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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Evan Stone Unfair And Unbalanced

What a day. I was look forward to a nice relaxing evening at home. First day this week without some scheduled event. I plan on making dinner for my family, do the laundry, and then watch segue into watching The First 48. I was not planning on blogging tonight.

That changed when in my email inbox I got yet another newsletter from that "grass roots" organization, Educators4Excellence. And what is it that got my skin to crawl? Yes, Little Evan Stone appeared on Fox Business Channel's Varney & Co. Check it out here.It is amazing what a 26 year old boy can accomplish all by himself. How does he get himself on such shows?

Doesn't Evan know that he, just like Mongo, is a pawn in the game of life? That Little Evan is like a dog. Leashed and owned by the hedge fund gnomes and ed deformers?

The interview by Stuart Varney stating to Little Evan that E4E has 700 members. Wow! Impressive. I am one of those 700 members. In fact you can count me twice. I seriously doubt Little Evan that all 700 support what you and the Princess do. It's kind of like driving by the scene of a car wreck. You don't want to look, but you feel you must and you do. E4E is that car wreck.

At :25, Little Evan says, "we are not an anti-union group, we are not an alternative union group. What we're trying to do is give teacher's a direct access to the policy discussion. We are trying to give teacher's direct access to the policy discussion, so they can really be represented and have their voices heard."

I find that laughable. While yes, there are issues with the UFT, its policies, and the access it provides non favored people, there are other methods Little Evan to effect change. One of these ways is joining ICE and/or TJC and join forces with these two organizations in bringing change from within the UFT. But it won't happen for you and your ilk have ulterior motives.

At :36 Varney says, "You want merit pay, the union opposes it." To which Evan blabbered, "I think a teacher that consistently raises the level of achievement of their students should be rewarded."

As reported here on April 22, Little Evan has, "Evan has little to no classroom or behavior management skills,"Evan and Sydney are calling for a revamp of teacher evaluation and merit-based pay while they are not even exemplar teachers," "His tests scores, which are also publicly displayed in the school, are not good either," "It is very apparent to his colleagues what his capabilities in the classroom are (and I guess if you can’t take the heat you must get out of the kitchen)," So it seems going by Little Evan's record as a teacher he won't be receiving any merit pay.

Varney at :45 states to Little Evan, "You don't like tenure." To which Little Evan retorts, "I think think Tenure as it is, encourages, reinforces complacency. I think teachers that are continuously successful should be protected. But we can't let teacher's who are failing they're students stay in their job."

Big ideas from such a little boy. Are these your ideas Little Evan are is there a hedge fund gnome atop your shoulder whispering such thoughts into your ear? Little Evan just completed his third year of teaching. Do you think he turned down the tenure that was offered to him? And how Little Evan do you claim a teacher is successful? Were you successful?

At 1:01 Varney greases himself up to begin the foray deep into Little Evans colon, "Evan you are launching a revolution, you are not popular with the union."

Little does Evan disclose that DFER and hedge fund gnomes are behind and funding his grass roots, er I meant, artificial turf "revolution." I am disappointed that Little Evan did not give this blog, or any of the other blogs a shout out.

The eye candy of the show, Tracy Byrnes showed that she can speak asking Little Evan how, "it must bother other, older teachers to see others punching a time clock and go home"

I would like to know which propagandist fed her this line. Actually as far as I know there is no punching in. There is signing in.

At 2:21 Varney asks Little Evan, "Did you start this? Evan claims, Yes, I started this with a colleague at my school, Princess Sydney Morris."

WHAT????????? Full disclosure Evan!!!! Please!!!!

Varney asks, "Are you getting real hostility from the union?" To which Little Evan replied "No."

Again, where is our shout out, other blogger's shout outs? Want to know something Little Evan? The union, with all its faults will represent you in a heartbeat. One day you might be accused of something and your chapter chair will march into the principal's office with you and support you as best he can. Some gratitude you have.

At 2:40 the bubblehead asks Little Evan, "YOu got 700 supporters all backing your ideas, where do you go from here?"

I just won't waste my time with Little Evan's reply. There are 80,000 teachers? Evan is proud of 700 supporters? That isn't even 1 percent. Do the math, it comes out to .00875%. Way below the Mendoza Line.

Varney, again lathered up, inserting himself deeper into Little Evan's colon proclaims at 2:59 that "It's a revolution!!!!" Viva la Revolucion!! "You are trying to make it into a profession again. Little Evan's answer was quite appropriate. "It's a movement." Yeah, it is a movement, but not the type Little Evan has in mind.

At 3:15, another suckling sycophant, Chris Cotter compares to what Little Evan is doing to the labor movement of a hundred years ago. "Giving the people a voice, giving teachers a voice."

Oh God y0u have got to be kidding. Just learn about how the the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tried to organize and see how those women were treated. If FOX was around then do you think those women would be supported?

What is funny is Cotter speaks as if the UFT has lost its way. That it has become not what it had intended to be. He is right. The UFT has lost its way. It sells its members out now, it shuns all confrontations, it is toothless. The UFT of the sixties had a set.

The last minute or so has Varney deep inside Little Evan's colon, fawning all over him. And then he and the bubblehead bash the unions while Evan sits there smiling. Yeah, Little Evan got his attention for the day.

I would have liked Little Evan to have been asked where E4E gets its funding, asked him about his record as an educator, asked him why he left teaching. But we know what FOX isn't.

Little Evan Stone without ever meeting him, I can honestly say is one of the lowest forms of life on this planet. Lower than a used car salesman and that shows just how low he is.

Now that he is out of teaching, I wonder, as did fellow blogger NYC Educator has, where is his source of income coming from and how can he afford living in NYC. Must be a very rich daddy and mommy.

More curious, as reported in the Wall Street Journal is that Little Evan is no longer teaching. Now, did Little Evan resign? Did Little Evan go on sabbatical? Or did Little Evan receive a leave of absence? I think it is the latter, and if so, how does one get a leave after only three years of teaching?

Little Evan and his consort, Princess Sydney, according the to the Wall Street Journal, "also continue to work part-time at their Bronx school developing curriculum and mentoring novice teachers." So two novice teachers are mentoring novice teachers? Princess Sydney, who we reported about on April 24 as, "Ms Morris has been with her present 3rd grader since the second grade. Her first two years she was a disaster. She could not control them and needed and received a lot of help from mentors and staff developers. This year she has improved slightly."

What a strange world we live in.

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