SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Just Be Happy You are Getting Paid!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Be Happy You are Getting Paid!

Just be happy you are getting paid. That is the UFT's mantra as to being in the Rubber Room. Yeah, it is a good thing. NYPD can be suspended for up to thirty days without pay, but brought back on modified assignment without guns and badge. But they aren't holed up in some room having conversations about you was a better captain, Kirk or Picard. They are assigned true clerical, and other duties, so they keep a modicum of self-esteem.

But teachers, screw their self-esteem. Who cares if you feel shames, no self-worth, no self-esteem. Just like the hookers at Hunts Point. Hookers get paid for their services. I doubt any of them feel good about themselves. Right Mulgrew? So what if a hooker, or a teacher in the RR hates their situation. It is all about getting paid.

The emotional abuse, and the physical abuse a hooker and a RR teacher takes is OK as long as both get paid. But we seem to care more as a society about how to get hookers off the streets and for them to straighten out their lives than we do about doing the right thing for teachers in the Rubber Room.

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Anonymous said...

Most courts do not consider it adverse employment act with rare exceptions if an employee does not suffer financial hardship.

As a matter of fact, a teacher does not have to choose 3020a proceeding or the rubber room. If she or he wants to, going directly to court is another option, be it a risky and expensive one. If 3020a is preferred by a teacher, then she or he can go to court until the proceeding is completed.