SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Office Furniture For Students Is Job One

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Office Furniture For Students Is Job One

I am surprised not one blog, most of all Gotham Schools has yet to mention this. The fact that the Post did I find shocking. In fact I didn't know about this until I spoke to a colleague just a few minutes ago. But I do have a big s**t eating grin now. I wonder if RtTT poster boys Whitney (I-684 Rest Area) Tilson and Thomas W. Carroll will even bother mentioning it.

But it seems that the Children First mentality is alive and well still amongst the EDiots. It seems that in their whoring, er, I meant application to the feds for $$$, someone, somehow slipped that $200k will be spent on office furniture. Yes!!! Read on:
The bizarre equipment wish list was so outrageous that three of the five judges who reviewed New York's "Race to the Top" application blasted it in written comments -- focusing on 24 "executive chairs" that cost $550 each, or more than $13,000 total.
WTF is an executive chair? And why does it cost $550? The crack office supply team here at SBSB did some research and found the Boss Lumbar Support Executive Chair at for only $84.99. Plus tax and shipping. Still a great bargain. Unfortunately children don't need this.


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