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Friday, February 19, 2010

Reforming Teacher Discipline

The crack investigative team here at SBSB came across a study on how to reform the teacher discipline process. The authors appear to be, or have been students at Columbia University, presumably in the journalism school. Neither as the crack team been able to determine when this was released, but are assuming sometime between 2007 and today.

So for everyone's perusal and enjoyment...

20647481 NYC Teacher Discipline




Re: Guilty until Proven Innocent:
Reforming NYC Teacher Discipline

I must assume that the sharper than razor people at SBS, published this essay with their well none penchant for humor and/or deadly skills at cutting sarcasm.

I have communicated with Columbia Graduate student researchers from time to time and while their hearts are in the right place, they invariably fit the category of the proverbial Ivory Tower Scholar/s.

In short, although like all people who do research in a field they have never lived and worked in, except in a highly temporary and cursory fashion, the authors of this posted article do not have a clue.

Interestingly enough the above assertion is made glaringly clear from reading both the opening and closing conclusions of the article.
The authors maintain that innocent teachers could be spared being unduly penalized by "expediting investigations" into alleged so-called "misconduct".

Reading this article I hardly knew whether I should laugh or cry.
Practically every single so called "investigatory" agency involved with the NYC BOE is not interested in establishing a teacher's innocence.

On the contrary their real mission, their unofficially mandated mission, indeed their 'reason d'etre' is to make certain the charges against a teacher "stick". And if the charges can be ratcheted up and/or embellished- so much the better.

In fact these so called investigatory agencies involved with the NYC BOE work hand in glove with the NYC BOE to build cases against any teacher considered a persona non grata, a potential Whistle-blower, a person that does not seem to understand the official "drill".

In short: "Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil" - at least with regard to the NYC BOE.

I have spent years without end, since 2004, in four different Rubber Rooms. I have met literally hundreds of Rubber Room teachers and heard their individual stories.

It can be said with absolute accuracy that almost none of them ever would have been removed from a classroom in even a slightly fair world in which reason and the rule of Law prevailed.





Re: Guilty until Proven Innocent:
Reforming NYC Teacher Discipline

I am now undergoing my Second 3020-a Trial. After the NYC BOE failed to get me terminated in my first NY State trial, I was returned to the classroom only to be removed 19days later for charges that to this day remain among the most bizarre in NY State Teacher Trial history.

Although the NYC BOE has already been forced to withdraw two of the charges that were originally brought against me a few heinous and alleged "dangerous to students' welfare, charges" still remain.

Is there anyone on the planet, especially in the USA or Europe who does not know I am charged with "bringing two artificial plants to school" and also "giving a colleague a wrist watch"- not the Principal or a "supervisor" but a Teaching Assistant.

I certainly cannot blame the reader if he/she believes I am making this all up.

At times I myself have difficulty believing this never ending vendetta to force me out, all began in 2004 when I refused to surrender evidence in my possession of Federal Civil Rights violations occurring at my High School.

A reader who never worked for the NYC BOE might very well read the article posted by SBS and think it all seemed reasonable and the suggestions made sense.

No doubt the authors at Columbia were convinced they deserved a Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Reporting for what they believed they had "uncovered" and required correction within the 23 billion dollar conglomerate euphemistically known as the NYC Dept of Education.

Yes- these authors are on their way to a Nobel Prize for their astounding discoveries and advances in Rocket Science.

And pigs can fly whilst reciting "Plato's Republic" in the original Greek while simutaneously writing "The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius" in huge bellowing clouds using their tails- and in perfect Pig Latin.

Chaz said...

I agree with David and believe my own proposals are much more valid.

However, I applaud the careful and fair assessment by the Columbia University graduates.