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Friday, January 22, 2010

Thomas W Carroll. Exposed And P3WND

Coolest thing ever happened this evening. I got tweeted by New York Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability Oberstgruppenführer Thomas W. Carroll. Boys and girls I will let you in on a little secret. Tommy is a big shot. Well, in his own mind.

Tommy had his panties in a bunch because I tweeted to one of his Stoßtruppen that he is demented in regards to an article he wrote about New York's failure to properly apply to RtTT funds. Read the article. See how out of touch he is.

But you ask, Tommy must be an extraordinary educator to posit such a stance. We here at SBSB did some digging and found Tommy's qualifications to comment on education.

Thomas W. Carroll is president of the Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability and chairman of the Brighter Choice Foundation in Albany, New York.

Through the Brighter Choice Foundation, Mr. Carroll has created a network of high-performing public charter schools in New York’s state capital, primarily serving economically disadvantaged African American and Latino students. Schools backed by Brighter Choice were ranked #1 of all public schools in Albany in math in every grade and #1 in English language arts in the highest elementary- and middle-school grades. In fall 2009, charter schools in Albany enrolled more than 25 percent of all public school students in Albany.

Mr. Carroll previously held research, fiscal, and administrative positions in New York with the Governor’s office, the State Legislature, and the State Division of the Budget.

Mr. Carroll earned a B.A. from the University at Albany, State University of New York and an M.A. from Albany’s Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy.

Impressive. Very much. Unfortunately, we here at SBSB were unable to locate any teaching experience in his wonderful CV. But not to worry. We are still looking.

But, we here archived his tweets and for the first time in recorded history share them here.

Look at the rantings of Tommy. First thing he says, "I FOUNDED 11 PUBLIC SCHOOLS!" Hey impressive. I coached two teams to consecutive championships in my local Little League. So I can take over for Jerry Manuel and manage the Mets now? I mean the Mets, nor Jerry Manuel have not won any championships, so obviously I am more qualified. Oh, a side note. I do hate the Mets with a passion. I am an avid Yankees fan.

So I asked him what his qualifications are, "have you ever been in a classroom as a teacher?" A simple question that demands a simple answer. Either yes or no. He dodged, dived, ducked, and dodged that question.

So he asks again what views I disagreed with, and not knowing me very well asked me not to be bashful. I told him and asked again, "have you ever been in a classroom as a teacher?" Again the same obfuscation.

Lastly he asks about my last blog posting in which I questioned the constitutionality of RtTT, NCLB, and federal involvement in local education matters by retorting that I should, "turn the money down." As if I made that decision. Even if I could, I would not prostitute myself to do so.

But what amazes me is that Tommy was too afraid to answer my question and might never now. For some inexplicable reason he unfollowed me on Twitter. I am hurt. I shall sob myself to sleep. But seriously Tommy, what are you afraid of? Being exposed for the EDiot you are?

Come back Tommy, I hardly knew thee.

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