SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: WARNING!!! All Those Seeking Open Market Transfer, Stay Away From PS 154 in the Bronx!!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

WARNING!!! All Those Seeking Open Market Transfer, Stay Away From PS 154 in the Bronx!!!!

Pennywise is alive and still at work in the South Bronx. Only this time, Pennywise is not only destroying the lives of children, but of teachers as well.

Pennywise in and of itself has a benign appearance to children and adults, but the true form of
Pennywise, the IT entity, resides in PS 154 in the Bronx. With Open Market season soon upon us, this is an open warning to all teachers interested in a transfer to PS 154. Stay away.

PS 154 should be seen by anyone seeking to use the Open Market to transfer (That is if transfers are not hidden again like they were last year) to 154 as the Starfleet's General Order 7 used to for Talos in the year 2264.

As the Talosians destroyed and toyed with the lives of the crew of the USS Enterprise, so does the IT entity destroy and toy with the lives of the staff of PS 154.

IT demands only perfection from staff, those that are imperfect are dealt with in much the same way that Nomad dealt with imperfection.

IT can only criticize and condemn those that are not perfect nor drink the Kool-Aid it offers to those that wish to be one with IT. If you're looking for praise, a pat on the back, a "way to go," then 154 is the wrong place for that.

IT believes that the lack of discipline at PS 154 is due to the non-liberal, non-coddling, non-happy views of the staff. Only if the staff rewarded bad behavior would there be a sense of discipline at PS 154.

IT believes that every act, every thought, everything a staff member does, should be controlled and mapped out. The staff handbook is not a handbook, but rather a manifesto. From the proper method of washing your hands, to how many steps you must take from your classroom to the bathroom, it is all there for you to read and pull your hair out.

IT believes in only praising those that drink the Kool-Aid with IT. All others, no matter what praise worthy activities they do, well tough you know what, you ain't getting praised.

IT wants you not to have a life for IT has no life and IT only can see ITself and you through that prism.

IT only believes in GroupThink. No independent thought allowed. Only drones are wanted at 154.

IT has driven away many good staff members and will continue to do so.

IT is living in denial, seeing that with the transformation of District 7 to no more zoned schools and a charter moving in, IT believes that 154 will still attract the top of the line students.

IT teases you with professional development.

IT is a cultist of Lucy Calkins and Teacher's College Readers and Writer's Workshops. Though this is a failed method and the NYC DOE is no longer supporting it, 154 is going full throttle into next year with continuing failure. By the way, isn't a sign of insanity doing the same failing thing time after time, thinking there will be a different outcome? Just saying.

IT is unable to use introspection.

There is zero discipline at PS 154 thanks to IT.

IT tries to be your pal, tries to show IT cares, but it is all a facade, a scam, moral is at an all time low.

IT can't and won't admit any failings. IT is perfect.

IT lies, omits facts, twists truths.

IT won't listen.

IT is a bully.

If you see PS 154 on the Open Market, run far away, do not apply. You will be so much better off elsewhere, like a prison in Mexico. Your well being is much more important. 


Anonymous said...

I regret not maintaining the DNA list I started a few years back, and should update and expand it.

It seemed, for a while, that teachers had no choice but to take anything, anything at all. But no, the list was a service. Identifying these schools is a service - ugly but necessary.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please scan the staff handbook and post it!

Polo Colon said...

What an entirely sucky system that an inept administration from Bloomberg to Walcott is running! These shysters give the color of law to a failed system and cover their tracks with an obedient press support, much the same as Obama gets a wink and a pass for his and Biden's snowijobs on the people. All teachers in the know have no doubt that the so-called "Open Market" transfer system is anything but, in the same way as that trap called Peer Intervention, scams and shell games. How Bloombucks changed after he got what he wanted with the help of his henchman, notably, Klein, Calkins and Walcott! Case in point, Teacher's Choice money just a few years ago has now been reduced from hundreds of dollars down to a measly $45! I guess they have nothing to lose, or hide, at this point now that they're firmly entrenched with their incompetent programs, cronies and done-deal school closings! It's a shame that many competent and honorable teachers have had to deal with the ravages of the savagery of this failed administration and their cohorts from thwe quasi-criminal legalized rubber stamp known as the Panel for Educational Policy and their (wink) opponents in Class Size Matters, Unity and Mulgrew! That even such schools as 154 are allowed to operate with impunity and the support of the NYC Law Department, SCI, OSI, OEO, etc., ad naseum, is itself an indictment on the criminal nature of these legalized crooks that funnel billions through the hearts like daggers of the poor communities of New York City! The gangs of the New Banana Republik of New York are firmly entrenched and make COMMUNITY CONTROL look like heaven compared to the craplets they have in place. All excessed teachers beware of these unscrupulous administrator-gone-wild! This is my last few months teaching as I'm retiring soon! I've had enough of these monkeys and my dues have been paid!