Thursday, September 2, 2010


There is a train wreck coming fast. Barreling down the tracks, completely out of control.

Teachers can be rats. I have always, to a certain extent, respected the code of silence cops have. Teachers, especially in elementary schools, will shove a knife in your back, twist it several times, and when you are down kick you in the face for good measure.

I believe when preference sheets are handed out you do not go after someone's position. No matter how bad you want it.

Someone went after another's position. Unfortunately this person is not qualified to hold this position and the person whined and whined and threatened grievances. The only thing this person has in seniority.

The person being bumped from the position has received a good position, the second choice. But the person who did the bumping has a history of doing this to colleagues, and worse.

This teacher, The Train Wreck will not only complain if you are one minute late in returning from or to the it's coverage, but will sooner or later, for lack of a better phrase, tell on you if it happens more than several times.

The Train Wreck has a history, and no one knows how, to have the most troublemaking students removed from its class and allowing these students to become the problem of other teachers.

At one time The Train Wreck had removed all but one or two troublemaking students and was down to a class roster of 13 and still not only couldn't handle the class, but complained and bitched about it as well. Complained so much that The Train Wreck's class was shut down, students dispersed and The Train Wreck had some type of reading intervention assignment.

The puzzling this is this is not the only time it has happened. It has happened several times in the past. What is curious is how this is allowed to happen.

The Train Wreck also has amazing luck, or bad luck if you will, in line of duty injuries. No exaggeration, a student will bump into The Train Wreck and The Train Wreck visits the ER, is out for several weeks, and comes back with some type of Les Nessman bandage. Mind you that these "line of duty" injuries always comes attached with some legal representation.

The Train Wreck would have its students clean the classroom during extended day. Yes, sweep, vacuum, do the windows, etc...

The Train Wreck expects all to be there for it. To be there to cover when it has some malady, some pain, or just when it wants a violin to play for it. But are these favors returned? No.

The Train Wreck will be involved in a train wreck of epic proportions come Thanksgiving. Which is good, because The Train Wreck will be able to start its Christmas vacation early.

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