SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Whitney Tilson Sticks His Finger In The Wind

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whitney Tilson Sticks His Finger In The Wind

Whitney Tilson. That name just rolls of my fingers as I type. Say it again. Whitney Tilson. What thoughts come to mind as you say it? One thought I have is why did his mommy and daddy give him a girl's name? Yet, one thought keeps on delving around inside my ADD mind. Whitney Tilson has no true believes other than being some type of attention slut and wanting everyone to truly look towards him as the leader, or at the very least, the mouthpiece of the deform movement.

Whitney in his mass mailing of a few days ago at opined on Michael Winerip's latest unveiling of the sheath covering Michelle Rhee and the continuing investigation as well as her avoidance of the erasure scandal in DC.

But Whitney, always wanting to be on the correct side of the fence when the dust settles, goes into a long winded soliloquy not only contradicting his and his minions past words, but setting himself up to land on his feet and to be our buddy when, not if, the really big cheating (because the surface has yet to be scratched) scandal occurs.

I actually agree with Whitney when he blabbers so forthrightly about cheating; ...It’s an extremely important issue, worthy of real thought and discussion.  First, it’s blindingly obvious that if one introduces rewards for good performance and penalties (including loss of job) for poor performance, and the way performance is evaluated is, in part, via tests, then there is strong incentive to cheat on these tests and, given the opportunity, many people will do so. 

Yes, the attention slut is right. As we continue to introduce rewards and punishments for teachers connected to the unworthiness of VAA and other measures connected to standardized tests, the temptation for cheating will grow. A teacher, or even an administrator, that has their pay, their job security ties to the whims of test manufacturers, the whims of superintendents, or even the whims of Whitney Tilson will soon have to decided upon feeding, clothing, and sheltering their families or having a job.

Yes Whitney, we know, I know that you are not behind this. That it is not a diabolical plot on your part. Yet, you, but not alone, but you have not only fostered, but you have enabled it yourself, this system of reward and punishment for educators based upon standardized tests.

Besides, aren't you the one who threw a hissy fit, held his breath, and had a tantrum that Linda Darling-Hammond was originally going to be Secretary of Education and foisted Arne Duncan upon the clueless country. You reap what you sow Whitney.

(Do you think the College Board understands this when administering SATs, achievement tests, AP exams, etc.???) 

Dingus, think about what you just wrote. I am going to defer comment on AP exams for I never took one, nor heard how they are administered. But are SAT's, achievement tests, tied to teacher pay, tenure, etc...? No. But for these tests which sector of the public has it always been that has been at the center of cheating scandals? Yes, the students themselves. Look it up.

Therefore, we reformers, as we introduce accountability systems into school systems that previously had none (shocking, isn’t it?), need to be VERY conscious of this issue and take strong steps to deter cheating, ideally before it happens (by having rigorous monitoring)...

Yes, please screw things up more. We want all you deformers to assist us. Oh, and for what it is worth, I used to be a monitor for a school back in the day before before Uncle Mike and his henchman Joel Klein. As a district staff developer I would go to a school sit with the test coordinator before, during, and after the tests. If there was any malfeasance I would report it to a superior. Curiously, this does not seem to be done anywhere, anyhow, anymore.

...and also afterward, by examining erasures, statistical anomalies, etc., thoroughly investigating suspicious activity, and really punishing those who cheat.

I am going to use a baseball analogy. Yes, it is unfair to do that, for Whitney will not understand. There is cheating in baseball as far as PED's are concerned. That of course is cheating. But as soon as they testers get a handle on how to test for one steroid, the players find another steroid or masking agent that has yet to be tested for. The cheaters are always one step ahead, isn't that correct Whitney? ;)

As far as punishment goes, we see the horrible punishment that Janet Saraceno of Lehman High School in the Bronx had to endure.

...deniers like Ravitch are ironically using the Atlanta scandal as a weapon against reform: “You see, this is what happens when you introduce accountability, in part by using tests.  The poor teachers, under so much pressure, have no choice but to cheat.”

Yeah, what is wrong with that? So shall we amp up the pressure and have the cheating continue?

Could you imagine anyone saying, “We’re not going to publish money managers’ performance figures because if we did so, they’d have incentive to engage in insider trading.”???

Wait, you mean there is cheating going on in the financial market? NO WAY! Oh, I am being facetious. Seriously Whitney, how many people did you screw because you shorted Netflix? How many people across this country are out of work, lost homes because of what you and your ilk have done to the economy? I have heard enough about Whitney to know that he is basically a parrot of Warren Buffet and has no original ideas.

But, it gets better. A father of a son on my son's baseball team is a big shot for Morgan Stanley. Other than saying to me all hedge fund managers are pond scum he has assured me that he will look into Whitney Tilson and report back to me anything and everything he can. Let's see what we find. In fact, anyone reading this, now is the time to report back to this blog whatever you find factual about Whitney Tilson. Leave no stone unturned. We want facts about Whitney.

No, instead, the SEC carefully monitors insider trading, investigates suspicious activity (including wiretaps, subpoenas, etc.), and puts bad people in jail.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, oh my God!!!! I have not laughed this hard since the naked wrestling scene in Borat. Oh Whitney, thanks for the good laugh! Wait, you are a bad person and not in jail. What gives?

Whitney, too late. You are the problem, not part of the solution. Please go away. The bus has left and there is no room on board for you. Yes, we all know that you go where you think the flow is going, but it is going, it has left, and you are stranded all by yourself.

Be gone you little gnat of a person.

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Chalk Duster said...

LOL. What a total dumbass. And hypocrite. And crook. I have noticed, in my vast and varied experiences with a plethora of different men, that boys who are given girls' names tend to have a chip on their shoulder because they were jeered on the playground, and therefore have to compensate as adults by being total assholes. Oh, poor Whitney. Let us pity him.