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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diane Ravitch Tweets

For those who don't Twitter, I suggest you do. You can follow me on Twitter, @sobronxschool. Diane Ravitch also tweets and she tweeted some very interesting tweets about charter schools today. I think she was in a stream of consciousness moment.

She tweeted......

the new CREDO study re NYC charters is interesting. Half the charters get better math scores, but only 29% get better reading scores.

Check out here what Norm Scott at ednotesonline has to say about this CREDO thing. Unfortunately some now in the media are taking it as gospel. I have not kept too up on it and do not think it is right to comment on something when I do not have all the factual information available to me. But, just want to know this. How much higher are the better math scores, and 29% better in reading, especially when you have smaller class sizes and better resoruces ain't something to write home about.

What the study does not note is that NYC charters get more funding because of hedge fund managers than regular public schools

Of course. I don't trust these hedge fund managers. They are shaky human beings to begin with, and IMHO putting the money into charters to satisfy their white liberal guilt for they think they know more then people of color. Anyway, where do these people send there kids to school? Not to the charters.

And they have smaller proportions of special education and limited English speaking students than regular public schools.

What is the percentage? Many people don't know that special ed. students take the same state tests that general ed. students do. Yes, they get more time, etc... but I just never understood how if they are considered behind, why they take the tests at their chronological grade. Curious.

In NYC, charters have many advantages over regular public schools; why are so many of them so poor performing?

Good question. Whitney Tilson care to answer?

If only half the NYC charters produce math gains, and only 29% produce reading gains, why haven't any of them been shuttered?

Good question. Whitney Tilson care to answer?

Why does NYC public school leadership boast about the gains in the schools they DON"T control?

Because they want to destroy the system. Plain and simple as that.

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