Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello UFT, It's Me!

Hi, UFT, it's is I. How are you? In fact where are you when not only myself, but many others need you?

Not to beat a dead horse, but I was conspired against by my principal at PS 154 and I have yet to hear anything proactive from you. Not a, "How you doing?" or "Can we help?" Nothing. Why is that? Please, don't claim you don't read this blog. You all do.

Why is it that I must, and other teachers as well, when there is clear and concise evidence of wrongdoing heaped upon them by out of control, vengeful administrators take the matters into our own hands?

Why must teachers spend thousands of dollars on outside lawyers to get a proper defense that we have a right to? Certainly the $100 a month paid by approximately 80,000 teachers can suffice in having some kind of defense fund.

(Oh for those scoring at home, that is $8 million a month, $96,000,000 a year!)

I sit in a room day after day trying to keep myself somewhat sane by having Star Trek debates, wondering why Spongebob is unable to swim even though he lives under water, and whether or not one got peanut butter on one's chocolate or if someone got chocolate in someone's peanut butter.

There is a crisis happening and all we are getting lip service to the abuse of ATR's, the discontinuances, the Rubber Rooms, the abusive principals, the working conditions, and facing termination for passing gas in an incorrect manner.

I was promised a meeting with a high ranking union person tomorrow, Veteran's Day. But after asking where and when several times as to where we will meet I was told that it would have to be sometime in December. I still give this person credit for at least responding to me and hearing me out. We know that can't be said of the Unity leadership in the gilded tower at 52 Broadway.

Where is the outrage from the UFT about my situation as well as my colleagues? In a strange way the silence of the UFT seems to condone how we are being treated.

All we ask is to be there for us, to support us, and we don't get that.


Ain't nothing there.


I noticed that... said...

You have a better chance of Waldo meeting and defending you.

Anonymous said...

The UFT is busy helping Cuomo get reelected.

Anonymous said...

Same story in Newark.

Anonymous said...

It's terrible how little the UFT wants to represent members: remember you pay the same dues if you need their services or not!

Anonymous said...

Seems like a class action lawsuit is needed