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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chaz The Blogger Is Saddened

I was so excited when I came home today. Fellow blogger Chaz posted yet another insightful posting on his blog, Chaz's School Daze. I literally had goosebumps.

I raced inside, made myself a cup of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa and settled in front of the computer. I smiled as his blog came onto the screen of my computer. All is right with the universe I said to myself. As I started to read, I sensed a problem. Chaz was in pain. Emotional pain.

Chaz was writing about an op-ed piece in today's Daily News. Chaz seemed saddened that yet another person, Charles Brecher, was ignorant of the entire ATR situation. For those that don't know, Charles Brecher is a professor at NYU's Wagner School, and research director at the Citizens Budget Commission. Yes, the same CBC that Carol Kellerman is part of.

In his guest column Mr Brecher was discussing ways the City of New York can save money. But what hurt Chaz the most was Mr Brecher was parroting the official party line of Tweed. Mr Brecher wrote, "Stop paying teachers who do not teach. Savings: $100 million." I felt Chaz's pain. Something needed to be done to ease his pain.

A cub reporter here at SBSB contacted Mr Brecher and attempted to explain to him the nuances behind the ATR imbroglio. It was explained that why would a principal hire a over 40 teacher making over $80K when that principal was under 35, and been in education 2 years. Mr Brecher seemed befuddled. He responded that "why would a principal not want to hire who is best for their students." He was reminded that for $80K that a principal can hire two novice teachers who would not be a threat to the principal. He still seemed confused. But he came up with a very good answer. He said that, "maybe the city should re-examine how it hires principals." But he still just did not get it.

The interview ended with a suggestion to Mr Brecher that he visit a Rubber Room, to see what is really happening and then decide. He scoffed it off and refused.

Unfortunately that is what we get. People who only listen to the official Tweed line, but refuse to actually delve into the matter. The truth is out there, it just is not Tweed's perception of the truth. 

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Chaz said...

I think in my case its more anger than pain. Anger because as Joseph Goebbels said you say a lie long and loud enough the lie becomes the truth.