neo-liberal elitist Dougie is. My favorite quote:
like anyone who's ever been even *vaguely* associated with education doesn't know about that technique for examining & improving one's presentation, class management, & teaching technique. i hate these fuckwits.

That is today's word children. Fucktwit. It has two, count them, two consonant blends. CK and TW.

Who would care to use the word in a sentence? I will use the "Cold Call" to pick a student. Hmmm, OK, you Harvey, use the word Fucktwit in a sentence.

"Ah, Mmm, OK. Doug Lemov is a fucktwit."

Very good. Come here and let me put a happy face sticker on your forehead.

Dougie, you are welcome anytime. Just show some cojones and join in the discussion and learn something.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Open Letter To Doug Lemov Or His Spokesperson

This is going back and forth in the Whitney (Gosh! Why did his parents give him a girls name? Recess must have been hell for him) Tilson Loves Doug Lemov post. Dougie's anonymous defender, or as I believe the legend in his own mind, Doug Lemov as been virulently defending Dougie. The last comment, deserves its own post.

I think all three of you (SBS blogger, Primadonna, and Ed) are missing the point.

No, you are.

My mother taught public school for three decades,

Wow. Impressive. My mother was a LPN for a cardiologist. I guess when I criticize doctors I can bring this tidbit up. I also believe I am no qualified to do EKG's Where was mummsy a teacher? What did mummsy teach?

I've spent a couple years as a public school teacher myself.
Wow. Impressive. Again, see the questions above about mummsy.

I'm familiar with administrative bureaucracy and the insanity of school politics.

No, you are not.

I've also gone to bat against school boards more concerned with the bottom line than the actual quality of education.

You do what I did in regards to my school in doing the right thing, then we can speak. I once caused a near international incident between the USSR and the US in 1985. Seriously. True story. Did you go that far with the school board? Or was it just holding your breath until your face turned red?

I define quality as more than reading scores.

Define it. Explain it to Whitney.

You're preaching to the choir when you lament the plight of the urban teacher, truly a thankless job.

No, it is not a thankless job. Or do you have that stereotype of what it is like to teach in an urban setting? Yeah we bitch and kvetch and all that but we love it.

While their (specifically Uncommon Schools) ability to provide their students with a better education than other students from identical backgrounds is undeniable

BOLLOCKS!!! Give me or any other teacher a class with 12-15 students and you will see the same exact results. Give me or any other teacher parents that take their child's education seriously you will see the same exact results. Give me or any other teacher or school the revenue flow, the donations, the corporate involvement you will see the same exact results.

part of the reason why Charters are so successful is that they can reject the truly dangerous and deranged.

Someone admits it. Now go tell that to Bloomberg, Klein, and Moskowitz.

I understand how you can look at Doug Lemov as someone locked in an ivory tower

He is. Why not come spend time, oops, I meant have Dougie spend time in the projects. Live in the projects. Or you, sorry again, or Dougie can come teach a 6th grade class in the 'hood which the kids are packing, and wearing colors and bling and see how far his shite gets him.

Lemov's taxonomy wasn't created in a vacuum, and you'd be challenged to find anyone outside this blog who claims that it sprung whole from his head.

I never said it sprung from his head, at the very worse he stole intellectual property and his profiting from it. At the very least, he is acting and obtaining credit for what are not original ideas.

He collected the best techniques he saw from master teachers, and put them in a format that's easy for beginning teachers to replicate.

Did he attribute these ideas? Are others sharing in the profits? Give me some $$ I saw some stuff I did as a summer camp counselor in 1983.

The point is not that "his ideas are better than your ideas"

Yes you do. You got fawned over in the Times, you have never gotten your hands dirty.

the point is that struggling teachers will do better when armed with his techniques.

Where's the money for mentors that the DOE keeps promising? You learn from experience. My very first day of teaching I sent 35 kids to the closet to get their coats at once. You do, you react, you learn.

However, the point is that a first year teacher would teach better with, rather than without, the techniques in Lemov's taxonomy.

Dougie's ideas are not original. Stop calling them LEMOV'S TAXONOMY!!

I know you want to lash out at Doug and Green's article because it reminds you of your frustration with insulated elitist reformers

Yep! And because they all know jack.

Yet, for this particular situation, this is not the case.

Yes it is the case.

I can walk into any class in my school that is out of control, and I have, and stand in the doorway and not utter one single solitary word and the entire class will settle down immediately. And guess what? No one, or no book taught be that.

What makes it worse is a turd like Whitney Tilson fawns all over Dougie to the point of having some unrequited man love school girl type crush over him.

Now if you will excuse me I want to watch South Park. Butters loses his virginity tonight.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whitney Tilson Is In Love With Doug Lemov

I wasn't planning on blogging tonight. The White Sox are playing the Dodgers on MLB Network. I really wanted to see it. Pre-season baseball at its finest. But I got another of Whitney Tilson's convoluted; hyperactive mass emails today and just couldn't pass up on commenting.

In tomorrow's New York Times, Elizabeth Green of Gotham Schools has a story in the magazine (I am really starting to question Gotham Schools objectivity). I read a few paragraphs already and thought that it was going to be another hit job on teachers. However, I was holding out judgment till I read the entire story. That was until today. Whitney Tilson praised it. Therefore it must not be a good reflection on teachers. Thanks Whitney.

But one thing Whitney mentioned was the praise this dude, Doug Lemov receives by Elizabeth Green. Just who is Doug Lemov? Dougie is Managing Director, True North Public School, some charter school wasteland. Dougie's background is quite impressive.

.......Founder of School Performance, an Albany-based non-profit that provides diagnostic assessments, performance data analysis, and academic consulting to high performing charter schools. He is a founder and the former principal of the Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School in Boston, regarded as one of the highest performing urban charter schools in the country. After leaving Academy of the Pacific Rim, Mr. Lemov served as the Vice President for Accountability at the State University of New York Charter Schools Institute, the leading authorizer of charters in New York, where he designed and implemented a rigorous school accountability system. He has since served as a consultant to such organizations as KIPP, New Leaders for New Schools, and Building Excellent Schools. Mr. Lemov is a Trustee of the New York Charter Schools Association and of KIPP Tech Valley Charter School. He has a B.A. from Hamilton College, an M.A. from Indiana University, and an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.

Funny, nowhere do I see anything regarding any actual teaching experience. I also find it ironic that Whitney likes someone who has some RIM in their background. Whitney, what two adults do is their own business. I suggest that you invest in several dental dams.

But what is it that Whitney gets so girlishly excited about Dougie? Seems Dougie has written a special kind of article. Whitney even praised it in his blog. Dougie's article is, The Taxonomy of Effective Teaching Practices. WOW!!!! And just what is included in this taxonomy? The crack team here at SBSB delved into it, some of these techniques can be seen here.

In Strong Voice, according to Dougie, a teacher can easily silence a disruptive student by silence and a strong look. We here at SBSB have a three word reaction to Dougie's discovery. D.U.H!

Another revelation by Dougie, one that the crack team here at SBSB found so funny we had to go to go CVS to buy adult diapers, for we had wet ourselves laughing so hard, is entitled, Cold Call. In this a teacher is encouraged to call on students who are not raising their hands. WOW! Thank you so much Dougie for that teaching tidbit.

But the the funniest, one that has been ripped off, is Precise Praise. In this a teacher praises specifically a student's good behavior and/or answer. Also, when a student is seen not paying attention, the teacher quietly goes up to the student, whispers in his ear and corrects this. Where have we seen this before?

We have seen it with Lee Canter and his Assertive Discipline. Gee, Dougie, ever here of Intellectual Property?

There will be more tomorrow about Dougie, and whatever strangeness Whitney feels for him after a thorough reading is done, and the article is used to help line the kitty litter box.

Whitney, you are such a poo poo head. You fall for everything don't you? And Dougie just go on thinking how wonderful you think you are.

Hey Whitney Tilson! This Cartoon Answers It All!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chaz The Blogger Is Saddened

I was so excited when I came home today. Fellow blogger Chaz posted yet another insightful posting on his blog, Chaz's School Daze. I literally had goosebumps.

I raced inside, made myself a cup of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa and settled in front of the computer. I smiled as his blog came onto the screen of my computer. All is right with the universe I said to myself. As I started to read, I sensed a problem. Chaz was in pain. Emotional pain.

Chaz was writing about an op-ed piece in today's Daily News. Chaz seemed saddened that yet another person, Charles Brecher, was ignorant of the entire ATR situation. For those that don't know, Charles Brecher is a professor at NYU's Wagner School, and research director at the Citizens Budget Commission. Yes, the same CBC that Carol Kellerman is part of.

In his guest column Mr Brecher was discussing ways the City of New York can save money. But what hurt Chaz the most was Mr Brecher was parroting the official party line of Tweed. Mr Brecher wrote, "Stop paying teachers who do not teach. Savings: $100 million." I felt Chaz's pain. Something needed to be done to ease his pain.

A cub reporter here at SBSB contacted Mr Brecher and attempted to explain to him the nuances behind the ATR imbroglio. It was explained that why would a principal hire a over 40 teacher making over $80K when that principal was under 35, and been in education 2 years. Mr Brecher seemed befuddled. He responded that "why would a principal not want to hire who is best for their students." He was reminded that for $80K that a principal can hire two novice teachers who would not be a threat to the principal. He still seemed confused. But he came up with a very good answer. He said that, "maybe the city should re-examine how it hires principals." But he still just did not get it.

The interview ended with a suggestion to Mr Brecher that he visit a Rubber Room, to see what is really happening and then decide. He scoffed it off and refused.

Unfortunately that is what we get. People who only listen to the official Tweed line, but refuse to actually delve into the matter. The truth is out there, it just is not Tweed's perception of the truth.