SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Whitney Tilson: Where Da White Folk At?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Whitney Tilson: Where Da White Folk At?

Oh Whitney, it is so much fun getting to know more about you. Let's share with the readers what you really are about.

From The Perimeter Primate Blog:
One of Chavis’s more recent forays into the national public limelight resulted in an incident lovingly described by Whitney Tilson, a top elite-school-trained investment manager, minor TV business celebrity, and aggressively connected Democratic, "no excuses" charter-school adoring, neo-liberal education reformer who resides in Manhattan posts his family photos for public viewing of YouTube and Picasa, and sends his own children to the exclusive upper West Side private school which served as the inspiration for Gossip Girls.

At a public education forum last April, Tilson witnessed Ben Chavis’ aggressive verbal attack on New York City Council Member Charles Barron. According to Tilson, Barron was approached by Chavis who said, "“You're a mother f-ing black pimp, you're f-ing our kids. Come to the reservation and I'll beat your ass. You want our kids to take Home Ec? YOU should wear a dress!"

For those who don't know who Ben Chavis is, he is principal of American Indian Public Charter School in Oakland CA. For those that are unaware of what Ben Chavis is referring to in regards to Charles Barron please click here.

For those of us in Oakland who have been experiencing Chavis for years, hearing something like this was nothing new. But then there was Whitney Tilson’s enthusiastic response of, “I LIKE this guy!”

Wow Whitney, you sound so tough. Would you act like that if you were alone on the corner of 153rd St and Melrose Ave? I don't think so.

Tilson's day job is as the founder and managing partner of a New York company that manages investments. He also writes about financial investing and is a minor TV business celebrity. He has posted some of his appearances on YouTube.

He is a major celebrity in his own mind though.

In addition to the things above, Tilson's super-intense hobby is being involved with education reform-minded things. He co-founded Democrats for Education Reform, and is on the board of directors of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. He has spoken to Philanthropy Roundtable members, guiding and reinforcing their K-12 education philosophy. Tilson is a huge fan of Joel Klein, according to whom he meets regularly, he adores Michelle Rhee, and Jay Green gives him praise.

I think it borders on some kind of sexual infatuation Whitney has with Klein. Don't be surprised to see Whitney one day on his knees in front of Klein with a towel handy.

Tilson explains on his blog that his parents spent most of their careers doing international development. His interest in education came about because of both the work of his parents and from his experience with TFA.

“I remember the many times, going back to my teenage years, that she [his mother] reminded me of all the good fortune I’ve had in my life and told me that I had a duty to give back and make the world a better place.”

Translation; "I know more that people of color and I must set them right."

Tilson invites his readers to look at the photos and videos of KIPP celebrations which he has posted online. I was surprised to see them intertwined with photos and videos of his personal life, and have no idea why someone involved in a controversial, public topic would do such a thing. But since he made them available to the world and I'm a curious person, I thought I’d take a look. I’m fascinated with trying to understand the make-up of people who think so differently from me. For some reason, or the other, I keep looking for a bridge.
The photos and videos feature the travel and activities of an extraordinarily privileged American family; Machu Picchu, Kenya, Prague, Jackson Hole, skiing, golfing, water skiing, private plane flying, white-water rafting, paragliding, and on and on and on. It strikes me that Whitney Tilson is one entitled dude. Incidentally, I learned that his children attend a private school who a mother described as "one of the most elite girls’ schools in the nation." It has a student to faculty ratio of 7:1 and its tuition is around $34,000/year. No public schools will be experienced here.

Wow, raise your hand if you wish you were Whitney!

Seems that Whitney is out of touch with the common man.

Tell you what Whitney. Give up your life style, move into the projects, smoke some Philly Blunts on the corner and then maybe we will talk.

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The Perimeter Primate said...

And there's even more!

From Mike Klonsky's blog (

Hedge-fund school "reformers" Tilson, Buffett cleaning up on the oil spill

"In a cash-constrained world of chaos and panic, we are finding tremendous bargains," says Tilson (Tech Ticker)

Tlison's fund owns Warren Buffett's holding company. Buffett is partners with Bill Gates in the Gates Foundation (which owns more than 4 million shares of BP Oil). Buffet and Tilson also bought NALCO, the company that makes the toxic oil dispersant they are dumping into the Gulf. May be a bigger pollutant than the oil itself. They are also among the biggest backers of privately-managed charter schools. Tilson heads up Democrats for Education Reform (DFER).