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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

Tuesday night, March 22 @ 9 PM we welcome Rita Solnet. Call in # 917 932 8721

Rita Solnet possesses an MBA in Business and Organizational Consulting and a PhD in her passion for education! Rita is a south Florida education activist whose commentary stems from real life experiences as a parent, as a Director in a F100 corporation, as a community leader, education activist, and as a widowed mom.

Rita's corporate background affords opportunities and access to interview experts. Rita has testified to local School Boards, the State of Florida, and continues to meet with Congressmen and Senators on these issues. As a non union member, non teacher, and non partisan individual, her perspective is unexpected and unique.

Originating with her involvement in a Facebook site named "Testing is Not Teaching," Rita led several grassroots efforts and campaigns in her state. Rita Solnet is Co-Founder of Parents Across America which encourages parental involvement, communicates best practices, and opens up the dialogue for genuine reform.

Using her organizational consulting and networking skills, Rita is often tapped to bridge differences in perspectives and seek consensus. Mrs. Solnet is a member of the Harvard Club of the Palm Beaches, PBC School District Curriculum Council, FL Senator's Education Council , Secretary to West Boca Raton School Advisory Committee, Advisor to Lynn University Graduate School of Education, and a member of the ALS Foundation. Rita was honored with numerous awards on behalf of her leadership positions as PTA President, School Advisory Council Chair, Business Partner, Legislative Liaison & Volunteer within Palm Beach County Schools over a 15 year span.

Rita can be found on Twitter @ritacolleen and on the Huffington Post at

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