SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Open Letter To Roxan Marks And PS 30 Community

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Open Letter To Roxan Marks And PS 30 Community

The time has come PS 30 community. The invasion of the Eva Snatch(ers) is going to begin. Yes, the Eva Snatch(ers) are insidious, they don't stop. To paraphrase President Whitmore from the film Independence Day:
"I saw... its thoughts. I saw what the Eva Snatch(ers) are planning to do. The Eva Snatch(ers) are like locusts. The Eva Snatch(ers) moving from school to school... The Eva Snatch(ers) Success Academy. After the Eva Snatch(ers) consumed every school resource the Eva Snatch(ers) moves on... and PS 30 is next."
Think about it. That what the Eva Snatch(ers) do. She is a parasite, a locust, she swoops in with two thing on her mind. How to destroy a school community, and herself, and her $350k salary as the ruler of her Success Academy.

So what to do? Hate to say this, but go to the UFT rally at PS 30 on April 8. But don't rely on the UFT. You must rely on yourselves. Get on the mountaintop, and make yourself known. The more people that know, that you get involved the better. Show that you will not be pushed around. The squeaky wheel gets oiled. Start squeaking. Get an attorney and go to court if you must. You can succeed, you must. The Eva Snatch(ers)must be stopped.

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Clove said...

That school should be shut down it has the lowest test scores in the area. PS: Your title should be "A Teacher's take on the World of the NYC DOE"