SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Last Word On Doug Lemov

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last Word On Doug Lemov

Not beating a dead horse here, but just some final thoughts on Doug Lemov.

Last night, Dougie, or one of his minions, commented; You're suffering from delusions of grandeur if you honestly believe Doug has the time or interest in commenting on your site,

No I have no delusions of grandeur. A facts a fact Jack, from Nome to Rome. Dougie has obsessively read this blog ten times today, and five times yesterday. You sir, or madam, have been to the blog a shitload of times. So nerts to you. Pfft.

I came across this blog, PageSlap last night. In it, the blogger writes regarding Dougie;
Here are some short video clips of teachers Lemov admires, in action. I showed these to a teacher friend, who argues that this kind of classroom management is too behaviour-focussed, and while getting kids to sit quietly and listen does help them learn facts, the kids aren’t challenged to construct knowledge from their own observations and experience when learning this way. Which I thought was also good food for thought. This whole thing is very complicated. I wish someone would just teach me how to think.

And then the Pièce de résistance. From the Democratic Underground, the real liberals can see what a neo-liberal elitist Dougie is. My favorite quote:
like anyone who's ever been even *vaguely* associated with education doesn't know about that technique for examining & improving one's presentation, class management, & teaching technique. i hate these fuckwits.

That is today's word children. Fucktwit. It has two, count them, two consonant blends. CK and TW.

Who would care to use the word in a sentence? I will use the "Cold Call" to pick a student. Hmmm, OK, you Harvey, use the word Fucktwit in a sentence.

"Ah, Mmm, OK. Doug Lemov is a fucktwit."

Very good. Come here and let me put a happy face sticker on your forehead.

Dougie, you are welcome anytime. Just show some cojones and join in the discussion and learn something.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Actually, the word is "fuckwit"!

Did you intentionally change it to "fucktwit"?

Pete Zucker said...

No. If you were reading I had quoted a post from The word used was "fucktwit."

But Dougie could have been called a fuckwit, or my favorite a fucktard. I am also partial to assClown.

Anonymous said...

You should be familiar with fucknut. I'm sure you've been called that numerous times. How does someone like you function day after day with so much anger and hostility?
As far as the videos being behavior focused, newsflash-the videos they viewed were probably behavioral techniques. If you did any research on the Taxonomy, you would know that behavioral techniques is just one of many categories of the Taxonomy.
You seem to have a lot to say (all negative) and call out a lot of people. I don't see your name anywhere though. You're real good at slinging shit. Must be why you have a whole 3 followers!
A Doug Lemov Fan