Monday, December 29, 2014

The Sociopath Amongst Us

What you are about to read is another post borrowed from ATR Alliance Facebook page. It is about the workplace Sociopath and/or Narcissist from on high that we must deal with every day.

These types aren't like when George W Bush said, "You are either with us or against us." No, these people are worse.

It's squashing all dissent ruthelessly and making those dissenters examples for others to scare the others into submission.

Independent thought or questioning is not allowed. Either by squashing all the thought and questioning punitively or by manipulation. Manipulating all facets of the work place to the point that anything and everything has to go through the Sociopath and/or Narcissist.

Manipulating others into thinking that they are part of the "inner circle." These types have no clue to how much they are being manipulated and how far up the ass of the Sociopath and/or Narcissist they reside for they have drank the Kool-Aid and have turned over their minds and acquiesced to working in fear.

But these are just the types the sociopath and/or narcissist wants. These "inner circle" types never see it coming. The day they fall out of favor with the Sociopath and/or Narcissist. It hits them like a ton of bricks and they are soon like a chicken running without it's head. Flailing for someone to help them when they themselves were the first to throw a colleague under the bus.

The Sociopath and/or Narcissist believes that only they have the answers, they have the knowledge, and they can control everything. They can't. Their head ain't any bigger than anyone else.

But yes, the Sociopath and/or Narcissist is not all they are cracked up to be. The swagger the evil, the lack of empathy shows how frightened they really are. Are scared they are. How insecure they are.

It's simple if the Sociopath and/or Narcissistis secure within themselves it would not act the way it does. It will show human emotion and empathy. It will not control all there is to control. It will think of others and want others to feel safe and do their jobs.

We here at SBSB present for you reading enjoyment, the workplace Sociopath and/or Narcissist juxtaposed with "Big Time," off the 1986 album  "So" by Peter Gabriel.

I'm on my way I'm making it, huh!
I've got to make it show yeah, hey!
So much larger than life
I'm gonna watch it growing

The most frightening and dangerous workplace bully of all. They are predators that have zero empathy for anything or anyone. They are completely without conscience. They do not process emotions they way you do and they do not understand your emotions. However, they are highly adept at manipulating the emotions of others in order to get them to do what they want.

The place where I come from is a small town
They think so small, they use small words
But not me, I'm smarter than that,
I worked it out
I'll be stretching my mouth to let those big words come right out
I've had enough, I'm getting out
to the city, the big big city
I'll be a big noise with all the big boys, so much stuff I will own
And I will pray to a big god, as I kneel in the big church

Sociopaths are often very intelligent, charming, even charismatic with powerful verbal skills of persuasion. If you are up against a sociopath you will not likely win. They are ruthless and relentless.

Big time, I'm on my way I'm making it, big time, oh yes
Big time, I've got to make it show yeah, big time
Big time, so much larger than life
Big time, I'm gonna watch it growing, big time
Ho ohh ohh, oh oh, ho ohh ohh, oh ohhh

They do not accept or care about the consequences of their actions. They gravitate to positions of authority and power and are able to attain executive levels of management. They will surround themselves with sycophants who have been put into their positions by this workplace bully. But because many of them are promoted because of their submission to the bully and lack the skills they should have they are forever beholden to the sociopath. He will then use that to get them do do the dirty work and engage in attacks against his target.

My parties have all the big names and I greet them with the widest smile
Tell them how my life is one big adventure
and always they're amazed when I show them 'round my house to my bed
I had it made like a mountain rage with a snow white pillow for my big fat head
And my heaven will be a big heaven, and I will walk through the front door

People are regarded as objects that serve a purpose. Once they are not able to serve a purpose for the sociopath they are discarded like yesterdays trash.

Big Time, I'm on my way I'm making it, big time, Huh!
Big time, I've got to make it show yeah, big time
Big time, so much larger than life
Big time, I'm gonna watch it growing, big time
Big time, my car is getting bigger Big time, my house is getting bigger
Big time, my eyes are getting bigger
and my mouth
Big time, my belly's getting bigger
Big time, and my bank account
Big time, look at my circumstance

It is a mistake to underestimate the lengths to which a sociopath will go, the deception they will engage in or how little you matter to them. If you are being stalked by a sociopath your best option is to get as far away from them and their influence as you can. In a word, they are "evil".

Be wary and careful out there.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Witch Hunts in the Schools

For those who do not know there is an ATR support page on Facebook known as the ATR Alliance (It is a closed group and you must request to join). If you are an ATR I suggest you sign up and get to know some of those in the same boat.

One thing I myself have noticed over the year and a half of being rubberized is that most of those I have served time with are outliers. Heck, not even just from the Rubber Room, those I call some of my dearest friends and confidants in across the DOE are outliers and proudly so.

These people are smart, dedicated, demanding, independent, and worse to many administrators, honest. But instead of being seen in a positive light by our colleagues we are seen as something that must be rid of. Something that must be shunned. Something that must be ignored. Something that is berated behind our backs. Something that must be stopped at all costs. Notice the something is used instead of someone. These people looking down their noses and from behind our backs do not see "someONE," they see "someTHING."

Some people only feel good in being part of the problem and part of the mob. The lack of independent thought and independent guidance is what leads these people to be part of this mob mentality amongst adults in our schools. Hold your head above the crowd and see how fast you are taken down.

So I was reading this posting on the ATR FB page about bullies in the work place. We have all had our share of those in the DOE, some more than others. Those that turn their backs to you. Those that are your "pals" to your face yet would not think for a second to do you in. Those that are so bereft of any ethics or morals that they will just shove a knife in your back in a heartbeat.

But the worst are those that you genuinely have gone to bat for and when you need them to step up to the plate for you they run away feigning they ever knew you or were close to you. Yeah, really. Those are the worse. Those are the ones who don't wish to ruin their cred with the correct school clique.

But back to this posting. It really hits home for me. It is a witch hunt out there. What makes it worse is that we expect it to come from administrators, we don't expect it to come from those who we consider friends and colleagues.

I'm re-posting the blog post and  juxtaposing it with lyrics from 1981's "Witch Hunt (Part III of the Fear Trilogy)" off of "Moving Pictures" by the band Rush. Seems so appropriate.

The night is black
Without a moon
The air is thick and still
The vigilantes gather on
The lonely torch lit hill

What Is Mobbing? - The office disease

The hallmark of mobbing behavior is an initial unresolved conflict that is preventing the targeted person from accomplishing his or her job in the most effective way.

The targeted person tries with good intent to resolve the situation in a constructive way, never realizing that the people he or she is dealing with have already decided to get rid of him or her, which is "revealed in attacks of various sorts: humiliation, ridicule, stigmatization, ostracism, exclusion and isolation.".

Features distorted in the flickering light
The faces are twisted and grotesque
Silent and stern in the sweltering night
The mob moves like demons possessed
Quiet in conscience, calm in their right
Confident their ways are best

This leads the targeted person to suffer "self-doubt," "…confusion, tension, anger and depression." Id. These unresolved conflicts intensify and are magnified until the targeted person is suffering severe emotional distress. The more the targeted person attempts to find recourse the more those who are doing the mobbing create reasons why the issue cannot be resolved. Because those doing the mobbing have no intention of resolving the conflict, the conflict escalates until it is virtually unmanageable.

The targeted person becomes very ill or depressed, work suffers and it is only a matter of time before the targeted person is terminated, resigns or retires. The expulsion of the targeted person was predetermined by those doing the mobbing from the very start and there was nothing the targeted person could have done to resolve the issue (therein lies the "crazy-making").

People new to handling power, and who are insecure and incompetent when it comes to wielding it, will apparently target the talented and dedicated for mobbing. Learn to spot and stop it whenever it rears its ugly head.

The righteous rise
With burning eyes
Of hatred and ill-will
Madmen fed on fear and lies
To beat and burn and kill

Checklist of mobbing indicators

Sociologist Kenneth Westhues devised the following list of mobbing indicators, with indicator number 12 probably being the most important:

- By standard criteria of job performance, the target is at least average, probably above average.
- Rumors and gossip circulate about the target's misdeeds: "Did you hear what she did last week?"
- The target is not invited to meetings or voted onto committees, is excluded or excludes self.
- Collective focus on a critical incident that "shows what kind of man he really is".
- Shared conviction that the target needs some kind of formal punishment, "to be taught a lesson".
- Unusual timing of the decision to punish, e.g., apart from the annual performance review.
- Emotion-laden, defamatory rhetoric about the target in oral and written communications.
- Formal expressions of collective negative sentiment toward the target, e.g., a vote of censure, signatures on a petition, meeting to discuss what to do about the target.
- High value on secrecy, confidentiality, and collegial solidarity among the mobbers.
- Loss of diversity of argument, so that it becomes dangerous to "speak up for" or defend the target.
- The adding up of the target's real or imagined venial sins to make a mortal sin that cries for action.
- The target is seen as personally abhorrent, with no redeeming qualities; stigmatizing, exclusionary labels are applied.
- Disregard of established procedures, as mobbers take matters into their own hands.
- Resistance to independent, outside review of sanctions imposed on the target.
- Outraged response to any appeals for outside help the target may make.
- Mobbers' fear of violence from target, target’s fear of violence from mobbers, or both.

They say there are strangers who threaten us
In our immigrants and infidels
They say there is strangeness too dangerous
In our theaters and bookstore shelves
That those who know what's best for us
Must rise and save us from ourselves

Psychological and health effects to the victim of mobbing in the workplace
Victims of workplace mobbing frequently suffer from: adjustment disorders, somatic symptoms (e.g., headaches or irritable bowel syndrome), Post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression.

In mobbing targets with PTSD, Leymann notes that the "mental effects were fully comparable with PTSD from war or prison camp experiences. Some patients may develop alcoholism or other substance abuse disorders. Family relationships routinely suffer. Some targets may even develop brief psychotic episodes, generally with paranoid symptoms. Leymann estimated that 15% of suicides in Sweden could be directly attributed to workplace mobbing.

Quick to judge
Quick to anger
Slow to understand
Ignorance and prejudice
And fear walk hand in hand... 

Degrees of mobbing

First degree: Victim manages to resist, escapes at an early stage, or is fully rehabilitated in the original workplace or elsewhere.

Second degree: Victim cannot resist or escape immediately and suffers temporary or prolonged mental and/or physical disability and has difficulty reentering the workforce.

Third degree: Victim is unable to reenter the workforce and suffers serious, long-lasting mental or physical disability.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wingnut Right and New York Post Hypocrisy

I know I haven't blogged much this month and there are reasons I don't wish to get into right now. One reason is I have had a bad case of writer's block. Still have it so I am just going to not worry about form in this blog post just worry about emptying my mind of my thoughts. Streaming my consciousness so to speak.

I support the police. I have come across a lot of cops that are jerks and a lot that are good people. That is the same in all walks of life. Some people suck, some don't.

What happened in Bed-Stuy was completely FUBAR. BUT! De Blasio did not egg the protestors on nor is he anti-cop. But he has every right to inform his son of the perils he faces. He is a father first and a mayor second.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley was mentally ill! Should we blame JD Salinger for the death of John Lennnon? Should Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese be blamed for John Hinckley shooting Ronald Reagan?

What is happening across New York City right now is crazy. It is insane. And it is being fueled by the wingnut Right and the New York Post.

Eric Garner should be alive right now. Watching the video one wonders why 4 cops could not take Garner down in a way other than he was. Garner was not a danger to anyone. A NYPD inspector once told me that best cop is one who does not let a situation get out of hand. Garner's situation got out of hand.

Four cops could not control the situation and Garner at the same time? Why go for the neck? Take him down low. If that had happened we would not be having all this tsuris right now.

That being said the blind, unadulterated, kissing of the police officers by the New York Post and the wingnut Right is getting pretty disgusting. Worse, they seem to be poo-pooing the way African-Americans feel and react to the perception (And if it is their perception then something must be real. To those of the Right and the Post, deal with it!) of racist behaviors by cops while at the same time championing education of the civil rights issue of all time.

But God forbid if a teacher so much as did something wrong and the Post and the wingnut Right (And crazy Governor Andy in Albany) would be calling for that teacher's keyster.

Or worse, what would they say if that teacher had been charged in the past with misconduct in several past instances, like... Officer Pantaleo? 
...was the subject of two civil rights lawsuits in 2013 where plaintiffs accused Pantaleo of falsely arresting them and abusing them. In one of the cases, Pantaleo and other officers ordered two black men to strip naked on the street for a search and the charges against the men were dismissed.
Where there is smoke there is usually fire. Speaking of fire how long will it take to terminate Officer Pantaelo? Faster than a teacher? Will the Post and the wingnuts of the Right be calling for a speedier process to fire cops? To keep bad cops off the job? To do away with due process? A way to better evaluate cops? To be sure that cops that are hired are from the highest 1/3 of their college class?


Oh, but the argument always will be that it is all about the children. But what about Eric Garner's children? What about the children of all the unarmed African-American's shot by the police? Are they not affected? Aren't all the African-American children not affected by NYPD in some sort of negative way?

Yet we aren't not hearing about charter precincts or busting up the NYCPBA or the monopoly that the NYPD has over policing or more stringent and punitive measures to evaluate cops and other inane stuff that we as teachers have been subject to for the last 12 years.

It ain't going to happen for several reasons. One, the rank and file of the NYPD is mostly male. Two, no one is afraid of the UFT and Mike Mulgrew. And third, they just haven't gotten to the uniformed services yet, but they will when they are done with us.

Oh one more thing. Can Sharpton just go very far away? Please?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Keeping it Dark. An Allegory.

The first Genesis album I bought (Actually wasn't an album, it was a cassette) was 1981's Abacab. In fact I think it was their last decent album, barring a few songs from 1983's self-titled album Genesis.

In my opinion this was the last of Genesis as a full fledged prog rock band. From this point forward they had become bubble gum pop and we had to suffer seeing Phil Collins' face everywhere.

But one song on this album I really dig. It hits home and it might for you. It's "Keep it Dark," even though "Me and Sarah Jane" still sends chills up my spine.

"Keep it Dark" tells of a man abducted  by aliens sees a beautiful world and returns to earth and as Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks said in 2007;
 "the idea was that this character had to pretend that he'd just been robbed by people and that's why he'd disappeared for a few weeks, and in fact what had happened [was] he'd been taken up in a spaceship and gone to this fantastic world where everything was wonderful and beautiful and everything..."

This man had to lie. He saw no evil, heard no evil, and spoketh no evil. 

Watch and listen in an allegorical sort of way.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Subdivisions Then and Now

The Crack Team had lots to talk about at the SBSB retreat at the Interlaken Inn in Lakeville CT last weekend. The Crack Team has decided to take a break from blogging about education and wishes to blog about the more mundane and happy things that encompass our life here on planet Earth.

This move is only temporary and we hope you will stay as a reader of the blog as we post things that are important, joyful, fun, and life affirming to The Crack Team.

So what better way to start off a new beginning than to share the greatest band ever (RUSH) with their greatest song ever (SUBDIVISIONS), with a live performance from 2013 and the official video from 1982.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Yes, it is true. I am making my FOURTH appearance tomorrow morning on the Bob Marrone Show
at approximately 6:20 AM.

Last week I only had one segment, but this week we plan to delve into the BREAKING NEWS today at my 3020-a hearing.

Again, there are several ways you can listen. On your radio dial at 1230 AM, but the range is about a 20 mile circle of White Plains.

Also, WFAS streams live, is on iHeart Radio, or download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store for your mobile device. I know some who downloaded the app and were able to listen while driving in from very far away.

For the social media aficionados, check out WFAS on Facebook, Twitter, and Bob Marrone is on Twitter as well.

And don't forget, the call in # is 914-693-5700. Don't be shy!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Rubber Room Yoga

This story comes from the files of "you can't make this shit up!"

The SBSB news team has learned of one of the most heinous stories of Rubber Room skullduggery ever!

A gym teacher who is currently time in the RR for, are you ready for this? Having the students in gym doing yoga.

I'll wait while you compose yourself from either laughing, crying, or just frozen in wonderment.

OK, got yourself composed?

A young gym teacher (What a shock, someone not over 40 is in the RR) was doing yoga with his class (At press time we do not know the grade of this class). Yoga has many advantages, what can be the harm of yoga? Isn't this great this gym teacher introducing such a wonderful art, exercise of the mind and body to the students of the Bronx?

Even better the teacher having a student in a wheelchair saw to it that the student would not be left out. He adapted, he differentiated, the lesson so the the student in the wheelchair could do upper body exercises so not to be left out.

At the end of the period the teacher decided to entertain the students by performing a hand stand. That, pardon the pun, was his downfall.

Apparently the principal felt that the student in the wheel chair felt bad he couldn't do a handstand and got charges 3020a charges filed against the teacher and off he was shipped to Fordham Plaza.

But it gets weirder.

The teacher, who is not assigned any work to do at Fordham Plaza other than to sit in the cafeteria, decided to make the most of his doing nothing. He resorted to doing some yoga breathing exercises. Sadly this irked someone, OSI was called in, and a letter was put in his file.

It is getting crazy out there. In fact The Crack Team is starting to miss the Bloomberg/Klein days.

But worse, where is the UFT in all this? Where is the UFT in the constant abuse of teachers?

Nowhere, but doing everything to keep those in power at 52 Broadway in power.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Today's WFAS Audio

I guess Monday's are bad for me on WFAS I learned the hard way. I am usually on Tuesday's, but this week I had to appear today and, well.... could have used more time.

I got there promptly at 6:35 AM but I guess they had something schedule in the 7 AM hour so I got about 25 minutes in.

Again, a big thanks to Bob Marrone and Scott for welcoming me and continuing to have me on.

My wife said today's appearance was the best and I believe it is. I think Bob is seeing what is being done to schools in this state. I got some good points and some good zingers.

Here are the links for your listening enjoyment of today's show.



Sunday, November 30, 2014


Yes, it is true. I am making my third appearance tomorrow morning on the Bob Marrone Show at 6:35 AM.

Last week's appearance was a bit curtailed by talk of Ferguson and be being a bit tardy. But not to worry, I will be there at 6:35 on the dot and I promise not to anything back. As usual.

Again, there are several ways you can listen. On your radio dial at 1230 AM, but the range is about a 20 mile circle of White Plains.

Also, WFAS streams live, is on iHeart Radio, or download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store for your mobile device. I know some who downloaded the app and were able to listen while driving in from very far away.

For the social media aficionados, check out WFAS on Facebook, Twitter, and Bob Marrone is on Twitter as well.

And don't forget, the call in # is 914-693-5700. Don't be shy!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I'm Back Live On WFAS-AM 1230 This Tuesday!

I'm am back this Tuesday morning, November 25, 2014, at 6:35 AM joining Bob Marrone on his great morning show on WFAS-AM 1230 as I pick up from where I left off last week.

I can guarantee that a bombshell or two will be dropped and corrupt practices that I know of will be exposed.

Again, there are several ways you can listen. On your radio at 1230 AM, but the range is about a 20 mile circle of White Plains.

Also, WFAS streams live, is on iHeart Radio, or download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store. I know some who downloaded the app and were able to listen while driving in from very far away.

For the social media aficionados, check out WFAS on Facebook, Twitter, and Bob Marrone is on Twitter as well.

And don't forget, the call in # is 914-693-5700. Don't be shy!

Fake Observations at Banana Kelly High School in the Bronx

I am not going to add much commentary to what the Post published today about the principal at
Banana Kelly HS and the faux observations. But if anyone thinks this happens in a vacuum is delusional.  IT IS SYSTEMIC!!!!! ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY (Jean-Luc Picard knew)!

Just like Yes sang about 30 years ago;
It can happen to you
It can happen to me
It can happen to everyone


Even giving a real observation knowing beforehand it will be given an unsatisfactory is just as wrong than what Principal Pope had done.

When will it end? How will it end?

The principal of Banana Kelly HS in the South Bronx has faked classroom observations of her faculty, staffers charge.

“She’s destroyed the integrity of the whole evaluation system,” an insider told The Post of Charlette Pope.

The accusations come as Mayor de Blasio this month named Banana Kelly one of 94 low-performing “Renewal Schools” to share $150 million for extra classroom time, after-school and summer programs, and teacher training.

In one case, Pope allegedly fabricated a formal observation of a teacher who had called in sick on the deadline to file the reviews.

“The observation never happened. It’s unethical,” the teacher said. When she refused to sign the dummied-up papers, Pope retaliated by rescinding a summer-school job, she said.

After repeatedly demanding to see her personnel file, the teacher was shocked to find a second fake observation, she said.

In another case, Pope submitted nearly identical observations of two teachers — both for the same eighth period last Oct. 23, records show. She rated both teachers “effective” or “developing” in the same categories.

One of the two teachers said Pope never came to her classroom to formally observe her all school year. 

“Charlette Pope had a history of being openly aggressive with teachers,” the staffer said. “I feared that by confronting her, I would not be rated fairly.”

In addition, Pope’s observations lift boilerplate language from DOE grading guidelines without citing specifics about the teachers’ lessons. She also failed to conduct teacher conferences required before and after observations, staffers said.

Staffers reported the alleged misconduct to special schools investigator Richard Condon, who launched a probe last week.

On Friday, after investigators spoke with Pope and collected records, she took steps to fire one of the whistleblowers, an untenured teacher.

Reached by phone Friday, Pope said, “I’m not allowed to speak to the press,” and hung up.
Pope, 40, became principal of Banana Kelly in December 2012, making $137,190.

While the school lacks laptops, paper and other supplies, staffers said, Pope handed out iPads — in custom cases engraved with a Maya Angelou quote — to 43 June graduates, at an estimated cost of $17,000. 

Previously, she raffled off mini-iPads, an Xbox and Beats headphones to students who attended a Regents prep session. The DOE forbids schools to give “incentive” prizes costing more than $25 each.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Audio From My WFAS-AM Interview

I would like to give a big thank you to Bob Marrone and his right hand man, his producer, his engineer, (His very own BabaBooey) Scott for the warm welcome and the graciousness of allowing me to share time with them this morning at WFAS-AM 1230 in White Plains (The studio is actually in Hartsdale).

Just to share a brief story or two. I grew up a few blocks away from WFAS (The tower loomed over the neighborhood) and my friends and I will go up there on a Saturday morning to try to get the DJ's to give us old 45's they no longer needed. I remember once getting Clapton's version of "I Shot the Sheriff."

On another occasion, I must've been about 10 years old, we went up there one weekend morning to try to get the morning guy, Bob E. Lloyd to advertise the car wash we had on our street to raise money so we can buy baseball cards. Believe it or not, he did.

So back to this morning.

I arrived at the studio about 6:25 sat down watched Bob do the news and soon enough it was my turn at 6:35. The interview was in three segments, coming between the usual stuff, news, sports, weather traffic, commercials and contest for Westchester Knicks tickets.

The interview started with background about myself and built up to the crescendo of my current predicament. Here for your perusal and listening enjoyment is the entire interview in 3 parts.

Oh, and before I forget, I will be appearing again next Tuesday, November 25 at 6:35 AM

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm Appearing Live in Studio Tomorrow Morning on WFAS-AM 1230

WFAS 1230 AM is a small radio station in White Plains, NY. Tomorrow I will be appearing live, in studio on the Bob Marrone Show at 6:35 AM until about 7:20 AM EDT to talk about my situation and how it correlates to all teachers. It should be quite an interesting 45 minutes. 

The call in # is 914-693-5700

The coverage area of WFAS is not great as you can see on this map;

So what to do? WFAS streams live, is on iHeart Radio, or download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store

For the social media aficionados, check out WFAS on Facebook, Twitter, and Bob Marrone is on Twitter as well.

To paraphrase Charles Osgood, "See you tomorrow on the radio."

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello UFT, It's Me!

Hi, UFT, it's is I. How are you? In fact where are you when not only myself, but many others need you?

Not to beat a dead horse, but I was conspired against by my principal at PS 154 and I have yet to hear anything proactive from you. Not a, "How you doing?" or "Can we help?" Nothing. Why is that? Please, don't claim you don't read this blog. You all do.

Why is it that I must, and other teachers as well, when there is clear and concise evidence of wrongdoing heaped upon them by out of control, vengeful administrators take the matters into our own hands?

Why must teachers spend thousands of dollars on outside lawyers to get a proper defense that we have a right to? Certainly the $100 a month paid by approximately 80,000 teachers can suffice in having some kind of defense fund.

(Oh for those scoring at home, that is $8 million a month, $96,000,000 a year!)

I sit in a room day after day trying to keep myself somewhat sane by having Star Trek debates, wondering why Spongebob is unable to swim even though he lives under water, and whether or not one got peanut butter on one's chocolate or if someone got chocolate in someone's peanut butter.

There is a crisis happening and all we are getting lip service to the abuse of ATR's, the discontinuances, the Rubber Rooms, the abusive principals, the working conditions, and facing termination for passing gas in an incorrect manner.

I was promised a meeting with a high ranking union person tomorrow, Veteran's Day. But after asking where and when several times as to where we will meet I was told that it would have to be sometime in December. I still give this person credit for at least responding to me and hearing me out. We know that can't be said of the Unity leadership in the gilded tower at 52 Broadway.

Where is the outrage from the UFT about my situation as well as my colleagues? In a strange way the silence of the UFT seems to condone how we are being treated.

All we ask is to be there for us, to support us, and we don't get that.


Ain't nothing there.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Open Letter to Chancellor Fariña

 I went to the PEP meeting (I'm at about 19:40 in) this past Thursday at Murry Bergtraum High School and had the pleasure of addressing the PEP. Unfortunately I was unable to fulfill my 2 minutes since the matter was a personal issue. In light of that, I am writing this open letter to Chancellor Fariña to share the gist of what I had planned on speaking about.

Dear Chancellor Fariña;

Thank you so much for allowing me the time to address you this past Thursday night at the PEP meeting. I apologize for bringing up a personal matter before the PEP. I had never done something like this before and was not aware of the protocol.

The lady, Ms X, who spoke to me privately about my concerns was gracious and seemed genuinely concerned, and shocked as I shared my story. I know both of you have been busy since and she might not have had the time to share with you what I had with her so please allow me to briefly share with you what I told her and what I had attempted to share with you at the PEP meeting.

I had been teaching for 18 years when before the 2012-2013 school year began Dr Alison Coviello, Principal of PS 154 in the Bronx, had decided before the school year started that I would be found incompetent.

Dr Coviello had also already scheduled me for 2 formal evaluations even before I had my first.

I, and neither does any teacher, have no problem being judged on their merits. But I ask you respectfully Chancellor Fariña, how can we be properly judged or evaluated when what his being dealt to us comes from the bottom of the deck? All we want is the same chance, an equal chance of every teacher in our building or the city.

Even if the argument is that Dr Coviello has a right to consult with XXXXXX to do her job, the question must be asked, what was shared about me,  with XXXXXX? Was he told that I had already been U-rated and had unsatisfactory observations in the 2011-2012 school year? Or was he told that I must be "gotten" at all costs. Either way, the parties acted in an unethical manner.

If Dr Coviello told XXXXX that I had been U-rated and the previous year, that would be untrue and unethical. If Dr Coviello told XXXXXX that I must be "gotten" at all costs that would be just as unethical unethical and just plain wrong.

But this calls into question who initiated the contact with XXXXX? Was it Dr Coviello? Was it a third party? Was it XXXXXXX? See how this seems like a conspiracy?

But even if Dr Coviello says that this was a consultation which is her right to be informed and that she at no time was planning on finding me incompetent, why then was I scheduled for 2 formal observation before I even had my first? A reasonable person can see that this shows intent to find me incompetent ahead of time, before the school year had even started.

Is it ethical for XXXXXXX to not only assist principals in how to U-rate teachers but to sit on a panel and render and/or assist in decisions to determine if U-rated teachers were wronged?

Is it ethical for a principal to determine before hand that a teacher would be rated incompetent? Should not a principal do everything in their power to raise the level of a teacher's pedagogy? To do everything to help a teacher thrive?

From what you know of this situation Chancellor Fariña, does this all fall into the Frameworks that you have espoused?

Would a principal in Roslyn, in White Plains, or in my town of Harrison, NY engage in such behavior? Would a school board in any of those towns when informed of the truth of something that had befallen myself, and probably countless other NYC teachers, not be shocked and indignant at such transgressions?

I love working with kids, I miss working with kids.

One of the great joys of being a teacher is seeing the growth in our students as people. We want them to be the best possible person they can be. We as teachers want the students to have ethics and morals yet the way most of us are treated nearly everyday is contradictory to what we are trying to impart.

Does this "gotcha" mentality directed at teachers actually do the students any good? The time and the money spent on me and the other 8 teachers at PS 154 that were U-rated in 2012-2013, how did that benefit the students? How does the constant harassment of ATR's help the educational process?

Everything directed at teachers appears to be punitive in nature. Why must it be that way? Must every matter involving a teacher that has done something incorrect have a figurative hammer applied to it? What ever happened to talking problems out? Is this not what we want to impart on our students? 

Thank you for your time. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

BREAKING!!! NYS Senator Wishes to Meet Concerning PS 154 in the Bronx

Great news came across the SBSB news desk this week.

After many hours of lobbying, phone calls, letter writings, etc... trips to Albany, I have finally gotten an audience with a highly respected and highly influential New York State senator to meet with me, and maybe some others, on my plight and the conspiracy DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal of PS 154 in the Bronx had diabolically planned against me and possibly others.

I can't give all the details but the meeting will be taking place after the November elections at the senator's office. The senator is aware of the situation at PS 154 and from what his chief of staff has shared is appalled.

Details to follow.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Persecution of the Rubber Room's Colonel Hogan

Back on September 4, these pages reported on how the fake cops at OSI came to serve some papers on fellow Rubber Room prisoner Colonel Hogan.

The story is that back in the Spring, Colonel Hogan was covering the SAVE Room for one period. In the room that day was a 3rd grade girl and a 7th grade boy (The school is a K-8 school).

The 3rd grade girl claimed that during Colonel Hogan's time covering that day the 7th grade boy walked over to her and whipped out his schlong. Soon after that Colonel Hogan was removed for parts other than the school.

The notice he got was to come down to OSI and speak with them. Colonel Hogan dutifully went along with a rep from the Bronx UFT. The complaint was that he had witnessed the whipping out of said schlong and did nothing st the time nor did he report it. Tito denied ever seeing it happen and since he never saw what happened he can't report what he didn't see.

He was shown the statement by the little girl, but there was no statement from the 7th grade boy.

The OSI meeting ended and several weeks passed. His principal sent him notice to request a meeting with him and a UFT representative to be held within the walls of the Rubber Room.

The meeting came, he again denied ever being aware of any such incident and that it would be extremely difficult to report what he did not see.

The meeting ended and he went back to gen pop and the principal went on her merry way.

Just an aside. This principal is a Leadership Academy grad. She replaced a trusted and beloved principal at her school. Since her arrival she has systematically gone after veteran teachers. Over 40 teachers have left the school either under their own volition or other indignities. A pattern persists, no? Tito is a 23 year veteran teacher on the wrong side of 50 and makes way too much money. Figure it out.

So a few days after the meeting with the principal, the HR person at the Rubber Room has something for Tito. It is a disciplinary letter to the file. But that is not all.

A week or so after that he gets hit with 3020-a charges. Yep, four specifications all related to this incident.

Among the charges are;

Lack of professional fitness.

Violation of Chancellor's Regulation A-412.

Neglect of duties

Poor judgement

Created a situation in which a student can show off his schlong

Failed to supervise the male student

Failed to supervise the female student

Yeah, someone screwed up here and it was not Colonel Hogan.  Anyone care to guess?

The principal is covering her tushy for allowing a 7th grade boy into a SAVE Room with a 3rd grade girl. Who would allow such a thing to happen? Why would it happen? The principal needs a scapegoat and she picked Tito to be the fall guy. This is a man who in my opinion could not and wold not hurt anyone. That if he saw what happened or if it truly happened he would have done all in his power to stop it and/or report it.

Why would he not report it? What advantage would he have to stay silent?

On the other hand, why is this even going to a 3020-a hearing? Is this not an incredible waste of time and money? A letter in the file is not sufficient even when it is just one person's word against another?

More curious, it seems that either OSI felt there was not enough evidence to warrant any further action or that they decided to bump it down to the principal for her to take the necessary steps. If OSI didn't feel it needed further action why then did the principal have to go past a letter in the file.

It is open season again on teachers. We are sitting ducks and there is not one person out there who care. The DOE is running scared from Campbell Brown and trying to prove her wrong.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How Does Bronx Superintendent Yolanda Torres Keep Her Job?

When I went into the bodega yesterday morning I saw the headline on the front page of the Daily News that Fariña sacked 12 out of 42 superintendents. Coming so soon on the heels of the ode to District 7 Superintendent Yolanda Torres one couldn't but help to wonder, as well as hope.

Sadly when I turned to page 5 I saw that yet again Yolanda Torres is the Teflon Superintendent. Even though she is responsible for;
....the debacle of Linda Amil-Irizarry as principal of PS 154, to the abuse of students by former 154 AP Derrick Townsend and the subsequent cover-up, the arrest for stealing funds of the principal at PS 31, to the continuing educational failure in District 7, admonishments from the New York State Department of Eduction, to allowing co-locations, to the stealing of time at PS 162 involving former Principal Marilyn Manzolillo and her AP Greg Papadopoulos (In which Papadopoulos only received a letter to the file) and the subsequent death of an AP at 162, and the brain drain (Teachers leaving in droves) at PS 154, one can seriously call into question Yolanda's integrity.
Let's also had in the "wonderful" test scores (Click to enlarge);
 Was the only qualification to keep the superintendent job was to be a principal and have taught for ten years? Or was a qualification to be a leader as well?

But in today's Daily News Chancellor Fariña laid out what she expects from the superintendents in today's Daily News;
“You’re the eyes and ears of the chancellor, you’re accountable for the success of the principals. Being on the ground visiting and listening is crucial.”
Hey The Crack Team has no problem with that.

But The Crack Team has a problem with this;
city’s supers will get the low-down on strategies for aiding troubled schools, including help getting rid of bad teachers.....
But why not work with teachers on how to be the best gosh darn teacher that they can be? But if not, is one of the strategies for getting rid of teachers to have the principal enter into a conspiracy and pre-determine that a teacher will be found incompetent?

But back to the wonderment of how Yolanda Torres has somehow managed to keep her job.

I hate to quote Families for Excellent Schools, but;

" of 11 middle schools in District 7, eight middle schools are failing and only 10% of students are at grade level."
Almost 10 percent of the failing elementary schools in the city are from District 7.
What gives? The superintendents at Districts 8,9,11,and 12 were all let go, yet Yolanda stays. We all know why District 10 Superintendent wasn't replaced...too much money flowing in Riverdale, but The Crack Team is perplexed at Yolanda's seeming good luck.

The Crack Team wants to know, as well as the entire District 7 community, who is Yolanda Torres' rabbi?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Has DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal Secretly Recorded Formal Observations?

DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal of PS 154 in the Bronx has a hidden, well not hidden, rather a special talent that not too many know about.

Apparently, it seems that DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal is not only an educator but a court reporter as well. Yes, you read that right, a court reporter.

It's not being implied that she moonlights as a court reporter, but rather she has the skills of a court reporter and these skills have come across in how she conducts (Or has conducted in the 2012-2013 school year) formal observations.

Back in 2012-2013 when DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal had pre-planned how many observations I was to have, as well as the diabolical plot that I would be found incompetent before the school year started, DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal had a very unique method of observing.

She would enter the classroom with her trusty laptop, sit her self down, and when you started teaching she did what she had to do. No, not taking copious hand written notes, but rather transcribing the entire 50 minute lesson onto her laptop.

How can this be done you ask? Yes, DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal is super duper smart and like James Bond knows it all. But did DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal, while earning her doctorate, also attend some of the finer schools in Manhattan for court stenography? Better yet, does she have the skills were court reporting?

A good court reporter must be able to type about 180-22- words per minute using what is known as a Stenograph (Take a look at this video) on a 22 key unmarked keyboard. Now remember, this is a hard job, even though most of the time there are mostly two people talking, or even one.  Yes, there is a lot of interaction amongst judges, lawyers, witnesses, but not like having 25 kids and 1 teacher.

DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal was able to take these skills as a court reporter and transfer them to the classroom. Not only was she able to transcribe the entire 50 minute lesson, supposedly verbatim, but in the transcription have the name of every child who has spoken, the inflections of the voices, and the movements of all in the class. She was able to do all this while being able to concentrate on the lesson being taught as well.

Now, there were some mistakes made in the transcription handed back. Large chunks of the lesson were missing and comments, inflections, interactions that never happened in the lesson were on the transcript.

Now for the readers of this blog who say, "IMPOSSIBLE!", well, you must put away your cynical hat for just a moment. As my dad said, "Anything is possible, the question is, is it probable."

Hmm, let's put my dad's theory to use.

Can DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal actually type as fast as a court reporter? Anyone can, even a monkey, but type that fast with accuracy or DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal's idea of truthiness? 

If DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal can type that fast, she would have to be spot on accurate with who said what to whom as well as the correct inflection used in each speaker's voice. 

If DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal can type that fast and accurate surely it must take some amount of concentration, concentration that is not used to properly follow the lesson, no? 

If DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal can type that fast and accurate along with the needed concentration wouldn't she not miss out on some of the small intricacies of the lesson? Perhaps even unspoken moments? 

Can DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal truly type that fast and accurate and if not, dare it be said...? That she covertly recorded the lesson on her laptop only to transcribe it later and purposely omit exculpatory evidence to quality teaching?

If DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal was audio recording observations, does this then not explain why (To transcribe the audio) it took almost a month to get feedback, the rating, and the transcription of the observation back?

At anytime, if the observations were being recorded, had DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal informed or gotten permission from the teacher being observed for the lesson to be audio recorded? 

In a previous 3020-a hearing, DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal when asked if she had audio recorded observations denied she had. Was this the truth or a fib?

In a controlled setting, would DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal be able to replicate such skills as she exhibited during formal observations? 

These are all questions inquiring minds would like answered. If these observations were audio recorded it would be a serious breech of trust and of ethics on the part of DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Did District 7 Superintendent Yolanda Torres Know and When?

In 1973, Senator Howard Baker of Tennessee, during the Watergate hearings asked John Dean this question in regards to President Nixon's knowledge of the Watergate break-in;
"What did the President know, and when did he know it? 
In 2014, the same question should be asked of Bronx District 7 Superintendent Yolanda Torres.

What did Yolanda know and when did she know about the diabolical (here, here, here, and here) plot that DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal of PS 154 in the Bronx and BFF AP Jessica Cruz were involved in against me and possibly other staff members at the school?

I had spoken to Yolanda on or about July 17, 2012 sharing my concern about the technology, or the lack of technology, at PS 154 and also asked her if she can bridge any differences between myself and DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal. Unbeknownst to myself at the time, the plot was put into play on August 24, 2012.

It is only natural to wonder what Yolanda's involvement is in this sordid conspiracy. One can only look at the past and wonder what machinations she has involved her self in.

From the debacle of Linda Amil-Irizarry as principal of PS 154, to the abuse of students by former 154 AP Derrick Townsend and the subsequent cover-up, the arrest for stealing funds of the principal at PS 31, to the continuing educational failure in District 7, admonishments from the New York State Department of Eduction, to allowing co-locations, to the stealing of time at PS 162 involving former Principal Marilyn Manzolillo and her AP Greg Papadopoulos (In which Papadopoulos only received a letter to the file) and the subsequent death of an AP at 162, and the brain drain (Teachers leaving in droves) at PS 154, one can seriously call into question Yolanda's integrity.

If she was not part of the plot planning then she has hired to rouge administrators and is incapable of leading a school district. If she was part of the planning, then she is still incapable of being a district leader and has serious ethical issues.

These questions must be asked of Yolanda Torres;

In June 2012, myself and several other staff members at PS 154 went to meet with her about our concerns about DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal. She seemed generally taken aback by some of our concerns. Was the fact that myself and others, either immediately or soon after rated U or brought up on 3020-a charges, orchestrated by her? 

If Yolanda was involved in the conspiratorial plot against me (And possibly other teachers) who at Tweed did she confer with or get permission from? 

At what point will Yolanda's leadership, or lack of, for District 7 be looked into? 

And again, what did Yolanda know and when did she know it? 

The ELA test scores at PS 154 are worse now (Page 355, and remember, this years cut scores were lower!) with DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal than before

Where is Yolanda?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Is PS 154 in the Bronx the Next Watergate?

I got to thinking.

I got to thinking after reading some of Chancellor Fariña's Capacity Frameworks on the DOE website. Yep, was really rubbing my chin and pondering.

Under the Framework known as Trust, and so it was said;
Relationships between all members of the school community— including administrators, educators, students, and families—are based on social respect, personal regard, and integrity. Trust creates a school culture where teachers, principals, staff, and all members of the Department of Education value and respect each other...

Another Framework, Effective School Leadership so sayeth;
 The principal sets the tone for the school, develops a climate of inclusiveness, and inspires staff and students with a clear vision for student achievement. The goal of a strong school leader is to build coherent instructional and social-emotional support that improves student achievement. School leaders support teacher development by consistently offering professional development opportunities and providing meaningful feedback.
¡Uni momento, por favor! It seems that someone has not gotten the Frameworks memo. I wonder who, **COUGH COUGH**, **WINK WINK.**

 What would a lay person say if they have read about the shenanigans that DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal of PS 154 in the Bronx and BFF AP Jessica Cruz have engaged in concerning me, and possibly others?

When this was shared on August 7, would any Joe Shmoe from Palookaville see the integrity, the trust, the inspiration, and the meaningful feedback? Would Mr Schmoe find the same values in this? Or this?

One would hazard to guess that the answer would be an unequivocal no way!

But let's give DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal of PS 154 in the Bronx and BFF AP Jessica Cruz the benefit of the doubt for just an itty bitty moment. Perhaps we don't have enough information to make an informed opinion, or enough information to confirm a fact.

But first a little background info.

As reported here on December 3, 2013, the erstwhile and multi-talented Betsy Combier filed a FOIL request in September 2012 for Coviello's any and all emails regarding me. Betsy felt she was quite thorough in using many keywords. But alas, they were one step ahead of her.

In an email in September 2012 from BFF AP Jessica Cruz to DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal of PS 154, BFF AP Jessica Cruz suggested to DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal of PS 154 that all future emails regarding me should be use the honorific, "Mr."

Now I am not a member of the legal profession, I do happen to be Jewish, and I can assume that this is not kosher behavior. Can this be obstruction of justice as some have suggested? I can't say, nor is it my place to make either an assumption or pass judgement.

But these questions can be asked...

Why were they so afraid of what Betsy would find out and why would they use a pseudonym for me? 

In a school that still consistently has almost 90% of students across all testing grades in both Math and ELA  put so much energy into what some might also call a cover up?

Are there any other teachers from the 2012-2013 school year that were U-rated for the year subject to what I was subject to? 

Are there any other teachers from the 2013-2014 school year that were rated ineffective or developing for the year subject to what I was subject to? 

Are these kind of behaviors by administrators done in a vacuum or is it systematic throughout the system? Knowing that if we all had a dime for every time we hear a teacher say, "My principal set me up," we would be quite wealthy, if this is just the tip of the iceberg in a systematic problem, how many years do we go back to see if this was done and be sure accused teachers are exonerate?

What did District 7 Superintendent Yolanda Torres know and when did she know it? More importantly, was she the one orchestrating this conspiracy? 

Inquiring minds want answers.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rubber Room Indignities at 1230 Zerega Ave Bronx

While sitting around in the Rubber Room at 1230 Zerega Ave last Monday, October 6th, we yet again found out that what others think of us, as if it were really a surprise.

Doing what one usually does in the Rubber Room the big macha, along with his two deputies, of 1230 Zerega Ave came to address all 11 of us. Why were we blessed with his presence?

A little background.

We are warehoused in the large, 10 table, approximately 36 seat cafeteria. In this cafeteria there are two vending machines (One for snacks, the other for beverages). We are also blessed with a former 7-Up soda refrigerator where we can store our food. We are also have a toaster and a microwave.

There is also a 42 inch flat screen LCD-HD TV in there. Hanging up in the corner. We can watch the TV whenever we want. Sadly there is no cable, we just get the over the air channels and whatever corresponding digital channels come along. We just don't have the remote. That is under lock and key by a receptionist, Mrs Forest Gump, in the enrollment center. No one know why she has such specialized attention.

The Rubber Room/Cafeteria at 1230 Zerega Ave.

About 10 days ago we decided to turn on the TV to watch the latest Channel 4 news when Mrs Forest Gump comes into the cafeteria to eat her lunch. We were then hoping to watch New York Live right after but Mrs Forest Gump would have none of it. She had to watch her stories. We were subjected to the Young and the Restless.

It was attempted that we have every right to watch the TV as her and out of courtesy she should at the very least consult with us, ask us, what we want to watch or if it is OK to change the channel. Her reply was quite typical;
"This is MY cafeteria, 'you people' don't even belong here."
Umbrage was taken at this and it was reported. It didn't have to happen this way. It could have been worked out, a compromise found. But Mrs Forest Gump had to insult and degrade us.

Which brings us to Monday.

So like Fielding Mellish had to listen to the general, I too, as well as my colleagues had to listen to the leader of the building belittle and humiliate us. 

He told us in no uncertain terms that we are not in a Rubber Room and we should not call where we are a Rubber Room. We are in the cafeteria.

That there are 180 people at the Zerega Ave complex and that it is very convenient to the 6 train, the Hutch, the Bruckner, the Cross Bronx and the Whitestone and Throgs Neck bridges. Oh, and the parking is out of this world.

There is no other place to put us at Zerega and this is where we must be as he talked condescending to us implying we should be grateful for the amenities we have (See above).

But he would like one thing from us. We must leave the Rubber Room, oops, the cafeteria from 12:30 to 1:30 so the rest of the staff at Zerega can eat lunch. Never mind that half the building is out at schools and whatnot and the rest are eating lunch at their desks. We must vacate or as he implied;
 "We can find other reassignment centers in the Bronx for you."
When asked that even if everyone in the building wished to eat lunch at that time there isn't enough room for everybody, he ignored that and shared that people wish to converse with one another at lunch and talk about the travails of the New York Jets and we will be inhibiting such dialogue.

We were told we can go to lunch (But not in the cafeteria), sit in the bullpens of our networks, sit in unoccupied meeting rooms, or the copy room. But NOT IN THE CAFETERIA!!

This is really unacceptable. We are professionals and human beings. We have already lost a great deal of respect and dignity from others, why must this person come in and kick us when we are down. The Leader even admitted that it was true that this decree was in response to the complaint about Mrs Forest Gump. The same Mrs Forest Gump that insulted the teachers in the Rubber Room last year and the same decree was declared. There is a pattern here for the Leader to notice. Mrs Forest Gump does not play and work well with others.

And if you are asking yourself is the cafeteria overcrowded due to the exodus of the Rubber Room inmates? Not exactly. Mrs Forest Gump has been the lone person having lunch there from 12:30 to 1:30 everyday and watching her stories unfettered.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Students Do Not Come First at MS 344 in the Bronx

This stuff just can't be made up. I am creative, but not that creative.

Back in 2011 Principal Rashaunda Shaw was in the news for some transgressions at her then school MS 344 in Harlem.
According to the New York Post Shaw a lot happened under Shaw's reign at MS 344; 
MS 344 was a "persistently dangerous” school, and just two of 88 eighth-graders last year passed the state math or reading exams. 

She was always late, barely leaves her office “except for the bathroom,” (There is a reason this is highlighted, be patient) and hired a sister-in-law and her boyfriend’s ex-wife, among other cronies. 

Shaw, 35, also hired former Staten Island Assistant Principal Odufuyi Jackson, a friend who was busted in 2009 on felony charges that he conspired to steal more than $100,000 in Social Security benefits.
 So does the DOE bring her up on charges? No. Does the DOE take steps to take away her administrative license? No. Does the DOE put her in the Rubber Room? No. Does the DOE have her humiliated? No. They just move her elsewhere.

That elsewhere is the Globe Middle School (MS 272) in the Bronx where Shaw is currently the interim acting principal. But who knows for how much longer.

MS 272 has, or rather had, a fitness center with weights and what not in the school for 30 years. This room was not only used by the students to get into shape and build a healthier body but to take pride and gain self esteem. It was important to them. Not as important as it was to Shaw.

Shaw decided to have the room discontinued and it's equipment sent elsewhere. Why? Because she wanted to have it as her office with, now get this, the bathroom right there for her.

Obviously she must have upset someone because interpreted WPIX-11 reporter Arnold Diaz caught up with her and this is what appeared today on the News at 10.

Done laughing?

Is it me or should the Benny Hill theme (Open the theme in a separate window and then play the video) be playing as she is driving down that street?  And we all can see why she wants a bathroom so close, or rather in, her office.

But there are some points to be made. One is, how can Shaw afford 2 Mercedes (Does anyone know the model and the sticker price)? Which manipulations of the DOE did she employ? Judging by the DOE's two responses the folks at Tweed clearly did not understand the usage of the room nor what it meant to the students and the school community. I am willing to give the DOE the benefit of the doubt in that they did not know, but they should have looked into the matter more before giving the OK to take down the room.

The Crack Team has suggested that if Shaw had kept the gym and had her office amongst the equipment this would have been an equitable situation. Not only would the gym still be available but Shaw could have availed herself to the weights when she feels she has been in hiding for too long.

Anyway, we here at SBSB wish to shout out a hardy Mozel Tov! to Rashaunda Shaw and her soon to be new position either at Tweed or some network office in charge of training how to use dry erase boards.

One more thing. Isn't it time to stop blaming the teachers for everything and to start look at those with the power?

Oh, when contacted by a member of The Crack Team and asked about going down a one way street Shaw replied, "Yeah, I was only going one way."

Monday, October 6, 2014

Formal Observations Pre-Determined by Principal Alison Coviello PS 154 Bronx

Remember the PreCogs in the movie Minority Report? They were able to predict a murder before it happened. DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal of PS 154 and her BFF AP Jessica Cruz canpredict how many formal observations a teacher will have before that teacher as their first one.

When we last left our intrepid conspirators on these pages last month it was shared how on August 24, 2012  BFF AP Jessica Cruz emailed DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal on proper English language use on the upcoming (PreCog abilities again?) write-ups for my file.

This email by BFF AP Jessica Cruz was in response to the email from DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal on how DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal  can find me incompetent in August, 10 days before the school year even started.

So it becomes even curiouser that before I had even my first formal observation of the 2012-2013 school year I was scheduled for two formal observations on a schedule that DR Alison Coviello Ed.D and Principal and BFF AP Jessica Cruz shared only amongst themselves (And assuming AP Rajendra Jimenez-Jailall) which came out in November. Take a look.

Now of course names of other teachers are redacted. Those redacted names with a (2) next to them are non-tenured and marked accordingly, and those non-tenured are marked and so on (All redactions and whether or not tenured or non-tenured added by The Crack Team).That is all except one.

As you can see the week of December 3rd, under then AP Rajendra Jimenez-Jailall observations is a tenured teacher. This tenured teacher was to have a a second observation, scheduled before even the first one was complete, to be observed by BFF AP Jessica Cruz the week of March 4.

I was scheduled to have my first observation in the presence of DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal the week of December 3. But AP Rajendra Jimenez-Jailall was supposed to observe my second observation the week of January 28 but he didn't, but did informally observe me on January 30 and only judged me on my "learning environment," not my pedagogy.

DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal did email me and share with me on February 17 that I was on the schedule for an pre-observation for me on February 21and the observation for me for February 22. This during the abbreviated February break of 2013.

See the fix was in, not only for me, but for others as well (In a way).

Coviello that year did not let anyone take advantage of Part A of the formal observation;
 The first model, known as Annual Performance Options (Component A), offers an individual teacher, in consultation with his/her supervisor, the opportunity to set yearly goals and objectives and to choose the met hods for demonstrating professional growth.
But as with me and one other staff member she decided that even before our first observations we were to have two.

Now I have always been under the impression that a tenured teacher, though can be informally observed as often as an administrator wishes, received only 1 formal observation, unless that observation was a U. And that once having a U, they can be formally observed 2 more times.

Even if I am wrong, why then were most of the tenured teachers (Other tenured teachers received more than one observation) not made to be observed a 2nd time? Was DR Alison Coviello's; Ed.D and Principal mind made up in November 2012 who was to receive or not receive a U rating in June of 2013, which was more than six months away?

Moreover, did I and others, have the same opportunity, the same chances to succeed as other teachers had? Were we all at the same starting line or did some have to start from the back of the pack? What other teachers and staff have fallen out of favor with DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal and how were they then treated? What about those who consider themselves safe for the are favorites. Surely they are aware how easily they can go from being a favorite to an enemy of DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal.

Bigger question. Has  DR Alison Coviello; Ed.D and Principal acted in a ethical and professional manner engaging in what appears to be an alleged conspiracy to ruin my career as well as others? If no, should there be any repercussions?

When does this behavior end?