SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Thanks To Joel Klein The Aryans Hate Alan Rosenfeld

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thanks To Joel Klein The Aryans Hate Alan Rosenfeld

Came across a Google search someone did for "NY Post Alan Rosenfeld" today. Number three on the list was entitled, "Meet Alan Rosenfeld-a NYC Teacher-Stormfront. It piqued my interest. Perhaps it was a Billy Joel discussion group that had an opinion of Alan Rosenfeld. How wrong I was.

Stormfront is actually a message board for some whacko Aryan group. Their motto, "White Pride, World Wide" shows that Aryans have now attained the capability to rhyme. Rumor has it they are currently learning how to make ice. I applaud you on your endeavors Aryans!!

But thanks to The Official Newspaper of the DOE, The New York Post, seems to have taken up Joel Klein's cause. Let's have a looksee at some of the fanboi comments that have been made vis a vis Alan Rosenfeld.

Pure Noble BloodLine writes: If this isn't TJB, I don't know what is. The crack team here at SBSB researched the meaning of TJB and found out it the author meant TJP, "Typical Jewish Pedophile." WOWZA!

Cougarspeed wrote; I should aim to be a NYPD cop so I can show these perverted kikes how rippled the rubber handle of a police baton is. Hey Alan, I suggest you purchase a drum of KY, and grab your ankles. Cougarspeed seems to have special plans for that police baton.

MightyIrishWhiskey blabbered; Yet if you're not part of the "jew club" and you get injured on the job. They put you through the ringer.....But this yid, he gets the royal treatment in the rubber room. nice! Yes MIW, Jews do get royal treatment in the Rubber Room. They have their own special corner with a couch and 57 inch LCD HDTV. There is also a daily buffet of smoked salmon, bagels, whitefish salad, cream cheese and creamed herring. Mmmmmm. MIW also shared; Never accuse a joo of anything; afterall they deserve carte blanche because they are the chosen ones! Seems MIW has not yet learned how to spell. Chances are he will fail the ice making class being offered.

Lady Spirit Warrior had a special love shout out; The saddest part of all is the world will see this kike and think he is a White Man. I have yet to meet Alan and have only seen photos, but Alan seems whiter than Capser.

My my favorite comes from Gator61;
You don't suppose that Joel Klein is on of the Chosen as well? Chosen should have a lower case c. And yes, Klein is a Jew. The worst kind there is. A self-loathing Jew. One that knows that many Jews have gone into teaching and he for some twisted reason is subverting a noble calling for many Jews. Thank you Joel Klein.

Also Joel, thank you for having your henchmen plant the story with the Post. I am sure Alan Rosenfeld feels comfortable that you indirectly got the Aryans after him. All it takes Joel is one nut job to do thy bidding.

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