SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Ruben Brosbe And Proper Condom Usage

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ruben Brosbe And Proper Condom Usage

We here at SBSB applaud and condone those that practice safe adult realtions. Slipping a glove onto your Jimmy, or helping slipping a glove onto your partner's Jimmy, is a practical preventative course to take in this age of STD's and unwanted pregnancies.

Now mind you, we here at SBSB don't condemn someone with a unique, or in fact, an unusual, method of showing affection with other adults. As Dear Abby once said, "Anything between consenting adults is acceptable." We here at SBSB are down with those consenting adults.

What we don't condone, and will continue to do so is the posting of personal information on the Internet by teachers that is easily accessible by their students. Not just personal information, but even information that you don't want mom and dad to see. Evan Stone of Educators4Excellence found this out the hard way.

So it has caused the crack team here at SBSB some consternation to learn that E4E blog monkey (with all due apologies to Mustafa who coined the phrase) Ruben Brosbe made the same mistake as his mentor.

It seems that Ruben has quite a proclivity for plaid condoms and he is not shy about sharing this. The crack team is cool with this, and salutes Ruben for advocating safe adult relations. In Ruben's case of course the question is with whom, or what. Let's have a looksee at what Ruben is advocating. (Click to enlarge. Whoops, pun intended!)

Again, we don't have an issue with Ruben and his choice of Jimmy protection. We have an issue that Ruben would have this on a public space on Google, under his Google profile. With the words, "....and we're also all for getting laid," prominent, what were to happen if one of Ruben's third grade students were to do a search on Google and see this?

Or let's be realistic. Remember, Ruben is the teacher, so I guess they will not be able to read it. What would happen if a student in a veteran teacher's class at Ruben's school were to get hold of this? Would this not cause a stir?

Ruben has already shown a lack of judgment in the people he chooses to socialize with, and he has shown just as poor judgment in what he shares online. Is it not time that Ruben looks inward to his soul and questions why he makes such poor judgments in life?


Mr. Talk said...

Well played, sir. This made me laugh a ton. Did you also notice the several references to drinking on his profile? Tsk tsk.

Of course, Ruben needs the extra large condoms. You know, the ones that go from his head to his toes.

Michael Fiorillo said...

Brosbe samples condoms, teachers get screwed.

Anonymous said...

This man crush is getting boring. I want to hear about something other than this kid.

Stephen Lazar said...

My comment on the previous post applies just as much to this one.

Anonymous said...

Your obsession with this guy is quite alarming. You probably show this man more attention than you show your wife, assuming your riding his jock allowed you time to court. Anyway, I for one can tell you from personal experience, there's nothing 'small' about his anatomy or his passion for education reform.

Pete Zucker said...

No obsession. I mean if he stopped writing stupid stuff, stopped being a follower, and opened up his eyes there would be no reason to write about him.

Now as far as your comment, we here at SBSB thank you for sharing your mind. Dissenting opinions are welcomed here and we can assure you that this comment will never be deleted. You probably noticed that at no time was your comment "awaiting approval." That is something we pride ourselves here at SBSB.

Anyway, keep on with happy feet!