SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Persecution of the Rubber Room's Colonel Hogan

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Persecution of the Rubber Room's Colonel Hogan

Back on September 4, these pages reported on how the fake cops at OSI came to serve some papers on fellow Rubber Room prisoner Colonel Hogan.

The story is that back in the Spring, Colonel Hogan was covering the SAVE Room for one period. In the room that day was a 3rd grade girl and a 7th grade boy (The school is a K-8 school).

The 3rd grade girl claimed that during Colonel Hogan's time covering that day the 7th grade boy walked over to her and whipped out his schlong. Soon after that Colonel Hogan was removed for parts other than the school.

The notice he got was to come down to OSI and speak with them. Colonel Hogan dutifully went along with a rep from the Bronx UFT. The complaint was that he had witnessed the whipping out of said schlong and did nothing st the time nor did he report it. Tito denied ever seeing it happen and since he never saw what happened he can't report what he didn't see.

He was shown the statement by the little girl, but there was no statement from the 7th grade boy.

The OSI meeting ended and several weeks passed. His principal sent him notice to request a meeting with him and a UFT representative to be held within the walls of the Rubber Room.

The meeting came, he again denied ever being aware of any such incident and that it would be extremely difficult to report what he did not see.

The meeting ended and he went back to gen pop and the principal went on her merry way.

Just an aside. This principal is a Leadership Academy grad. She replaced a trusted and beloved principal at her school. Since her arrival she has systematically gone after veteran teachers. Over 40 teachers have left the school either under their own volition or other indignities. A pattern persists, no? Tito is a 23 year veteran teacher on the wrong side of 50 and makes way too much money. Figure it out.

So a few days after the meeting with the principal, the HR person at the Rubber Room has something for Tito. It is a disciplinary letter to the file. But that is not all.

A week or so after that he gets hit with 3020-a charges. Yep, four specifications all related to this incident.

Among the charges are;

Lack of professional fitness.

Violation of Chancellor's Regulation A-412.

Neglect of duties

Poor judgement

Created a situation in which a student can show off his schlong

Failed to supervise the male student

Failed to supervise the female student

Yeah, someone screwed up here and it was not Colonel Hogan.  Anyone care to guess?

The principal is covering her tushy for allowing a 7th grade boy into a SAVE Room with a 3rd grade girl. Who would allow such a thing to happen? Why would it happen? The principal needs a scapegoat and she picked Tito to be the fall guy. This is a man who in my opinion could not and wold not hurt anyone. That if he saw what happened or if it truly happened he would have done all in his power to stop it and/or report it.

Why would he not report it? What advantage would he have to stay silent?

On the other hand, why is this even going to a 3020-a hearing? Is this not an incredible waste of time and money? A letter in the file is not sufficient even when it is just one person's word against another?

More curious, it seems that either OSI felt there was not enough evidence to warrant any further action or that they decided to bump it down to the principal for her to take the necessary steps. If OSI didn't feel it needed further action why then did the principal have to go past a letter in the file.

It is open season again on teachers. We are sitting ducks and there is not one person out there who care. The DOE is running scared from Campbell Brown and trying to prove her wrong.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I hope that Tito has a good lawyer. There are not too many NYSED licenses that qualify you to be teaching, thus supervising, 3rd and 7th grade students at the same time. The idea that teachers must see everything that happens in a room is also absurd.

Worst of all is the fact that OSI too often acts as an agent of a complainant, in this case a Principal, rather than an investigator of facts. The fact that no statement was obtained from the alleged perpetrator of this act ASAP represents negligence on the part of the Principal. I also suspect that the Principal failed to act properly when the complaint was brought to her. If neither the Principal nor OSI contacted NYPD about this sexual act they are both negligent. More likely that is a play on their part. If what the boy did was a criminal act, Tito cannot be held responsible for that.

Most of all OSI and all city authorities should be concerned with what was done for the victim and the perpetrator of this act. Probably little or nothing. That should define the seriousness of the issue.

Unfortunately our new Mayor and Chancellor have adopted the motto that OSI and Michael Bloomberg stole from the Billy Crystal character Fernando, "It is better to look good than to be good."

Anonymous said...

tito was a great mlb player...played with some great teams... i love the blog about bloomberg which is so true and that is its better to look good then to be good...this is what mike bloomberg is all about and his destruction of nyc schools is just that...fake stats to look good not be good

Francesco Portelos said...

What's the principal's name?