SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Lies, The Deceit, The Chutzpah of UFT President Mike Mulgrew

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Lies, The Deceit, The Chutzpah of UFT President Mike Mulgrew

Leave it to Norm over at Ednotes to get that good juicy inside information on the manipulative machinations of The UFT and The Grand Exalted Mystic Ruler, and sometime Collaborator, Michael Mulgrew and his Unity hacks.

UFT President Mulgrew Seen Here With Vichy President Philippe Pétain
A secret memo has gone out to all Unity (I believe just Unity) chapter chairs from LeRoy Barr along the lines that Mulgrew is really neat, and that Mulgrew is LeRoy's BFF, and Mulgrew and LeRoy have slumber parties in which they talk about who is the coolest and that the both gag together over Bloomberg, blah, blah, blah. Oh yeah, something in their about solidarity and stuff and that The UFT is one big happy family and we all need one another.

But along with this memo is a campaign flyer that the CL's are to put in everyone's mailboxes on May 1. Coincidentally, International Worker's Day, or May Day. Gee whilickers, what a coincidence that May 1 was chosen. But, before we deride LeRoy, El Presidente Mulgrew, and Unity with snarkiness and sarcasm, perhaps we shall together examine the flyer we all will be getting this Tuesday.

I never noticed so many accomplishments. OK, please stop laughing. I know, I fell down and withered in laughter when I first read this. But thanks to the crack team at SBSB we have run the flyer through the SXS-3000 Bullshit Detector and were able to find the real truth behind these ridiculous statements.

1. Fighting For A Fair Evaluation System

So it is fair in when only 13 percent of teachers can appeal their ineffective ratings, and this is based on harassment issues. How are the 13 percent chosen? Will some teachers be more equal than other teachers? 

How is the evaluation system fair in which we all know that not only are the tests flawed, the algorithm's that decide the Value Added Measurement wrong, but that children inherently have too many variables to successfully monitor in some skewed test, scored in some skewed manner?

2. Preserving The Rights And The Dignity Of The ATR's

OK, sure. Of course. Come on get real. Does Mulgrew read the NYC ATR Blog? How come every ATR that has shown up in my school has been over the age of 40 and inexplicably a person of color? These people are just so gosh diddly darn proud and happy to be ATR's. In fact, a female ATR that is over  40 years of age who was in the system 25 years and was a reading specialist, would you believe that her services were not needed anywhere at all? How is this explained?

3. Averting Layoffs Of Members

Yeah, yeah. Of course anyone who ever wished for a sabbatical can kiss that dream good-bye. Thank you so much Mulgrew.

4. Preserving Our Tenure Rights

Yeah, haven't screwed this one up yet. That is unless you don't count the teachers who are on the 5th year of probation now because of some flawed TDR, from a flawed testing system, which was seen by a flawed superintendent, that passed judgement on a teacher that never saw teach and never met. Thanks Mulgrew.

5. Defending Our Defined Benefit Pension Plan

Yes, thank you for giving me Tier I rights. Now what about the new Tier V's? Tier XI's? Hey Mulgrew, we did not screw up the pension system, Wall St did. There is no crisis. It was created to destroy public pensions and to destroy public employment. 

6. Protecting Our Health and Welfare Fund Benefits

Thanks Mulgrew for the mail order for maintenance medications. Now instead of dealing with the pharmacist of your choice, you get no pharmacist. Hey, it might be cheaper this way, but some people like to deal with the warmth of someone that knows them. Someone who knows their entire medication history and someone who will be there to warn of any stranger drug interactions. Have you ever thought that your members might have been open and accepted to a surcharge if they went to a REAL pharmacy? Perhaps $10? Why were we just told of this instead of getting our input? I guess life from the gilded fortified perch has left you a little lacking of the rank and file, right Mulgrew?

Mulgrew and Unity must be stopped. Not soon, not a year from now, but right now. There must be some type of revolution from the rank and file to topple, overthrow, and be rid of this person that claims he is the leader of the UFT. Mulgrew does not care about being a leader, does not care in looking out of the teachers. Mulgrew just cares about the perks of office, the perks of what he can get, when he wants it, and only if it benefits him and no one else.


reality-based educator said...

I have some honest text for the Unity flyer:



That's just more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple: The UFT sold us out with the evaluation "deal" with Cuomo. I actually would have preferred a worse evaluation that Cuomo would have given us if the UFT simply rejected it instead of agreeing to what we have now. If the UFT sold us out on the evaluations, what will be next? Will they sell out the ATR's? Will they agree to tenure "reform". As a veteran NYC teacher, I never thought I'd see the day that this kind of nonsense would be going down.

NY_I said...

Excellent analysis.

You deserve a Pulitzer for your photo scoop of Mike kissing up to Marshal Petain.

Hope you can link to my blog,
New York City Eye.

UA said...

I'm wondering if the ATR situation has changed its complexion and age since I left the system a year ago. I was at a school where the ATRs were not people of color, nor were they older. They were just the last people hired in their departments.

In HSS, if the principal wants to close a whole subject down, a very senior person might end up being excessed. (A person with 20 years wouldn't be forced out of the building, but they wouldn't be teaching their subject: TOTALLY illegal, by the way).

Other factors are unionism and unwillingness to play with the team. A principal might excess deep into a big department just to turn a more senior teacher with the above proclivities into an ATR.

ed notes online said...

Thanks for plug SBS. Actually those fliers went out to many people not in Unity including some of our active chapter leaders. I view this as a possible test for Unity to see what schools they will have trouble getting into in the election -- they will send district reps in to do it during the election period next January while the other caucuses have to hustle to get into schools.

Pete Zucker said...

No problem Norm. You are a Jedi master and we are nothing but young Padawans

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mulgrew sold us out early on, in May 2010, on teacher evals as well as charters, in a backroom deal for his Dem buddies and Wall Street and the GOP - all of whom were just dying to "win" us Race to the Top.

Everyone on board for the bipartisan cluster**** that is the Democratic Party's/UFT's war cry, led by Obama/Duncan/Randi and all their bipartisan partners in crime. This politically viral deform bandwagon has been greased courtesy of go-along union buddies like the UFT and AFT.

How rich that Randi was portrayed as Enemy #1 in Waiting for Superman, up against union marauder #1, Michelle Rhee (deformers' darling). In FACT, Randi was key to brokering the awful contract (for teachers) that gave away the farm to Rhee - gave her more than she dreamed she'd ever get. And Mulgrew is her protege/successor, same caucus, same selling out.

With 'friends' like these...