Monday, November 11, 2019

All Hail the New MORE Steering Committee

MORE or what is left of it, has elected in a supposed democratic manner, a new steering committee. We here at SBSB wish share with the masses who is now representing the followers.

Peter Lamphere: Peter Lamphere is a 17-year bilingual math and technology teacher and chapter leader at Gregorio Luperon HS in Washington Heights. As a founding member of MORE, he has tried to keep the organization focused on building a grassroots base of educators in the UFT by combining social justice demands with workplace organizing. We have to stay focused on connecting with our coworkers while we take on citywide issues alongside parent and student allies.

I got a soft spot for Peter. He did help me when I was suspended however I am not happy with what he has become. I do believe he led the coup that led to the Purge of 2018. Having said that, his bio that he is focused on building a grassroots base of educators and connecting co-workers only means that like minded as Peter is all that matters. Dissenting voices need not apply. Remember, Peter does not like winning which makes it al the more puzzling that he won an election to be on the steering committee. 

D Myrie: MORE is the social justice caucus within the United Federation of Teachers and  I, Myrie take great pride to participate as a potential member of our steering committee.  I am running because it shows that democracy is alive and well within our caucus with a systemic  rotation of leadership. I am running because I have been an active member of MORE with a shared vision based on UCORE's principles.

Come on Dermott! You can't be serious about, "I am running because it shows that democracy is alive and well within our caucus." Do you not have any introspection, any ability to look within one's self and see the hypocrisy of your words here? Must you be reminded (here, here, and here.) The lack of self awareness you show Dermott is shocking. But I look forward to your comical declarations for resolutions at future Delegate Assemblies. 

Kevin Prosen: Kevin has been a chapter leader or delegate at I.S. 230 in Jackson Heights for the past eight years.  He has organized his staff in grievance campaigns and to fight for working conditions as well as activating his staff and school community around social justice concerns like immigration rights.  He writes occasionally about the politics of teachers unions for a variety of progressive outlets. He has served on MORE steering committee many times in the past.

What a guy! Curses out old ladies at MORE meetings at storms out like Joan Collins did in Dynasty. 

Aixa Rodriguez: I am running for steering of MORE, the social justice caucus within the United Federation of  Teachers to keep the energy and momentum of what MORE has been fighting for going.  I have been an active member of MORE and hope to help shepherd it to grow and firm up our relationships with allies, and host events to educate and empower members. I am an ESL teacher and see how intersectional problems manifest in public education, impacting our careers and quality of life. I believe that social justice issues are education issues and MORE should be in the position of being the conscience of our union. Parental leave, integration, gentrification, teacher evaluations, school closures, professional autonomy and paperwork, racial justice issues and more interweave and interact to impact our students and us. You may be a member of one of my facebook groups, or seen me at a PEP meeting or at a rally. Maybe you hear me and Myrie on WBAI on La Voz Latina. Now I am building a voice on a small BronxNet show called InformNation tackling community issues and public education.  I am running for steering because I believe when one member steps back, another must step forward.

Hmmm. First Solidarity, than MORE, then fangirl of Dermott, then token person of color running with MORE in UFT elections, then thinks she is Oprah because 5 people watch her TV show and 2 listen to her on the radio. Oh let's not forget she is the champion of minorities unless you are Dominican and she refers to you as trash on her Facebook group.  Shall we have a look (Click to enlarge)? ADASA trash?

The Crack Team also believe that Aixa has plenty to answer for concerning her puppet, Chris Vasquez' actions and behavior of late. Aixa never misses and opportunity to be an opportunist. 

Kit Wainer: I was a teacher for 31 years and a UFT chapter leader for 21 years. I want to help MORE develop deeper roots within the schools, among members who want to organize their co-workers to defend their rights. A stronger base among school-based activists will better enable us to effectively promote our vision of rank and file militance, union democracy, and solidarity with other workers and social movements.

Again, union democracy Kit when you can't even practice it yourself? 

And the one loser, well actually a winner, is none other than MORE's very own answer to Animal House's Greg Marmalard, (CLICK HERE!!!)...

Mike Stivers: I'm a high school special education teacher in Park Slope. I currently serve on the steering committee and want to continue to build on our work this year and provide continuity to the group in the transition. I would like to help MORE develop a stronger focus on helping UFT members, MORE members and not, build strong chapters at school that can meaningfully address the issues that we confront day to day. I would also like to contribute to the administrative side of our caucus - especially by launching a new dues drive in 2020 to create more long term financial stability for us and our campaigns. 

Mike rocks!! He lost!! Mazel Tov!! He followed the MORE playbook to the letter. Why win an election when you can lose an election and not look like a winner or someone that cares? We here applaud Mike Stivers and his losing ways. Mike, you are a true member of MORE now. The Crack Team wishes to award you it's Fickle Finger of Fate award and have a dinner in your honor. Please reach out The Crack Team awards committee ASAP so we can make proper arrangements.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of those soon to be steering meetings. Pure. Comedy. Gold.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The New York Post Yet Again Defiles Teachers

Oh, the New York Post is at it again blaming and shaming teachers for the ills of the NYC
educational system. In the minds of the Post, "If only those gosh darn fucktard teachers will all drop dead the students of New York will learn." To which one can respond, "Fuck you Post!"

This past Sunday, the Post had its second hit piece on teachers in three weeks. It must have been a slow couple of weeks at the Post. One can hazard to guess there were no stories about how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez uses only one ply bathroom tissue or that she puts mayo on a brisket sandwich. Heaven forbid!!

No, but let's denigrate teachers some more thinks the Post. And especially naughty, dirty teachers who went through the process and an arbitrator found (They kept their jobs) in the favor.

I am not going to comment on these teachers cases nor post their names. They had their day in Kangaroo Court and the city fucked up the cases or didn't do their due diligence.

Let's have a look...

But blundering educrats called investigators too late

The alleged victim recanted,

The DOE did not appeal the decision in court.

Why not take the DOE to task? If one goes to a restaurant and the food sucks, does one blame the waiters or the person who selected the ingredients and cooked the food?

Back on October 19 the Post had it's 345,988th article that basically said the same thing...

"ATRs suck, ATRs are costing the city gazillions of dollars, all ATRs should be banished to an uninhabited island, start a new culture, and kill themselves off like they did in Lord of the Flies, yada, yada..." 

Yeah, we know the story. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Ok? We get it already!!

And to top it off, the Post interviews the Clown from Solidarity (See! I am not mentioning his name!!!) that has never met a camera, video, or recorder in which he can't blabber about himself. And he can't even get the quote right.

Hey, I am happy for the Clown from Solidarity in getting a full time gig. All the more power to him. But he just couldn't help making his quote all about himself instead of saying something like...

"While I am fortunate that I have been able to leave the ATR pool, I will not rest until all my ATR brothers and sisters find a permanent home and teachers across the city are treated as professionals and adults." 

But that is just a fantasy I have. It'll never happen. But a leopard will never change its spots.

Why doesn't the Post do an expose on all the incompetent and corrupt principals across the city who instead of being terminated are instead whisked off to the safety of Tweed or 65 Court St after they are caught cheating, advocating pot smoking, cooking the books, stealing, banging their secretaries or so many other misdeeds? And the funny thing is that these cushy gigs these principals get aren't vacancies. These gigs are created! Like, "Director of InterBorough School Book Distribution," or "Executive Superintendent for Pre-3 College Readiness."

Nah, it'll never happen.