Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Please sit down. Yes, find a seat and sit. You might want to pour yourself as stiff drink too. Ready?

Al Sharpton, the purveyor of antisemitism. The guy who gave you the Tawana Brawley hoax. The man who whored himself to Mayor Bloomberg and the education deformers. The man who only cares for the color green is coming to you on TV in October. Al Sharpton is hosting is own series on education. Entitled "The Education SuperHighway, it will target educators, parents, and students.
The press release; The Rev. Al Sharpton will host a weekly syndicated TV program focusing on education. ESH Holdings, a new minority-owned multimedia company, says the half-hour news and information magazine, called "Education SuperHighway," will target parents, educators and students. Hosted by the well-known civil rights leader, the show will provide a forum for discussing educational issues, with political, business and social leaders taking part. "Education SuperHighway" will debut on Oct. 10 in more than 160 U.S. markets. It will be taped in New York and Los Angeles.
We here at SBSB were curious. Several members of the crack investigative team have sworn that the Rev. Al has had a network series based on education in the past. We delved into the vaults of the Library of Congress, YouTube, and the Museum of Broadcasting. The crack team spent many an hour scouring videos, kinescopes, and audio to find that one show that Rev Al used to be on. Finally in the last several hours the crack team hit paydirt.

We now have a clip of the Rev Al in his less svelte days as a champion of education on the public airwaves.

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Kilroy said...

Yo ! South Bronx can you help Delaware by keeping Klein in NYC
We have enough problems with Govenor Jack Markell aka education change agent.