SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Who Is More Qualified Than Ruben Brosbe?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who Is More Qualified Than Ruben Brosbe?

With the horror of E4E Blog Monkey™ being admitted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, speculation has arisen as to just how he was admitted into such a prestigious program and institution.

Speculation turns to Elizabeth Green of Gotham Schools, Ruben's champion over there. Apparently, Elizabeth is a 2006 graduate of Harvard. Could this be how Ruben entered Harvard? Yes, that can be one reason.

The other reason, and it has been speculated upon here on these pages, is that there is some type of weird, demented relationship between Ruben and Elizabeth Green. How else can one not only explain Ruben's entry into HGSE and his continued writing on Gotham Schools. Heck, even GS sugar daddy Ken Hirsch has brought into question the abilities of Ruben's writing (4th comment from the bottom).

But seriously, the crack team assembled this morning to see if we could find more qualified candidates for the HGSE. The plan was to get these names and their qualifications and submit our work to the admissions office at HGSE and hope and pray that these obviously qualified candidates receive the same consideration and courtesy, along with being admitted, that Ruben got.

Here now is an abridged list of every candidate more qualified than Ruben that we submitted to HGSE:

Every Gorilla in the Congo exhibit at the Bronx Zoo.

Charlie the Wino from White Plains NY.

Clooney the Wino also from White Plains NY.

Pearl the Bag Lady also from White Plains NY.

Anton a Pre-K student in my son's school.

Anton's baby brother who was just born two weeks ago.

The bagger at Stop and Shop in White Plains NY, lane 12.

The guy who collects the shopping carts at Stew Leonard's in Yonkers, NY.

The guy who cleans out the barns at Yonkers Raceway.

The horses in the barns at Yonkers Raceway.

Mr Ed.


Warren, from the movie, "There's Something About Mary."

Lenny, from "Of Mice and Men."

The puppy from "Of Mice and Men."

Yogi Berra.

Ralph Kiner.

Willie Mays.

John Sterling.

Suzyn Waldman.

Reggie Jackson.

William Shatner.

Rin Tin Tin.


The day laborers standing outside of any Home Depot.

The wives and children of these aforementioned day laborers.

So there is a partial list that the crack team assembled. Hopefully, Harvard will heed to our list ans we will soon see the above prospering at Harvard.

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