SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Quintin Cedeno, Principal Perv

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quintin Cedeno, Principal Perv

So a sex scandal was announced today. But to the disappointment of Joel Klein it was not a teacher, but a principal, Quintin Cedeno of the High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture in Queens. A principal that had been in the system all of eight years. Or maybe less. But just hold on, we'll get back to this in a bit because this is just almost as unsettling as what he has been accused of.

According to the Daily News, Cedeno has been accused of asking a 15 year old boy for oral sex, and had the temerity of reminding the boy that he bought him a T-Mobile side kick. But, David Pakter is brought up on misconduct for buying watches for students doing well. Perhaps if the DOE were even handed in who it chooses to screw with, this 15 year old boy never would have been propositioned. Cedeno also sent 100 text messages intimidating the young man. Again, if the wheels of justice were equal, this could have been avoided. Now this poor 15 year old boy has to have a memory of a fat fuck wanting to be blown.

Cedeno has also been accused of touching other students privates and in one instance told a student that he was "only joking." Yeah, sure. He also claimed that any references he made to genitals were done "in jest." Schmuck. Perhaps he used this classic genitalia joke as a proper segueway; My genitals are so mammoth in size, that if inches were words, my member could fill every page of one of Ayn Rand's epic Objectivist tomes!

But what is disturbing is how fast he seemed to go up the DOE ladder. Mr Cedeno is only 33 years old. According to, Mr Cedeno taught at the LaSalle Academy, a selective Roman Catholic school on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, as well as East New York Transit Tech, a vocational program in Brooklyn. He was assistant principal of Automotive High School in Brooklyn. The Daily News also had him at one time teaching math in 2003. I am assuming it was at Transit Tech. So at the very most he has in the DOE is eight years. So how, why, did he move up the ladder so quickly? Is he a product of the Leadership Academy? Did he have genital show and tell with Joel Klein?

But what is disturbing is something the SBSB team found on A student gave an opinion of Quintin Cedeno while still at Transit Tech on January 9, 2004; "he gets a little to close to the little ones :-0" And the DOE, OSI, SCI, KLEIN never picked up on this?

So Klein and Bloomy like to paint with a broad brush all teachers are perverts, or most are, that are in the Rubber Rooms. So does the media. So why not start using that same brush now on principals, and assistant principals? Tweed still has Mychael Willon on its payroll. Why?

Klein, your slip is starting to show.


Chaz said...

What is really disturbing is that he was allowed to be a Principal for the entire year and be with the children while the SCI investigation was in progress. If it were a teacher, they would have been removed immediately as a threat to the children. A double standard indeed.

Anonymous said...

Another problem -- not as serious, of course, but still a problem -- is that Cedeno couldn't write. He couldn't write a coherent, grammatically correct sentence to save his life.

So why does the DOE put people who are practically illiterate in positions of power?

What did the DOE get out of making a man they knew was not really functionally literate principal? I am sure they didn't know he was a child molester -- but they had to have known he wasn't fit for the job in other ways. So why was he made principal?