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Monday, September 26, 2011

See More Of Michael R Butz Of Chicago

I rarely comment, in fact I don't believe I have, on any of the so called "unsolicited" blog posts by concerned parents over at, but tonight I feel compelled to.

One reason is to support my pal TFT, and the other is after reading the specious, disingenuous blabbering of the latest "guest blogger," Michael R. Butz (please, no snickering, and I shall refrain from comments).

Mr Butz sees more time added to the school day as a way for teachers to truly show they care about the students, that as Michelle says, or at least claims, "students come first."

Butz starts out my blithering; Children in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system - the country's third largest - have one of the shortest school days and years in the country.

According to where, to whom? Has Mr Butz picked this quote out of some crack in the moon? The Chicago school day is 6.25 hours a day, less any lunch. Since I don't have all the facts, and am only using this as a reference, I do not wish to comment further for fear out of talking out the side of my butt. But the crack team here at SBSB will like to see more documentation from Mr Butz.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is firmly opposed to Mayor Emanuel's Longer School Day Pioneer Program, which offers teachers a $1,250 bonus (equivalent to 2% of the average CPS teacher salary) and $150,000 to the school for any school voting to lengthen the school day this year. That's an additional 250 more hours per student this year alone.

Good! Money doesn't talk. But I know what would. I can guarantee something, one thing that all teachers would accept for the longer school day and it won't cost the CPS, Illinois, or anyone a dime. Simple and plain respect. Guess what Mr Butz? Teachers already work long hours that you never see or ever know about. But of course you are a hypocrite. See Mr Butz is the Director of Compliance and Quality Improvement at Illinois College of Optometry. How would he feel if he was told to add 250 more hours to his already busy schedule? How would he feel that he would be compensated a mere pittance of the time that is added on to his work? Mr Butz would shit.

Why are they denying Chicago kids a comparable education? 

Comparable to whom? Please Mr Butz, cite neighboring communities in the Chicagoland area that have a longer school days and because of that the students perform better.

Butz rolls on; ......the Mayor is trying to destroy collective bargaining and bust the union by urging teachers to seek waivers from the union contract. There is no evidence to support this. This program was designed to be implemented in the most American of ways – by a democratic, majority-wins vote of all union members at a school, held under the conditions of all other union votes.

No evidence? ROTFLMFAO!!!! Oh my God!!! I laughed so hard my sphincter tightened up! You have got to be kidding? Rahm comes from the Obama administration that has given us Arne Duncan and has done everything possible to destroy unions.

The union is intercepting teachers on their way to and from school and providing information that is, in my estimation, misleading and presented in a manner to incite fear.

Mr Butz, I suggest you read the Bill of Rights in which Amendment I states that we as Americans have the freedom of speech. But yet again you offer no proof as to the fear mongering you cite.

I am not go to go on as I usually do Mr Butz and point out to you the dingleberries in your argument. It'll be a waste of my time. But I do have several points to make.

Mr Butz, do you scamper around the Illinois College of Optometry telling the professors and instructors how to conduct their business? I betcha that the professors there teach less hours in a week than CPS teachers do in a day.

As for as adding 250 hours a year or 6 hours a week, just how does that benefit children? Should a six year old be in school until 5 30 or 6 PM? How long do you think their attention span is? If you ask me, this is child abuse. Kids need to be kids. Surely, since you claim you are a great parent you must have many after school programs for your child, like learning proctology, that you feel will make your child a better, more rounded person. Aren't these students in the inner city of Chicago allowed to have extra curricular activities?

Why not be a leader and not a follower and help build ball fields, indoor recreation centers, help build from within the community a sense of togetherness? Surely, this will help the students more so that being in school and being bored shitless by 5 30 PM.

But Mr Butz what you fail to realize is that staying in school leaves the children with the same old curriculum that it is that is truly the most damaging. You fail to realize, or even have the cognitive thinking skills, that it is the ass backwards curriculum that the teachers are FORCED to incorporate that is failing the students. Why is this curriculum allowed? Because of butt buddies such as yours like Rahm Emanuel bid out the contracts for the curricula to their butt buddies.

Think about it Mr Butz. Get your head out of your...........

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Just wondering how Mr. Butz would comment about Rahm Emmanuel in the McDonald case.