SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Another Hit Job By Know Nothing Human Being Carol Kellermann

Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Hit Job By Know Nothing Human Being Carol Kellermann

Wow, what timing! Must be a coincidence. Just days after Bürgermeister für das Leben Bloomberg threw down is gauntlet in some Freudian show of power in which he threatened 2,500 teacher layoffs if the UFT did not accept a 2% raise today's New York Post featured an interesting op-ed piece. Carol Kellerman of the Citizens Budget Commission chimed in, in fact I dare say, parroted the party line of the Ediots attempting to reform education in their own warped way. Not amazingly, the crack team here at SBSB did some research and much to the team's non-astonishment did not find one iota of any real education experience in Ms Kellermann's resume. Impressive as she might find it to be.

Not going to analyze the entire piece. Waste of time. Just what she, or Bloomberg and/or his cronies told her to write.

End compensation for teachers who aren't teaching. About 1,400 teachers are paid to be in an "Absent Teacher Reserve" -- at a cost of about $74 million a year -- which doesn't require them to teach regularly. They should be compensated only for a six-month period while searching for a new job, not carried indefinitely on the payroll.

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