SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Lawbreaking 101

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lawbreaking 101

Hey. Guess what? Another law is being broken. Or at least it is being seriously bent. Remember that 2nd grade CTT (collaborative team teaching) class I have mentioned in the past. The one that has 15 special ed. students as opposed to 6 general ed. students. Yeah, you know the one. Do your math. DOes that come out to the 60/40 split of general ed. to special ed.? No, and I am not a mathematician and I was able to figure that out. So you ask what is going on with this?

Gladys the IEP bag lady is on the case! But it seems are method is somewhat unorthodox, if not somewhat treyf. Gladys, and I am sure this is coming from above, wants to decertify enough special ed. students so that the ratio would be the lawful 60/40 split. Hey this is great. But the problem is that these students are not able or ready to be decertified and and not only does Gladys no it, but the assistant principal for that grade knows it as well. And can you guess whom the AP is? Yes! It is Numb Nuts.

They are pressuring the teacher to decertify these students. They are doing an end run around the PPT team, and education law so they can cover their asses. I guess they are infected with the children first doctrine so bad they really feel the need to show it. Oh, for those who don't get it, I am being sarcastic.

So there you have it. Another shining example of the students being thought of first and what is best for them. Oy vey!

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