SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Thomas W Carroll Trolling The Day Away

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thomas W Carroll Trolling The Day Away

Got this reply to the blog posting with the Van Halen video a few hours ago. I can't prove it, but I think it is my new bestest friend in thew whole wide world, Twitter Troll, Thomas W Carroll. If it isn't him then I am sure it is one of his lackeys. Either way neither, I am sure, has ever taught in a classroom.

Interrupting the lovefest...

Teaching is no longer respected because that's what teachers have done to their profession. No differential pay, no merit pay, lifetime tenure, fight evaluation at every turn, be the leading lobbyists in the state to assure that all decisions in education are based on the interests of the vast majority of mediocre teachers, or worse, the interests of the union itself.

Teachers, via their unions, have absolutely insisted that they be treated like interchangeable parts in some 19th century assembly line of education.

Congrats, you're getting exactly the amount of respect as you deserve and have worked so hard for.

God this is so easy to just pick apart.

Interrupting the lovefest...

No lovefest there. Just a small mutual admiration society that you are not a part of. I am sure if we were giving Tommy accolades, Tommy would have been preening with it tucked under like that guy did in Silence of the Lambs.

No differential pay

Do you mean that there should be no differential pay, or that teachers do not have differential pay? I am somewhat confused.

no merit pay

This I know what you mean. How do we properly judge who gets merit pay or who doesn't? Test scores? What happens if one teacher has a class in which a child who witnessed her mommy being beaten the night before an exam? Or another child that watched mommy turn tricks to score some crack or heroin? Or a little girl's favorite uncle decided to defile her? Or just that no one was home and the kid was hanging out at Pathmark on 204th St all night panhandling? I mean I could go on and on about the infinite scenarios that could affect a child's score on a test.

But what of the gym teacher? Art teacher? Music teacher? Other school based pedagogues that are not directly involved in a students score on a exam? How do we give these teachers merit pay?

Does this mean a dentist in Scarsdale is better than a dentist in the South Bronx because the Scarsdale dentist's patients are able to afford better dental care than the patients in the South Bronx?

lifetime tenure

Yep we have lifetime tenure. Good thing we do. Know how many teachers would be terminated for having a Coke in their hand? Watch WCBS News at 11 PM Monday night, you'll see what I am talking about.

fight evaluation at every turn

We do? Not that I know of. What kind of evaluation should there be. Your answer must not include these two words. Test and scores.

be the leading lobbyists in the state

Tommy, you were part of Change-NY. You sued SUNY-Albany because you did not agree with NYPIRG. You were an aide to one of the biggest crooks ever in Albany, Joe Bruno. You were an aide to Governor Pataki as well who was in bed with SEIU. Pot meet kettle.

interests of the vast majority of mediocre teachers

Define mediocre teacher? A boring teacher? It is already been established in case law that being boring is not incompetence.

Congrats, you're getting exactly the amount of respect as you deserve and have worked so hard for.

No Tommy we are not getting respect because of people like you who think they know better than people like us. You people and your shrillness and refusal to delve into the real reasons of what matters to a child's education and instead just look for people to blame, that is why teachers are losing respect.

Oh and one more thing. Did you like the Van Halen video? I like that song. But I am more of a Van Hagar fan myself.


FidgetyTeach said...

This Thomas W Carroll is a complete coward. He knows little if anything about the teaching profession, never taught a day in his life and feels qualified to rip it apart. I personally went into teaching to be with children and enrich their lives. If I wanted to go into politics I would have become a lawyer. It is obvious that what's ruining the teaching profession is people like him who want to remove the human factor and turn it into a business. It is sickening.

Pete Zucker said...

I would say something complimentary but it might be perceived as a lovefest ;P