SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Beating Off Doug Lemov

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beating Off Doug Lemov

I know, I know I am beating a dead horse. But it is a Lemov horse so one last go around here. On Friday some anonymous comments were left deriding me, praising the heck out of Doug Lemov, and just being so sycophantal in tone I couldn't let them be. I should take my mothers advice. Wear clean underwear, don't argue with crazy people, and don't pay attention to Lemov's paid supporters.

But there are some things that need be cleared up. Some comments that need attention.

Sorry you disrespectful, hostile little man, not Doug, but thanks for the laugh. He wouldn't bother giving someone like you the time of day I'm sure. He's too busy running schools and training teachers.

OK. Maybe not Dougie, but close enough to Dougie that Dougie that a roof is shared. Remember, IP addresses do not lie. And I doubt Dougie or Dougie sycophant you have the knowledge or ability to spoof an IP. The proof is in the pudding (click to enlarge)

So, let's look at the time stamps from above and the time stamps the comments had been left and it is a match. What else is a match. The town. So Dougie what gives?

It's like you are jealous that you didn't write the book yourself.

Honestly, I don't care. Diane Ravitch wrote a book and I am not jealous, though I have yet to read it. There are other bloggers and I am not jealous. What I think it is Dougie is you feel you have a certain Freudian physical shortcoming that you feel you must make up for. Write all the books you want. Just be original is all we ask.

The crap you are spewing is just that, crap. I'd love to see your performance data and compare it to a Doug Lemov run school.

This goes back to the Freudian physical shortcoming you have Dougie. So freaking what about performance data. Not all teachers are in a position to have performance data. Know what makes me feel good? When a student is having a real crappy day and that student seeks me out to know that I can and will make him feel better. That is performance data that does not show up anywhere accept in the heart. As for a Doug Lemov run school, if teachers could only have 12 students in a class..........

Why anyone in the education field would disrespect someone who has dedicated his life to improving education (there is proof, try doing some research)is just a sorry excuse for an "educator".

Respect is earned, not given. Come work in the South Bronx for a year, and then we'll talk.

Have you tried prozac?

No, have you? I think we are projecting Dougie, don't you? Hey, I heard that men who Prozac have issues with, well you know. Oh I guess that goes hand in hand with that Freudian physical shortcoming you have.

And this piece from one of Dougie's supporters, not Dougie.

You seem to have a lot to say (all negative) and call out a lot of people. I don't see your name anywhere though

My name is known. Besides Jay, Hamilton and Madison wrote the Federalist Papers anonymously and Jefferson skewered John Adams anonymously during the 1800 election. So Pfftt.

Now just remember Dougie you are more than welcome to email me and leave comments here. Just please, stop denying who you are. IP's never lie.


Anonymous said...

You go Bronx Teacher!!!

Anonymous said...

oooo maybe you should've become a detective you super sleuth. You know how to look up an IP address. ooooo. A kindergartener can do that. You still don't have it right but go ahead and pat yourself on the back if it makes you feel like a big man. The only big thing on you is your mouth. You just stay in the Bronx being a hostile little nobody with one supporter. Jealous much?

Pete Zucker said...