SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Manhandling What Is Right

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Manhandling What Is Right

Thursday, December 11, 2009. Numb Nuts in order to punish, correct, the behavior of Ba Ba Booey in the cafeteria made the student clean the cafeteria. Is this not corporal punishment? I know that as a teacher that we can't make a student write repetitively, stand in one place for a long time, or cause undue duress.

Now, Ba Ba Booey's mom came in pissed to the hilt on Thursday. She went to meet with John Deacon, but John Deacon would not deal with her. John Deacon sent for Numb Nuts. Numb Nuts is the reason the mom is there. John Deacon is the leader of the school. Why is not John Deacon being a leader?

But there are bigger questions. Why is Numb Nuts unable to control a lunch room that consists of only three, yes THREE, classes? It is not as if he is alone. He does have several aides to assist him. But here is the more serious question and one that will never, ever be answered. How many corporal punishment allegations need to be made against Numb Nuts for someone to see the light? When will something be done? When a student is seriously injured? If that is when, it will be too late.

As mentioned earlier, The Big O is in the rubber room for accidentally having his hand come in contact with a student's face. The student was out of his seat. The Big O was teaching with back turned writing on the board. When The Big O turned around to reach for something, contact was made. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! He gets sent to the rubber room, but Numb Nuts continuously, and not by mistake, manhandles children and what happens to him? He gets rewarded like George Tenent, et al. did for leading us into a f***ed up war.

John Deacon really truly needs The Big O. Anything less and it is not real.


Anonymous said...


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

I ask you which is better to be in a school where Numb Nuts and JD rule or to be in da rubber room and not have to deal with those two assholes?

I have always said that there is no shame in being in da rubber room then to be in a lousy school run by incompetents.

proofoflife said...

They will never get a grip on the cafe. I guess they miss the class on positive reinforcement. Teachers should never be subjected to unruly parents.

proofoflife said...

that's missed the class. Hey , love your funny link!

Pete Zucker said...

You need the humor to offset the agony