Tuesday, April 23, 2013

School Rat Patrol

On these pages we have taken to task and eviscerated (and rightly so) fellow teachers and UFT members when necessary. Evan Stone, Sydney Morris, Ruben Brosbe, Matt Polazzo, Michael Loeb, etc... or any of the E4E or StudentsFirst turd blossoms the are deserving.

In our opinion here at SBSB, once you start stabbing your colleagues in the back, once you go against the Union, once you go try to separate a teacher from their direct deposit you are then fair game.

So here is my question. Does a teacher in your school that lives in the administration's colon, that runs back and rats you or your colleagues out time after time, do such types deserve not to have the tables turned on them, but upping the ante? Outing them on the blogosphere? Twitter? Facebook?

And mind you, we aren't just talking about the rats. What about those teachers that not only live in the "inner circle," but know it and flaunt it as well? What protections do they deserve?

Opinions please.


Anonymous said...

I know this sounds idiotic, but...

Imagine that the behavior can be ended. Then you would have a regular colleague again (mind you, people hold grudges, etc).

I'd make sure that the faculty knows the behavior wrong, that he gets called on it, but I would be careful not to cross the line between making him uncomfortable and making it impossible for him to end the bad behavior and have normal relations with his colleagues at some point in the future.

At an imaginary school, imagine 20 blocks from you, a crummy principal hired friends and peons. But the friends never joined in torturing the peons, and the peons directed their frustration at the principal, not his friends. And the principal left, and they all became friends. Of course, this is pure fantasy, but it could have turned out much worse, right? And who would have blamed the peons for targeting the principal's friends? Yet not doing so, at least in this fictional account, made a big difference moving forward.

Pete Zucker said...

A rat is a rat is a rat. Cops know how to deal with rats, teachers should start learning from cops.