SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Invasion Of The Eva Snatch(ers)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Invasion Of The Eva Snatch(ers)

So guess what? Eva Moskowitz is coming to the Bronx. Yesiree Bob. Her Success In Her Her Mind Academy is moving into PS 30 in District 7. Don't know yet how much of the school she is bogarting, but the school open this coming September, er I forgot, Eva is special. I meant this coming August starting with grades K-1. So PS 30 will be short a couple of classes for students in those grades. I am sure some teachers will be excessed. But soon piece by piece Eva will whine and complain to Joel that she needs more space there, and it will get more and more crowded until Roxan Marks and the PS 30 community start to feel like Otis B Driftwood in his cabin.

So why PS 30? Roxan Marks received a 2007 Cahn fellowship, a 16-month program at Teachers College designed to recognize and develop outstanding principals. She is good enough for Teachers College, is she good enough for Joel? Does Eva have any training that is even one iota of Roxan Marks? PS 30 received an A last year, and in it's quality review was deemed proficient.

Maybe Eva will not have any 12 year old fifth graders like PS 30 does. Maybe Eva will weed out the undesirables as they did in Łódź, Warsaw, Kraków and Auschwitz. I don't think the keyword there is maybe, I think it will happen. What would be really cool is for Eva to come live in da 'hood. Come live in the Mott Haven houses Eva, earn some street cred. Drink Big Blue Soda, or Pineapple Fanta and have Kraft Mac and Cheese a few nights a week then you will earn respect.

So what to do? Don't know. The UFT is sponsoring a rally in front of PS 30 on April 8 at 6 PM. Go. But nothing will get changed unless the UFT grows balls by then, the politicians come out en masse, and the parents are vocal.

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Clove said...

lol Big Blue soda.
You make some valid points, EM will counsel out any kids who are "undesirable"