Saturday, February 15, 2020

DOE Sexual Harassment

Not only was yesterday Valentine's Day, but it was the last day to take the DOE's mandated sexual harassment online course. Thanks to a SBSB groupie, I was reminded that yesterday was the deadline and spent 45 minutes in hell learning what I learned last year during 2019's mandated sexual harassment online course.

Myself and The Crack Team have crunched the numbers and figured out that the 45 minutes could be done in five seconds with three words: "Don't be stupid."

Now please don't get the idea that I am making light of those that have been sexually harassed or sexual harassment in general. Before my son, who is a freshman, left for college I had "the talk" with him. Told him no means no, even if you are in your underwear and the young lady changes her mind, it is over. Kaput.

What I find inane is the redundancy of the training. It was done. Nothing changed. Also, the time wasted. This can be done as a PD on a Monday. Never mind the horrible technical glitches that happened last year and this year.

But The Crack Team has decided to add a few addendum lessons for our readers to see if anything was learned.

In this scene, Elaine Benes was out on a date with Phil Tutola. What did Phil do wrong?

In this scene, George Constanza is fired for an office indiscretion. Why was George wrong?

How did Patty harass Navin Johnson?

And to promise someone a job in return for sexual fulfillment is wrong as well.