SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Thomas W Carroll, Mrs Carroll, And A Third

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thomas W Carroll, Mrs Carroll, And A Third

Thomas W Carroll, the titular head of Albany school reform and his ilk are the type that wish to judge teachers by students test scores. But what if we are to judge Thomas W Carroll? How about in how he satisfies the women in his life? Would it mean that he is a poor lover? Let's examine this hypothetically.

With Mrs Carroll, Tommy is very attentive. However, Mrs Carroll sometimes needs a little help. Now this is no knock against Tommy. It's just the way Mrs Carroll is. She has been to medical doctors, took a three hour course with Dr Ruth, in fact both of them even bought some Nina Hartley how to videos.

But to feel fully satisfied sometimes Mrs Carroll needs to use a Silver Bullet, or even the "ears" of a rabbit.  Maybe an adult video with midgets. Now mind you this is no reflection on Tommy. Or just sometime Mrs Carroll will close her eyes, wait for it to be over and finish it herself later. It is just that Mrs Carroll needs certain stimuli to be satisfied during the act of love. It is no reflection on Tommy's physical attributes nor his abilities. It's just the way it is.

No let's pretend Tommy has a kept woman. A concubine if you will. This woman does not need any of the outside stimuli that Mrs Carroll does. Tommy does the same thing, has the same physical attributes, but she is satisfied ever so easy, and ever so quickly. Tommy hasn't done anything differently.

Now we don't know either the concubine's nor Mrs Carroll's attitudes for the act of love. Nothing is correct or incorrect. But their two different people with two different backgrounds, but with the same man. But should Tommy be penalized for that he is unable to satisfy Mrs Carroll? Of course not.

And this goes for children and standardized testing. We don't know what goes on, or went on with a student once they leave the building. We can't be at their homes every single day making sure they are not being abused, eating right, doing homework, enriching their vocabulary, etc... We can help them in the classroom, do whatever we can to improve them, but we can't judge students, and teachers by some silly test.

If we start judging teachers by how the results of their students tests, then shouldn't Tommy be judged on how he satisfies Mrs Carroll?

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