SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: You Won't Believe What Happened At PS 157 In The Bronx

Monday, January 25, 2010

You Won't Believe What Happened At PS 157 In The Bronx

Oh Ramona, you are a sly one. How can you feel good about yourself after an attempted suicide attempt by a child in your school? Something that was so preventable.

You know what I am talking about. This kid is a runner. In fact Ramona he has run out of the school on several occasions. Seems that somewhere one would get the notion that some intervention is called for.

I know what you are saying. “It’s not my fault, it was my Interim Acting Assistant Principal Heredia’s fault." Good, perfect. Always put the blame on the underling.

Seems IAAP Heredia was too darn busy to take care of a child in crisis. She was just in a common prep with the 1st grade. The Words Their Way video took precedence over a kid that was in crisis. But why is an IAAP doing this? Could it be maybe, just maybe that Ms Heredia is just doing this to complete her AP coursework? Five minutes of her time could have sufficed to help this child.

So what happens instead? The child is found taking his shirt and twisting it around his neck in an apparent suicide attempt. Nice. At least someone had the mental fortitude to call EMS! I am sure the boy’s family thanks you and your staff very much.

Oh, how are you responsible Ramona? You are the principal, the captain of the ship so to speak. Everything flows from you and back to you.

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