Monday, December 26, 2022

Mulgrewcare Thoughts

 I got to give Mike Mulgrew credit for one thing. This passion he is showing to get his way with taking away the rights (and eventually the lives) of retired teachers shows that he can be passionate about something. That he can fight for something when he decides to. That in he does have a set. 

It would sure have been swell if Mulgrew showed the same passion for the last fifteen years as teacher upon teacher has been unceremoniously been dumped on and shat upon. Teachers hit up with trumped up letters to the file, accusations, hearings, and terminations while Mulgrew was silent.

However, Mulgrew is making a mess of this push to Mulgrewcare and he's going to take as many retirees down with him. Either to his level or to their graves. 

But I have been meaning for some time to share what's on my mind about Mulgrewcare. Not to the level of the experts, such as Jonathan, Arthur, James, and Norm. All four of them deal into the nitty gritty as well as numbers and background that I can only dream of doing. 

So just some pertinent thoughts from me concerning this healthcare mess. Let's see if he makes any big purchases in the future. 

1. Why is Mulgrewcare being created from the top down? Why not have all the ducks in a row and then present it to the retirees? Have a list of all the providers, hospitals, pharmacies, et. al. show what's available and at the very least retirees, and future retirees, can see there is a plan (mind you. I am not in favor of Mulgrewcare). 

2. To add on the above, would it not be advantageous to also let retirees know where other than Florida and the Northeast where coverage would be provided? What happens if a retiree moves to California or Montana? Will there still be coverage available? 

A 68 year old family member of mine moved from California to  the middle of nowhere Maine last year. He's on Medicare Advantage. For some reason his policy is still being written out of California. Sadly, he lacks common sense and is having trouble find doctors in Maine to treat his maladies. 

3. To save money why not extend HIP coverage to all employees under 30? Or under 30 and single? Or employees with less than five years in the system? 

Rookies in the NFL and NBA used to get huge contracts until there was a rookie wage scale negotiated. There is precedence. 

4. Combine all the welfare plans into one. Yes, the number of patronage jobs will be affected but I'm sure there are savings to be found. 

5. Look look for savings. For instance, did you know that if an NYPD cop gets injured off the job, be it playing football with the guys, ice skating, heart attack, whatever, that that cop will be paid IN FULL. Yeah, paid in full until healthy and returns to the job. Is this fair? Why can't teachers have this? Sanitation workers? FIX THIS NOW!

6. Demand that Mayor Adams opens the books to the unions. Let's see for sure if the city is hurting.

7. I have heard the uniformed services are against Mulgrewcare. Why have their union leaders been silent thus far? Patrick Lynch has a big mouth and opinion about everything and anything. Why has he been so silent on this?

And last but not least, what is in this for Mulgrew?