SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

A special time this week. TMOBT will not be on Tuesday night, March 29. Instead we venture to Thursday night, March 31 @ 9 PM EDT and welcome David Greene.

David Greene is a former Social Studies teacher and coach in NYC, Woodlands HS, and Scarsdale HS. He presently is a field supervisor for Fordham University, mentoring Teach For Americans in the Bronx. He is a staff member of WISE Services, an organization that helps high schools create and run experiential learning programs for seniors.

He is an advisor to the Foundation For Male Studies and The Boy Initiative, a HS football coach, and a member of the Save Our Schools Call to Action Organizing Committee. Mr. Greene has been referenced by Christina Hoff Sommers, in her book, The War against Boys. He has given talks on the issues of boys in schools in Scarsdale and for Dominican College. He assisted in the organization of The Foundation For Male Studies’ Second Annual Conference On Male Studies: Looking Forward to Solutions.

He has had work published in Ed Week on line and has also been referenced by Valerie Strauss in her Washington Post web based column, The Answer Sheet. Finally, he is a regular contributor to The Teachers Talk Back Blog and is also currently working on a book tentatively titled, So You Think You Know Education? A Teacher’s Perspective.

We will discuss teacher training,what the billionaires boys club is attempting to do to education, and some of the training methods of TFA. As always the call in # is 917 932 8721

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