SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Alan Rosenfeld And Mychael Willon. A Contrast

Monday, February 8, 2010

Alan Rosenfeld And Mychael Willon. A Contrast

Today in The New York Post, the official party newspaper of the DOE, we read of the trials and tribulations of Alan Rosenfeld. Mr Rosenfeld has been made the poster child of everything that is wrong with assigning teachers to the Rubber Room.

A quick summary of Alan Rosenfeld's transgression. In 2001 he was accused of making inappropriate statements to a female student. There were numerous charges. He was sent to the Rubber Room. All but one charge was dismissed. On the basis of double hearsay he was found liable and suspended for one week. Yes, you read it right, one week. That was almost ten years ago. When Klein came into power, Klein, and Klein alone decided that Rosenfeld was a danger to children, and has kept him in the Rubber Room since. If you wish to know more check out Norm Scott's blogs, here and ICE blog here.

This is all I am going to say on the subject of Alan Rosenfeld. Because that is not the reason of tonight's blog. And neither is Ayn Rand going to be the subject as promised last night.

Tonight's subject kiddies is the continued hypocrisy of Joel Klein in regards to the lewd and lascivious behavior of the DOE's Director of the Principal Candidate Pool, Mychael Willon. For those who forget you can find out about Mychael Willon here, here, here, here, and here.

How does this tie into Alan Rosenfeld and Klein's hypocrisy? On August 8, 1989 Mychael Willon was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior in a Wichita KS bookstore. A misdemeanor. According to Kansas law
; 21-3508. Lewd And Lascivious Behavior. 1. Lewd and lascivious behavior is: -- Engaging in sexual intercourse or sodomy with any person or animal with knowledge or reasonable anticipation that the participants are being viewed by others; or -- the exposure of a sex organ in a public place, or in the presence of a person who is not the spouse of the offender and who has not consented thereto, with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desires of the offender or another. 2. Lewd and lascivious behavior is a class B misdemeanor.

So it seems that Mychael Willon was, for lack of a better phrase, waxing the proverbial carrot. Hey, no problem. Rub one out all you want. Just not in a public place whilst a principal at an elementary school. But there is more.

Seems on the same date Mychael Willon was also charged with sexual battery. According to Kansas law,
21-3517. Sexual Battery. 1. Sexual battery is the unlawful, intentional touching of the person of another who is not the spouse of the offender and who does not consent thereto, with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of the offender or another. 2. Sexual battery is a class A misdemeanor. 3. This section shall be part of and supplemental to the Kansas criminal code.
Maybe he was walking around with it out, and bumped into someone. Who knows. But he was
arrested and charged. But we are still not done.

In May of 1990 Willon pleaded No Contest, nolo contendere, which is the same effect as pleading
guilty. Willon was sentenced to three months in jail. However it was agreed that if Willon paid a
$100 fine by July 2nd he would just be given probation. Lucky guy. But it doesn't stop there with

While Willon was an LIS in 2006 he applied for superintendent's position for the Windsor
Southwest Supervisor Union school district in South Chester VT he had to drop out of the candidate pool
because the school board had found out he got his doctorate at a known diploma mill, La Salle
Univeristy of Louisiana. It was such a fine diploma that the founder was sentenced to five years in
federal prison. This according to the Rutland (VT) Herald. But hold onto your britches, there is more!

Also in 2006, Mychael Willon came up against the Leominister (MA) Public Schools while awaiting to be
interviewed for the superintendent's job, the school board found out about his conviction for lewd
and lascivious behavior. Again this made a newspaper, the weekly Leominister Champion.

The crack team here at SBSB as learned that Mycheal Willon either had the no contest plea either vacated
or sealed. Either way it does not take away from the fact that he had his ding-a-ling out where it should not
have been.

What is fascinating here is that these two small, out of the way school districts were able to find this out,
but the NYC DOE wasn't. Or did they know and just didn't care?

This guy was an LIS, reporting to Klein. What did Klein know and when did he know it? What does the DOE
know and when did they know it, or not bother to know it?

If it was a teacher caught doing what Willon has done how fast would the DOE, and its official publication, The
New York Post do everything it can to besmirch that teacher's career?

Klein, you have dropped the ball.




$$$ Deal of the Century $$$

It amazes the human mind that the intrepid investigative SBS Team, without the endless manpower, the NYPD connections, the ass-istance of the THE OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL COMMISSIONER OF INVESTIGATION for the New York City School District, (read Richard Condon), and finally, WITHOUT the NYC Dept of Education's mind boggling annual budget of 23 (Twenty Three) Billion dollars, is still able and capable of discovering wrongdoing by DOE VIPs that would land any NY Teacher in front of a Judge sans his job and title.

Anyone remember when Joel Klein's former General Counsel, Chad Vignola, Esq. was forced to resign in disgrace for the part General Counsel Vignola, played in the Deputy Chancellor Diana Lam, cover up scandal ??

How soon we all forget.

Someone I know recently brought some equally horrendous information regarding major Fraud to the Special Commissioner's Office.

Interestingly they declined to investigate or follow up. It was at least the third time I have seen this happen,- up close and personal.

The NYC Dept of Education and its willing (in its pocket) investigative agencies and "newspaper" stooge allies, cherry pick what gets "investigated" and what gets covered up.

Teacher faux pas ! Off with his/her head. With the "de rigeur"
front page Cover Story in the NY POST. And of course the weeks of additonal dirt served up daily.

VIP DOE stooge Official faux pas, (or discovery of criminal behavior), a "promotion" to a new title, with the obligatory corner office with a view.


Hipocrisy- thy name is spelled "NYC DOE".

Anonymous said...

Joel Klein, finding new and inventive ways to destroy NYC schools at every turn. So vilified by the employees under his thumb, yet revered by so many who consider teachers scum.

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