SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Students Do Not Come First at MS 344 in the Bronx

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Students Do Not Come First at MS 344 in the Bronx

This stuff just can't be made up. I am creative, but not that creative.

Back in 2011 Principal Rashaunda Shaw was in the news for some transgressions at her then school MS 344 in Harlem.
According to the New York Post Shaw a lot happened under Shaw's reign at MS 344; 
MS 344 was a "persistently dangerous” school, and just two of 88 eighth-graders last year passed the state math or reading exams. 

She was always late, barely leaves her office “except for the bathroom,” (There is a reason this is highlighted, be patient) and hired a sister-in-law and her boyfriend’s ex-wife, among other cronies. 

Shaw, 35, also hired former Staten Island Assistant Principal Odufuyi Jackson, a friend who was busted in 2009 on felony charges that he conspired to steal more than $100,000 in Social Security benefits.
 So does the DOE bring her up on charges? No. Does the DOE take steps to take away her administrative license? No. Does the DOE put her in the Rubber Room? No. Does the DOE have her humiliated? No. They just move her elsewhere.

That elsewhere is the Globe Middle School (MS 272) in the Bronx where Shaw is currently the interim acting principal. But who knows for how much longer.

MS 272 has, or rather had, a fitness center with weights and what not in the school for 30 years. This room was not only used by the students to get into shape and build a healthier body but to take pride and gain self esteem. It was important to them. Not as important as it was to Shaw.

Shaw decided to have the room discontinued and it's equipment sent elsewhere. Why? Because she wanted to have it as her office with, now get this, the bathroom right there for her.

Obviously she must have upset someone because interpreted WPIX-11 reporter Arnold Diaz caught up with her and this is what appeared today on the News at 10.

Done laughing?

Is it me or should the Benny Hill theme (Open the theme in a separate window and then play the video) be playing as she is driving down that street?  And we all can see why she wants a bathroom so close, or rather in, her office.

But there are some points to be made. One is, how can Shaw afford 2 Mercedes (Does anyone know the model and the sticker price)? Which manipulations of the DOE did she employ? Judging by the DOE's two responses the folks at Tweed clearly did not understand the usage of the room nor what it meant to the students and the school community. I am willing to give the DOE the benefit of the doubt in that they did not know, but they should have looked into the matter more before giving the OK to take down the room.

The Crack Team has suggested that if Shaw had kept the gym and had her office amongst the equipment this would have been an equitable situation. Not only would the gym still be available but Shaw could have availed herself to the weights when she feels she has been in hiding for too long.

Anyway, we here at SBSB wish to shout out a hardy Mozel Tov! to Rashaunda Shaw and her soon to be new position either at Tweed or some network office in charge of training how to use dry erase boards.

One more thing. Isn't it time to stop blaming the teachers for everything and to start look at those with the power?

Oh, when contacted by a member of The Crack Team and asked about going down a one way street Shaw replied, "Yeah, I was only going one way."


Anonymous said...

Not sure why but the DOE really seems to be inept in many areas. There seem to be many principals who have screwed teachers, kids and communities but somehow remain as principals...when will the doe learn???

Anonymous said...

Take it from an old timer, that 'private bathroom' thing was a status symbol that seems to have caught on with some new administrators with very old time elitist ideas.

More distressing is how the DOE takes school administrators at their word while teachers are presumed guilty of any transgression imagined by an administrator (thus the rubber rooms go on and on. Where was the School Leadership Team discussion of this major change for this or the other three schools sharing the building? Where was the discussion with parents? The Mayor and Chancellor talk a good game about involving parents, staff and students but very little has really changed. When it comes to a Principal taking a major resource away from students for a private perk, de Blasio's crew would rather stand behind a Principal's lie than look for truth.

I hope that Bratton has the guts to order a traffic summons issued based on that videotape. That clearly intentional traffic violation in a school zone borders on Reckless Endangerment.

Anonymous said...

here we have another "sistas" principal group

Anonymous said...

Its time to Make The DOE Great Again.