SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: DOE Contract Demands Giving Up Of First Born Child

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DOE Contract Demands Giving Up Of First Born Child

Gotham Schools has a leaked, or some would say, a planted copy of The Reich's, er, I meant DOE's contract demands. Though draconian in their scope, worse the demands show just how little Klein and Bloomberg think of teachers.

These demands include:

Teachers would have higher raises in the early and middle steps of their careers.

Makes sense. Why not keep all these young, single teachers that want to live the Manhattan live style? Again shows what the DOE thinks of veteran, experienced teachers.

The city would institute a career ladder, labeling teachers “apprentice,” “practicing,” “mentor,” and “master,” and would pay them according to their position on that ladder.

Big mistake. The DOE should have labeled the "career ladder" as; youngling, padawan, knight, and master. But if it was up to me that would be acceptable only if Bloomberg is henceforth known as a Sith lord, and Klein, loses the title chancellor and his known as a Sith apprentice. Of course all those who work at Tweed, ATU, Mike Best, etc... will be known as clone warriors. Or Ewoks.

Once a teacher is excessed, he will have four months to remain on the city’s payroll while he finds a new job. Once those four months are up, he’ll lose this pay check and benefits. Today, there are about 1,200 salaried teachers who have been excessed, are looking for work in the system, and are working as substitutes.

Perfect method into removing any teacher over 40 and making over $70K. Also will save big bucks on pensions. Do they honestly think that any principal in their right mind will hire a teacher that is too knowledgeable and makes too much money?

Teachers who have charges brought against them will be suspended without pay unless they can prove that the DOE is unreasonably delaying the hearing.
So let's see. Principal A who is 27 years old has no experience in teacher and feels threatened by a 49 year old 24 year veteran teacher. Gee, I wonder what shall happen? Anyone care to guess?
Instead of using "just cause" in 3020a hearings of incompetence, the city wants to lower the standard to an “arbitrary and capricious” one, meaning the DOE’s decision to fire the teacher is assumed to be reasonable and just unless the teacher can prove otherwise.

"Just Cause" generally means; "the arbitrator first asks whether the employee's wrongdoing has been proven by the employer, and then asks whether the method of discipline should be upheld or modified." However in 1966, arbitrator, Professor Carroll Daugherty expanded this into seven tests that are frequently used by arbitrators. They are:
  • Was the employee forewarned of the consequences of his or her actions?
  • Are the employer's rules reasonably related to business efficiency and performance the employer might reasonably expect from the employee?
  • Was an effort made before discharge to determine whether the employee was guilty as charged?
  • Was the investigation conducted fairly and objectively?
  • Did the employer obtain substantial evidence of the employee's guilt?
  • Were the rules applied fairly and without discrimination?
  • Was the degree of discipline reasonably related to the seriousness of the employee's offense and the employee's past record?
But now, Tweed, not only wants to change the rule of law as we know that the prosecution has to prove guilt, to the teachers proving their innocence, but wants to change state law and the laws of physics as well. Arbitrary is defined as;
  • depending on individual discretion (as of a judge) and not fixed by law
  • marked by or resulting from the unrestrained and often tyrannical exercise of power
Capricious is defined thusly;
  • sudden, impulsive, and seemingly unmotivated notion or action
  • a sudden usually unpredictable condition, change, or series of changes
What is frightening is that Mike Mulgrew will actually accept this.

Oh and the best, but not certainly the least. Hearings will be conducted before OATH hearing officers.

What is OATH Uncle Teacher in the Bronx? OATH boys and girls is an acronym for Office of Administration Trials and Hearings. Yep, you guessed it. A city agency, whose hearing officers are paid by the city.

Mulgrew, what is the word you have been trained to respond to so you can turn over have have your tummy rubbed?

For those that want a good laugh, here are the rest of the demands.

DOE Contract Demands




Re: Proposed Contract is the last nail in the Coffin for NYC Teachers

Only those Teachers who entered the NYC Public School system at least 30 to 40 years ago can understand the true horrific implications of the next contemplated so called contract.

Even the term "contract" is a misuse of the word since the actual term implies a certain amount of give and take, honest discussion and a reasonable expectation that both sides gain certain improvements but possibly at the sacrifice of giving up certain things- thus a give and take process.

I can say with almost total certitude that during the past four decades one can plot the present armeggedon for teachers like a straight downward graph of a company heading for bankruptcy and final liquidation.

Of course the "company" I refer to would be the Teachers.

True over the years Teacher salaries rose but much of those raises reflected simple inflation factors. And what is the value of a contempory Teacher claiming he or she earns a "high" income when you must work in daily fear, under the thumb of someone younger than your Son or Daughter (and likely not a fifth as smart), who never lets you forget that your teaching career could end at any moment if you do not appear to have a sufficient amount of a chocolate colored substance on and around the tip of your nose.

Teachers once could focus on the joy of teaching the next generation.

Today the average Teacher focuses on one and only thing: Will today be my turn ? Will I be next to get a "counseling" memo, a warning, an open threat of "strong discipline" based on some preposterous allegation, and finally removed from my room with Ten minutes notice and ordered to report to a Rubber Room, where one sits for a year or two before their Kangaroo Hearings begin and they are terminated.

The last several contracts were all about give backs until now there is nothing left to give back but one's Constitutional Rights and Protections as American Citizens.

What is your First Amendment Right worth to you ? A two perscent raise perhaps. Maybe the UFT can make it 2.5 %

And when there is nothing left to give back- what then ? An extra hour of teaching per day for each one percent of raise in Salary. Giving up one month of the Summer might buy you an extra 2.7 % raise.

Giving up the whole Summer plus the Christmas and Easter breaks might even fetch 4.9 % on the open market.

I shudder to contemplate what lies in store for those young people entering the profession of Teaching today. It will be, (if it has not already become), a system of Slave and Master.

Intimidation of the strong over the weak.

What in God's name would Al Shanker think and say if he could return for just one day to the world of the Living.

"Is this what we marched and picketed and fought for during all those years. "Is this what I gave my Life to- just to see everything we had gained slip away like grains of sand, through our exhausted fingers".

And where are the Union Leaders, the Union Lions- of Yesteryear ?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who would want ot be a teacher in NYC now. In fact I tell anyone considering it, to forget it.
Teaching in NYC is done.

They'll never attract talented people anymore. No one wants to be treated like dirt. The only people they'll find are businesspeople who are out of work and do not intend to stay in teaching once they get back on their feet again.