SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Whitney Tilson Attempts To Defile Matt Damon

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whitney Tilson Attempts To Defile Matt Damon

Looking back, I had noticed that the name Whitney Tilson has only graced the pages of this blog only twice in the last 4 months. For those of SBSB's readers who come here looking for a good laugh, we here at SBSB do apologize profusely. We have been attempting to live by the words of my mothers, "always wear clean underwear in case you are hit by a car, and never argue with egotistical, attention seeking hedge fund managers." But sometimes mom's are wrong.

This past weekend, there was a thing called the SOS March in Washington DC. Whitney, in one of his latest ADD written emails decided to take time before a flight to Nashville for a some KIPP or Amway convention, decided to spend the time at the airport bashing Matt Damon instead of doing what Whitney usually does in airports. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean? Just an aside here, I am happy that Whitney is always traveling somewhere. It makes me think optimistically what former Yankee pitcher Dock Ellis said about George Steinbrenner in 1977.

So Whitney, like the lonely bully we all knew as children blabbered; The Rally to Continue the Insanity (formally known as the Save Our Schools March) took place last Saturday in DC and was the farce and joke I knew it would be.  They called for 1 million people – and got 8,000 – LOL! 

LOL! You called Netflix short and lost people money. Anyway, yeah it billed itself as the million dollar march, and only 8,000 showed up. Hey, to get 8,000 teachers to show up and agree on something is in itself quite an accomplishment. But, this is a true grass roots effort and people on the organizing committee having something known as lifes so I can imagine how difficult it could have been. But, I have a feeling this is not the only march, and lessons will be learned and word will seep out and then you'll see.

So Whitney decided to blabber on, but not use his words, but the words of some entity known as the Education Action Group, which is some front group for billionaire hedge fund managers and dolts that live on 5th Ave. No real educators run the darn thing.

So anyway, since Whitney has decided to parrot the Education Action Revolutionary Group, we here decided that their words therefore are Whitney's words. Quid pro Whitney.

So Whitney blabbered on;  Some wondered if Damon would draw more people to this rally than he did to his recently flopped film “Green Zone.” The answer was a definite no. And he got a little temperamental when pressed by a reporter from ReasonTV.

He completely p3wned the bubble head. The bubble head, asked a question that was meant to provoke, not meant to be thoughtful. Why is what she asked OK, but assuming that all Jews are good business people not OK? We as teachers are being sterotyped and Matt threw back her assumptions in her face.

So Whitney's sycophantic, clueless assistant, Leila Jerusalem, bloviated for her boss, Like Damon, I had a public education in a high school that in retrospect was quite subpar. It was a high school someone else chose for me, with a reputation of being “good enough.” Although I was lucky enough to skip a grade and be tracked into the gifted and talented program, I still had a few teachers who were duds.

So if the high school was so bad, why do you think you did so well? You claim that your high school education was subpar, yet according to your Facebook page, you graduated from Edison High School which is a California Distinguished and Digital High School. In fact, the median income for a household in the city of Huntington Beach is $76,527 and has been ranked one of the top places to live in the United States.  Yeah, I had a few dud teachers as well. But, they were just boring. But Princess Leila, describe dud teachers.

But Whitney gives credence to the idiocy of the Daily News in which he parroted; "I moved to Cambridge, Mass., when I was 10 years old because of the alternative schools there that my mother ... really wanted me to go to, and I got in."

See here is the thing Whitney, and I can't truly comment because I do not have all the facts, and unlike you I do not make opinions or assumptions facts.

Alternative schools are public schools. Charter schools aren't. Now I am assuming, and I could be wrong, but perhaps Matt Damon went to The High School Extension Program in Cambridge. But even if he didn't there is a huge difference between this school and charters.

One, the alternative high school, and I am assuming all the alternative schools in Cambridge, MA take a student whether or not that student will do well in standardize tests, there is no creaming. Second there is small class size, the students are thought of as individuals, and it appears that actual learning, not rote memorization is the norm and what is expected. Also, and most important, the district is not losing funding nor is funding going to pay for the private education of a student. Oh yeah, forgot a biggie. There is accountability!

I think I know why Whitney Tilson has decided to defile the good name and work of Matt Damon. Both went to Harvard, but both have had different experiences both at Harvard and after they left.

Matt probably had many friends, was a swell guy to be around, and was just a regular guy. Whitney, had no friends, had his nose up in the air, and was a snot.

Matt helps out the downtrodden out of the goodness of his heart, is not an attention whore and is generally well liked and respected. Whitney, helps out those to gain validation and to show only a rich white man knows what is best for boys and girls of color, and is generally despised by many, and respected by none.

Keep on going Whitney, you are a wonderful source of material.



Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually listen to Whitney Tilson?

He's just some nut with a website.

It's much more fun to spotlight Michelle Rhee or Democrats for School Reform.

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Did you use photoshop to reduce the size of Mr. Tilson's head in this picture? His head is far larger than that, in fact, it is exceeded in size only by his massive ego and propensity to prattle on about topics of which he knows nothing about.

Did Tilson call that reactionary Reason Randite accosting Mr. Damon a "reporter?" Figures, considering he's the founder of the vile DFER and TFA. Chances are Tilson believes Howard Rourke and John Galt are historical characters just like the rest of the Reason Randite cult does. When will these Democratic Leadership Council corporate "reformers" accept the fact that if all their ideas and beliefs come from Heartland, Cato, AEI, and Hoover, then their politics are really that of the teabaggers rather than anything Ben Austin's colleague Ben Boychuk opposes.

I knew that the wealthy white male Tilson had affluent parents and privilege galore, but I didn't know the extent of his hedge fund heritage. Thank you for providing more background on everyone's favorite vile finance capitalist.