SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Keeping it Dark. An Allegory.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Keeping it Dark. An Allegory.

The first Genesis album I bought (Actually wasn't an album, it was a cassette) was 1981's Abacab. In fact I think it was their last decent album, barring a few songs from 1983's self-titled album Genesis.

In my opinion this was the last of Genesis as a full fledged prog rock band. From this point forward they had become bubble gum pop and we had to suffer seeing Phil Collins' face everywhere.

But one song on this album I really dig. It hits home and it might for you. It's "Keep it Dark," even though "Me and Sarah Jane" still sends chills up my spine.

"Keep it Dark" tells of a man abducted  by aliens sees a beautiful world and returns to earth and as Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks said in 2007;
 "the idea was that this character had to pretend that he'd just been robbed by people and that's why he'd disappeared for a few weeks, and in fact what had happened [was] he'd been taken up in a spaceship and gone to this fantastic world where everything was wonderful and beautiful and everything..."

This man had to lie. He saw no evil, heard no evil, and spoketh no evil. 

Watch and listen in an allegorical sort of way.

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