SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Michelle Rhee Comes To New York Uninvited

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Michelle Rhee Comes To New York Uninvited

Did you hear that? You hear nothing correct? Don't be too sure, for that is the sound of the groundswell of support inviting Michelle Rhee and her minions with Students First as they bogart their way here into NY.

It is true, sad, but it is true. In today's New York Times, MichelleRheeFirst, that grassroots organization heard the imagined pleas of parents all through this great city and state of ours and like Mighty Mouse came to save the day. Funny, I am a parent and I do not recall asking for the Rhee Signal to be turned on.

But seriously, according to the NY Times, The group, called MichelleRheeFirstNY, is an arm of a national advocacy organization that Ms. Rhee founded in 2010. Like the national group, the state branch will promote the expansion of charter schools and the firing of ineffective schoolteachers, while opposing tenure. 

So I guess advocating for proper class size is not a concern to MRFNY? Ok, if not that then advocating that each student has textbooks, access to supplies is a priority. Nope, didn't see that anywhere. OK, I know. MRFNY does not feel that it is important that each child have access to art, music, science, social studies, etc...?

Why advocate for charter schools? Why not be at the forefront of getting not just money, but resources into the traditional public school? Don't the student in traditional public schools come first as well? I guess not in Michelle Rhee's America.

Another question, why does MRFNY have as one of its goals to fire ineffective teachers. Shouldn't it's primary goal to be to support, nurture, and have the proper resources for teachers? I am curious as to why MRFNY won't take this stand. 

Oh this explains a lot; Led by Micah Lasher, who is leaving his job next week as the director of state legislative affairs for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, the campaign is beginning while advocates of reform have an ally in the mayor.

So that is the grassroots movement. Uncle Mike is the grassroots. And his lackey, Micah Lasher, is running it all for him. What is Lasher's qualifications to advocate anything about education?

But what is truly driving this? Why is it that MRFNY wants form a beachhead so badly here in NY? Surely, with Uncle Mike looking after the interests of the students of NYC we have all we can handle. I wonder (as I scratch my chin, mmmm). Wait I got it! MRFNY had their, as well as Uncle Mike, Auntie Em moment; But their eyes are focused on 2014, when a new mayor — most likely one who is more sympathetic to the teachers’ union than Mr. Bloomberg has been — enters office.

And who else is in on this? The usual cavalcade of stooges, sycophants, lackies, senile old Jewish former mayors, charter school operators who kick kids out and the usual, and as always anonymous hedgefund manager billionaires who think it is hip to help and keep down the boys and girls of color; On the board are some of the most well-known and polarizing figures in public education, including Ms. Rhee; Mr. Klein, now a News Corporation executive; and Eva S. Moskowitz, the former councilwoman who now runs a chain of charter schools. Also on the board are former Mayor Edward I. Koch; Geoffrey Canada, the founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone organization, a network of charter schools; and a number of venture capitalists and hedge fund managers, who have served as the movement’s financial backers. It's a veritable rouge's gallery!

The Times goes on;  The new group is not supporting a particular candidate, nor will it necessarily endorse one, Mr. Lasher said.

Yeah, I say the first one to fold is Christine Quinn like a suit from Moe Ginsburg's. We, the good people, need to do all we can to keep John Liu, Scott Stringer, and Bill de Bliaso from falling into the evil clutches of Michelle Rhee. You know, come to think of it, wouldn't Michelle Rhee have made a great super-criminal on Batman. That does it! We must have Liu and de Blasio watch video of how Batman kept the wily ways of Catwoman away. Run, Forest, run!!!!

Establishing where the next mayor stands on education is crucial for advocates, because a number of unresolved issues will fall to Mr. Bloomberg’s successor.

Obviously, the next mayor must be dealt with properly. Any sign of independent thought must be squashed.

In 2015, mayoral control of schools will come up for renewal in Albany....

Of course, this is all what it is about. Well, one of the things.  But, in 2015 this failure of an experiment must have done what happens to horses. Put it out of our misery.

...reviving questions about checks and balances and parents’ ability to influence school policy. 

Checks and balances? Now there is an idea that we have not heard for some time. Gosh, I harken back to Mr Galanka's 8th grade social studies class in which we learned what a wonderful and necessary thing checks and balances are. Parent involvement? I heard about that, was there really such a thing? 

But the most vile portion of this article came from Harlem Children's Zone leader Geoffrey Canada; "Folks are genuinely looking for opportunities to make peace and not war, and I think that’s terrific. But someone has to make war.” 

Yes Geoffrey, someone does, and someone needs to be there to counter the invaders, to push back the invaders, to expose the invaders for what they truly are.


Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

I think this PESJA response to Professor Klonsky's post on the vile Canada quote says it all.

Pete Zucker said...

Brilliant response, but with a compliant press here in New York, except for Michael Winerip at the New York Times, Rhee's past missteps will be overlooked.

Anonymous said...

I know Michelle Rhee is Asian...but does she also have Down's Syndrome? Damn, she's ugly!